French: vivre conjugation

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French: vivre conjugation
French: vivre conjugation

French is considered one of the most beautiful, romantic and passionate languages ​​in the world. It is the language of love, the language of kings and nobles. Today it is spoken by about 350 million people worldwide. Anyone who begins to study it will never be able to forget it. At the same time, it is worth noting that it is quite difficult to learn, especially grammar. But French is definitely worth the effort.


There are 3 groups of verbs in French, which most often differ in endings, but can also be completely modified - change their form depending on the time in which they are used. Tip: if you cannot see and connect how the verb is modified, then you need to memorize it, that is, just memorize it.

The first group is the simplest in its conjugations. And today, verbs of the first group are increasingly being replaced by verbs of the third, since their formation is much simpler and causes less confusion among the learners of this language.

  • Infinitif: -er (aimer - "to love").
  • Participe présent: -ant (aimant - "loving").
  • Participepassé: -é (aimé - "beloved").

The second group of verbs has the following endings:

  • Infinitif: -ir (réagir - "react").
  • Participe présent: -issant (réagissant - "reacting").
  • Participe passé: -i (réagi - cannot be translated as Russian past participle).

And finally, the third group of verbs. Unlike the first two groups, these verbs do not conjugate according to a single rule, and it is because of this that they are called irregular verbs. Consider the example of the verb vivre.

Three groups of verbs in fr. language

French: vivre conjugation, meaning and translation

Vivre is most often used as a verb in the language. However, it can also be a noun and in such cases is translated as "life". Accordingly, as a verb, it means "to live", and can also be translated by synonyms - "to live", "to exist", "to abide", "dwell", etc.

Below we can see the conjugation of French vivre in moods like Indicatif and Subjonctif.

Conjugation of the verb vivre: Indicatif_subjonctif

Next, you can see how the verb is modified in other declensions.

Conjugation of the verb vivre: other

As you can see, the vivre conjugation is pretty logical and in some forms easy to remember.

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