What is a "marafet"? Word interpretation

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What is a "marafet"? Word interpretation
What is a "marafet"? Word interpretation

Do you like to clean? Of course, there are few people who love to dust and mop floors. In a word, lovers of marathoning are a rarity in our country. What is a marafet? Do you know the true meaning of this noun? If not, we recommend reading this article. In order to find out the lexical meaning of a particular word, it is better to use an explanatory dictionary.

Lexical meaning

The following meanings are indicated in Efremova's explanatory dictionary.

  • Order, beauty and cleanliness. Imagine the pre-holiday chores. You need to carefully prepare for the reception of guests. And the preparation includes guiding the marafet throughout the house. That is, you have to carefully clean it so that everything around literally shines, and you don’t feel ashamed in front of the guests. All housewives know what a marafet is and how to aim it. Often it just takes the form of a deep cleaning, when you need to thoroughly clean the entire house.
  • Cleaning the house
  • Makeup. This is about cosmetics. All women want to look attractive. And for this, natural external data is often not enough. Here you have to resort tocosmetics. If they say that a woman put a marafet on her face, then she used cosmetics.

Now you know what "marafet" is and in what situations this noun is used.

Sample sentences with the word "marafet"

Let's make some sentences using the noun "marafet":

  • Marafet needs to be aimed constantly, and not only when guests come to you.
  • You probably don't know what a marafet is, you have rubbish scattered in all corners.
  • What is that marathon on your face, why are you wearing so much makeup?
  • Marafet on the face
  • It can be seen that I haven’t used a marafet for a long time, there is a thick layer of dust under the bed.
  • To make the marafet look beautiful, do not be so zealous with cosmetics, let everything be in moderation.

Several synonyms

Here are some examples of words with a similar interpretation.

  • Order. Marina Lvovna loved order, she kept every thing in its place.
  • Gloss. No matter how much gloss you put on, the room still looks unattractive without repair.
  • Gloss. Please polish your apartment so that you are not ashamed to invite people.
  • Clean. My house is always clean, I clean twice a day.
  • Cosmetics. The girl loved makeup so much that her face turned into a painted mask.

Now you know the meaning of the word "marafet". This language unit can indicate the external attractiveness of something. This wordused in a variety of speech situations.

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