Modern educational technologies: features

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Modern educational technologies: features
Modern educational technologies: features

Innovative educational technologies are a very popular cliché of modern Russian reality. In the practice of the vast majority of today's educational institutions, the ideas obsessively appear that this school uses the best, most advanced teaching methods, which, of course, will help you quickly achieve unprecedented results in mastering the skills and knowledge you are interested in. Such statements and flashy phrases are more popular today than ever, becoming literally a criterion of quality, and at the same time an advertising sign

educational technologies

for own creators.

Essence of innovative learning

At the same time, such modern educational technologies often work incorrectly, when all their novelty comes down to attracting technological devices. Of course, in our time, various testing programs and computer presentations are extremely important. But it should be remembered that innovative educational technologies are, first of all, strict sets of author's programs containing certain pedagogical techniques that are aimed at maximizingeffective development of practical skills, knowledge and mental abilities of students. As the simplest example, we can cite game elements that are often found in the preparation and education of children of primary school and preschool age. Similar educational technologies are based on

modern educational technologies

opinion that the children's enthusiasm for the process will instill in them a desire for classes and contribute to a better memorization of the material. In addition, in the brochures of numerous modern language schools, you can often notice statements that their teaching method is based on constant practice, as well as modeling everyday situations.

Pedagogical schools and learning innovations

By the way, such pedagogical ideas are by no means a novelty of the last two decades. They arose during the formation of the early pedagogical schools, when the latter systematized the accumulated experience. Innovative educational technologies at school were used by Makarenko, Sukhomlinsky and other well-known teachers. For example, a number of Soviet teachers declared their own disagreement with the principle that history has no subjunctive mood, and that it makes no sense to talk about events that did not take place. On the contrary, they proposed the idea that this is just useful in teaching schoolchildren, as it makes the student not only think abstractly, but also predict the situation,

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analyze events. And, most importantly, the teacher finds himself in the same position asa child - he does not know the only correct answer, which simply does not exist.

Important feature of innovative learning technologies

However, we should not forget that innovative educational technologies, despite their exponential success in individual groups of students or certain disciplines, still should not always and can be transferred to mass education. First of all, because they are initially pointwise aimed at certain categories, moreover, they often require the direct participation and guidance of their creator. The key to a successful result is precisely the local introduction of innovations in the spectrum of the traditional system.

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