TUSUR distance learning: benefits, faculties, exams

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TUSUR distance learning: benefits, faculties, exams
TUSUR distance learning: benefits, faculties, exams

Education is one of the most important components of a successful career, the ability to navigate life situations and be a literate person in any situation. Without proper education, it is impossible to get a decent job. The problem is that many people have little time to attend lectures every day. The reason for this may be a remote place of residence, employment, as well as the presence of children who need to be looked after. Yes, there may be other reasons. For such people, distance learning was created by TUSUR - Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics.

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Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning

Distance learning TUSUR offers its applicants a very convenient and profitable educational program. But, like any other learning process, it has its advantages and pitfalls. First, let's look at the benefits that training gives us.on distance. Firstly, you can start learning at any time that is convenient for you. With distance learning, there is no such thing as clearly defined session periods. You study remotely, while being at home or at the workplace. There is absolutely no need to travel somewhere, which means that you can remove the column "transportation costs" from spending on education. You independently determine the pace of your learning, depending on your employment and your own ability to assimilate new information. You submit all control, final and examination papers via the Internet.

There are not so many negative sides to this method of study, but they still exist. Distance learning TUSUR is suitable for people capable of self-discipline. There is no control on the part of teachers under such conditions for obtaining knowledge, the schedule is quite flexible, which means that the probability of postponing everything to the very last moment is very high. The second drawback will affect you if you do not absorb information well on your own and you need detailed and repeated explanations from a professional teacher. Still, TUSUR distance learning implies most of the independent work on the provided manuals and literature, as well as through access to the resources of the training system.

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What education can you get

FDO TUSUR offers its applicants ample opportunities in obtaining education. With the help of the programs of the educational institution, you can get the first or second higher education, improvequalification for successful career advancement, take short-term courses in certain areas of training. The training programs also include retraining according to the profile, if you decide to radically change your professional activity.

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How to act

To get started, read the statutory documents of FDO TUSUR on the website of the educational organization. The next step is to choose the direction in which you will be trained. The third step is the submission of documents to the selection committee. You will need: an application addressed to the rector, six 3x4 photos with the last name on the back, the original document of education or a certified copy of it with a statement of consent to enrollment (it must indicate the name of the organization in which the document is located), when transferring from another educational institution, a certificate of the established form is required. A passport is required, and also, if you changed your last name, a document confirming this. In addition, you must sign an agreement on the provision of paid educational services using distance learning technologies.

Applicants must pass entrance examinations to TUSUR. Written examinations are accepted for applicants with secondary and higher professional education. Students with a secondary general education must provide USE results.

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TUSUR: faculties

TUSUR offers its applicants 12 faculties to choose from. Among them are both humanitarian andtechnical. Humanitarian include:

  • Economy.
  • Management.
  • State and municipal administration.
  • Jurisprudence.

Technical departments:

  • Business informatics.
  • Control in technical systems.
  • Radio engineering.
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering.
  • Applied Informatics.
  • Software engineering.
  • Infocommunication technologies and communication systems.
  • Electronics and nanoelectronics.
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TUSUR exams

Each student passes the so-called intermediate certification twice a year. The composition of tasks is determined by the completed plan. In order for the student to be able to take it, the institution issues him an electronic digital signature. It acts as a personal identifier when present on the site resources and when passing certifications.

At the end of mastering all the programs and disciplines prescribed by the Ministry of Education, the student passes the final certification. Upon completion, he is issued a state diploma.

Reviews about the institution

Alumni reviews are of great importance for those who decide on admission. This also applies to TUSUR. Reviews about distance learning are quite good. There are a few things though. Students notice that the full-time department will never be on a par with the remote one. In any case, a full-time student always takes a much larger course. Therefore, you will have to work harder to prepare for certification on your own. But, as notedgraduates, in the future there are much fewer problems with orientation in the arrays of information. A person who is accustomed to independently processing many sources of knowledge copes with unforeseen difficulties much more easily.

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