Teacher Ilyin Evgeny Nikolaevich

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Teacher Ilyin Evgeny Nikolaevich
Teacher Ilyin Evgeny Nikolaevich

In November 2019, the Russian intelligentsia will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of the innovative teacher Evgeny Nikolayevich Ilyin. His teaching and upbringing methods outstripped the development of pedagogy of the 20th century, but became redundant with the advent of the Unified State Examination. What is more important - teaching or raising a child? How to get kids to read fiction? Pedagogical ideas of E.N. Ilyin are original, effective, give amazing results and answer many questions of pedagogy.

A century of change

The 20th century, especially its first half, is the time of testing Russia for strength: revolution, socialism, famine, war, devastation. Toward the end of the century there was perestroika, the collapse of the USSR, capitalism. It is difficult to live in an era of change, but it is in these times that non-standard ideas appear, seemingly unrealistic ways of development, extraordinary personalities, including Evgeny Nikolaevich Ilyin.

Innovative teacher Evgeny Nikolaevich Ilyin

Thousands of responses on the Internet come to the inquiry about this person. All of them are about his methods, programs. Scant information about his personal life, biography of Evgeny Nikolaevich Ilyin, career growth. He doesn't have hishistoriographers, archivists. Photos by Evgeny Nikolayevich Ilyin are small, of poor quality, digitized from rare photographs of a film camera. The talented philologist never advertised his "I". He just worked hard.

Leningrad intellectual Ilyin

Starting point - November 8, 1929 It was then in Leningrad that the son Zhenya was born in the family of the worker Nikolai Ilyin. There were three children of the same age in the family, they lived uneasy. My father worked at a factory as a turner. In the evenings, after playing with the children, he made sure to read aloud. There was little children's literature at that time, but Pushkin was always there. They read it.

Love for the book, by the way, appeared just then, at family parties. At the age of five, Zhenya knew almost entirely Ruslan and Lyudmila by heart. Together they memorized the texts in whole pages. The future teacher of literature said that this was precisely what became his career guidance in a great life.

And then there was the war, the blockade of Leningrad, the funeral for his father. At the end of 1941, the boy himself received a shrapnel wound to the temple and a severe concussion. Hunger, trauma - he spoke slowly and with difficulty, studying at school was not easy. The young man coped, entered the philological at the Leningrad University, successfully graduated in 1955

Teaching with a speech impediment was difficult. Already having a family, he was tired of dealing with his problems and left his hometown. When he returned, he learned to be a driver, worked at a car depot. But fate put Yevgeny Nikolaevich Ilyin in a "rut prescribed from above": first to evening school, then to general education. He has been a teacher for over 30 years.literature. Since 1993 Professor Ilyin has taught at the University of St. Petersburg. Wrote many teaching aids, pedagogical essays, books.

Scientific works of E.N. Ilyin

Ilyin's system

The school subject "literature" should instill in a teenager ethical and aesthetic views, citizenship, humanism, morality. And of course - the love of reading: without this, it is pointless to talk about literature. The teacher Evgeny Nikolaevich Ilyin insists that the educational effect of the lessons should prevail over the educational one. To educate a moral person is more important for him than to pump him up with philological knowledge. This became the starting point for his innovative ideas.

The works that are studied at school carry a number of important moral and ethical problems. They need to be discussed in the classroom, develop their attitude, civic position. This is how a mindset is developed. But to impose one's point of view on students is the wrong position, E. N. Ilyin believes. It is necessary to look for answers to topical questions together: teacher and student. Ilyin's system has become part of the pedagogy of cooperation.

Evgeny Nikolaevich leads a lesson

In the process of educational work, the relationship "mentor - student" should have mutual interest, contact, goodwill. That is why it is impossible to conduct literature lessons by the usual methods: give a lecture on a topic, ask for homework, put marks. There is nothing interesting for the child in this chain. So, he is a passive listener and performer. As a result, it turns out: the “teacher” gave out the material, andstudent taking no interest.

As soon as creativity appears, the opportunity to express their point of view, the student himself will want to carefully read the book and, together with the writer, come to the right moral bonds through his, so far naive, childish opinions. In the classroom, the main thing is the educational moment, and the cognitive moment is secondary, it is at the mercy of schoolchildren. And they are happy to read, learn, seek the truth and evaluate actions.

Methods and rules

The main rule of the philologist according to Ilyin is to teach literature as the most important of the arts, and not as a school subject in the schedule. A literary text should have the same artistic analysis, review, analysis.

Methodical manuals for writers

All the work of Evgeny Nikolaevich Ilyin was a struggle for the attention of students. It was not silence and order that worried him: it would be interesting - they would listen and participate - the issue of discipline would be resolved by itself. How to draw the attention of modern youths to the "traditions of ancient times"? Build the lesson as the work itself. And there are three helpers here:

  • unexpected serves;
  • bright images, imperceptible important details;
  • tricky interesting questions.

The whole technique fit in three words: reception, detail, question.

How to get active in the classroom from all students? To get a controversy, everyone needs to read the work. The master who wrote "The Law of Three O" notes three tasks for the teacher:

  • charm with a work (book);
  • inspire literaryheroes;
  • bewitch the author.

To implement the law, of course, you will need to study the biography of the writer as much as possible, the work itself, re-read the criticism. "Three O's" are possible only when the teacher himself is fascinated and elated.

E.N. Ilyin actively shares his experience

Another rule of an innovator-mentor about the attitude towards people: love, understand, accept, sympathize, help. The whole concept is in five verbs, this is his Soul Table. She, by the way, is the perfect antagonist to the modern USE, designed for an obedient middle peasant. In the exam there is no education, no creativity. Studying according to the USE system, children will completely stop reading, thinking, and creating. They will never write an essay on "War and Peace" on a theme invented by E.N. Ilyin: "What to load on carts?". All this is because in order to write, you need to read every page with genuine interest, become a participant in the events, understand the situation.

Teaching professions

Sharing his pedagogical experience in educational essays, manuals, books, Evgeny Nikolaevich writes that a good philologist must be an expert on the subject, a doctor, an artist. He is sure that a writer should be an actor. It is artistry that should become a means of learning. It is necessary to talk about art only with the help of art. In order for the heroes of the books to come to life in the classroom, you yourself need to become a director, a performer, a harmful viewer-critic, an artist. Expression and emotionality should become the main pedagogical technique. He himself embodied this commandment not only with emotional speech, but also with facial expressions, gestures, movements andreading in different voices.

Psychology textbooks by E.N. Ilyina

Love of small things

One of the favorite methods of discussing a text is to start with a small detail and in reasoning, disputes get to a generalization. The search for truth often continues after the lesson, encourages re-reading, modeling their own ways of solving problems. The task of the mentor is to direct the thought in the right direction, not with a replica of “only the right way, as I said,” but to start with small details and together unravel the “knot of the problem.”

Small details the teacher considers the pearls of the text. The ironic Bazarov lips, the never smiling eyes of Pechorin, Kabanikh with his "Well …" - for Yevgeny Ilyin these are touches, the keys to understanding the whole work.

Argument as the development of curiosity

Cooperation in the search for moral ideals involves different points of view, the ability to express them, ask questions, argue. This is welcome, because such interaction involves reading a book. A schoolboy who has not read Onegin is unlikely to have his own point of view on his adventures.

Children love to argue: they are maximalists. You can take their point of view for a while and bring the plot to the point of absurdity. Go through several options, take into account different opinions, see a well-known text with different eyes. In this process, both the student and the teacher learn.

To help any teacher

The training system of an innovative teacher does not require special didactic materials, office equipment and other tools. It is available to any philologist who came to school to teachchildren to read books and understand "what is good." The pedagogical ideas of Evgeniy Nikolaevich Ilyin work if the teacher is ready to cooperate with the students, and not to edify. Thirty years of experience in implementing the system has shown a consistently high result: everyone reads Ilyin, voluntarily, with interest and understanding.

innovative teachers at a meeting in Peredelkino, 1986

Moreover, the System is suitable for all subjects. An active joint search for the right solution, mistakes, attempts, skillful imperceptible leading in the right direction - and now another theorem has been proven, the story of getting rid of the yoke of the Golden Horde has been clarified, the lines of the song have been rewritten. Joint creativity, when education is higher than compulsory knowledge, always ends in success.

For beginner teachers, E. N. Ilyin developed 11 tips, logical and simple. A real teacher still uses them from the first independent lessons. He advised to grow spiritually in order to have the right to talk about "literary giants", to teach not only according to the program, but also in life, to know each student, to encourage initiative. The most important thing is not to blindly copy experienced masters, go your own way. The master suggested that everyone become an individual, a creative unit, interesting for children.

He lives in his students

In the last century, pedagogy experienced the trend of teaching with elements of extra-curricular development of a creative personality, the perestroika slogan “We give knowledge to those who need it, they will take it, but let the family educate”, averaged knowledge on the Unified State Examination. And all this time a teacher worked in the Leningrad-Petersburg schoolLiterature Yevgeny Nikolaevich Ilyin, an innovative teacher, whose photo cannot be found on the Internet, but he has thousands of students and followers.

Ilyin proved: it is easier to give knowledge than to educate a person, it is more difficult to combine education and upbringing, to make the educational process primary is the art of a true teacher. He also has an answer to the question of raising idealists on classical images who are unable to survive in the realities of modern life. For this, "Two Programs" were created: one works at school, the other offers an imperfect world around. They also talk about being at literature lessons, they try to connect these programs, to understand, they write essays about relatives, neighbors, boys in the doorways.

Literature gives moral bonds and teaches to resist evil, unfriendly. Book ideals are the core of the spiritual state. The real world will never become highly spiritual, but we must strive for this.

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