Geometric shapes, or Where geometry begins

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Geometric shapes, or Where geometry begins
Geometric shapes, or Where geometry begins

Many people mistakenly believe that they first encounter geometric shapes in high school. There they study their names, properties and formulas. But in fact, from childhood, any object that a child sees, feels, smells or interacts with him in any other way is precisely a geometric figure. The couch on which the woman who has just given birth lies is a rectangle, the lamp that gives the obstetricians light is a round figure, the vents in the window are squares. The list is endless.

geometric figures

Geometric figures, directly as an element of science, are first encountered by schoolchildren in the middle grades. You can even say that geometry begins with them. However, as mentioned above, the first interactions with them occur long before that. Take, for example, a point. It is the smallest figure in geometry. In addition, it is considered to be the basis of all others (like atoms in chemistry). All triangles, squares and other shapes on anyThe drawing is made up of many dots. They have certain properties, each of which is inherent in only one figure (no other can be endowed with them).

It can be assumed that all geometric shapes consist directly of lines, but what is it? This is the set of dots arranged in a row. They can be continued indefinitely, since a straight line does not end. If it is bounded on two sides, then it is customary to call it a segment. If there is only one constraint, then you have a ray. Consequently, all flat figures in geometry consist of segments, since the components have both an end and a beginning. It is worth noting that the straight line, which was divided by a point, is two rays directed in opposite directions to each other.

three-dimensional geometric shapes

Not only does geometry consist of flat elements, there are also three-dimensional geometric shapes. They start studying them at school later, closer to graduation, but a person encounters them, again, much earlier. For example, when a child picks up a cube, he holds a cube in his palms. Or, if he looks at the chest of drawers, then in front of him is a rectangular parallelepiped. All three-dimensional figures consist of planes (that is, it is an indefinite primary concept, like a straight line). The same parallelepiped consists of six such elements. You can visually get acquainted with the plane by looking at the surface of any table. But this will be only part of it, since there are limitations. The plane itself is as infinite as the straight lineline.

geometric shapes titles

Thus, there is no sphere where geometric figures would not meet. Their names are different, they define properties and features. For example, the formula for the area of ​​a triangle will not work for a rectangle or square.

It is advisable to introduce the child to geometric shapes as early as preschool age. You can make them with your own hands, and then lay out various drawings on paper with them (if these are flat elements). However, do not give up on volumetric figures. On the Internet you can find many didactic games related to this. But we must not put off getting to know them, because all we see is geometric shapes. Even a person is made up of them!

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