Social Zen: Employees of social service centers are invited to a free course on stress management from IDPO

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Social Zen: Employees of social service centers are invited to a free course on stress management from IDPO
Social Zen: Employees of social service centers are invited to a free course on stress management from IDPO

Employees of social service centers in Moscow can take a free course on stress management, which was prepared for them by experts of IDPO SPTC. All modules of the program can be mastered at a convenient time and from any device: computer, tablet or phone

"All diseases are from nerves" - not just a proverb

According to the World He alth Organization, 45% of all diseases are related to stress, and some experts believe that the real figure is much higher. Social workers are at risk for burnout. They work with people in real trouble and often act as emotional donors. If we add to this a new big stressor - COVID-19, which significantly affected the sphere of interaction between a social worker and service recipients, it becomes clear how relevant the topic of training is.

The pandemic has become a new big cause of stress for all people and especially for social workers

Manage your stresslife

Specialized program "Social Security" Stress Management "contains 9 short courses, two tests, a simulator and a reminder. All information in the program is presented in an accessible and simple way, the listener spends no more than 20-30 minutes on the passage of each topic.

“In order to make the course materials as easy to understand as possible, we used a marine metaphor and formulated the program motto “Control the elements - manage stress - manage life!”. Clear text “without water”, alternation of activities, a large number of exercises and techniques, emotional design help listeners to perceive information more easily. Each new course of the program opens after the successful completion of the previous one. At the same time, theory is constantly interspersed with practice, because it is believed that a person learned something only when he began to apply the acquired knowledge in real life,”explains IDPO Deputy Director for Distance and Online Education Olga Vladimirova.

Survive seven working feet in the calm

Students who join the program will learn:

  • What is stress, what it can be, how it develops and why it is dangerous
  • How to recognize your stress in time, its level and causes
  • How to effectively manage developmental stress and how to protect against it in the future
  • How to quickly restore resources and regain lost strength without bringing the situation to a he alth hazard.

Dive into the topic begins with the theory of stress and is followed by relevant examples from everyday practicesocial worker. Each course of the program contains tasks for independent work, which help to work out the learned techniques - breathing, relaxing the body, switching. As a result, the listeners form a "saving baggage", which contains a variety of techniques that help to cope with a stressful situation in both the short and long term.

The main goal of the course is to teach social workers how to prevent stress and burnout at work

A calm social worker is a happy ward

In addition to "work" causes for stress, social workers are exposed to difficult challenges that any person faces in everyday life. By completing this course and having mastered all the practices of self-diagnosis and primary anti-stress therapy offered in it, they will thereby take care of themselves in order to be able to effectively take care of their charges. Protecting themselves from unnecessary anxiety and burnout, they will share their knowledge with their wards.

In case of successful completion of the program, students will learn to understand what stress is, at what levels it can manifest itself and analyze the level of stress in their lives. They will be able to distinguish between types of stress, apply relaxation exercises and techniques for activating the physical resources of the body. Participants will understand how stressors trigger stress and what individual differences in the manifestations of stress in different people. But most importantly, they will master the algorithms for managing themselves in a stressful situation and make their own list of management tools.stress.

What's next

Each online course within the program involves keeping a "flight log", doing homework and testing. Game elements, multimedia videos and visual tools allow you to make the passage of training easy and fast.

Employees of any Moscow center of social services can undergo training completely free of charge. To do this, you must send an application to [email protected]

Employees of other social institutions in Moscow and regions of Russia can also join the course, but by prior arrangement and if the IDPO staff have the opportunity to take a group for accompaniment.

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