The origin and meaning of the word "engraving"

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The origin and meaning of the word "engraving"
The origin and meaning of the word "engraving"

In the world of art, there are quite a lot of terms and concepts that, on the one hand, are well known to everyone, and on the other hand, remain a mystery to the average person. In this article, we will learn about the word "engraving", the meaning and origin of which we will try to analyze in as much detail as possible for our readers.


engraving of saints

It comes from the French graver, which literally means "cut". The meaning of the word "engraving" is an artistic image made with the help of a print. Engraving prints are made using wooden planks, which must be pressed against paper to form an image. Such pictures are considered a kind of work of art, on which there is a connoisseur.


wood engraving

The meanings of the word "engraving", in turn, are divided into narrower directions of this type of fine art. You can read about all these types below.

Linocut - a type of engraving in whichthe paint is applied to the linoleum, due to which the images on the paper are protruding above the surface. With this technology, you can create large-scale works.

Woodcut - the most ancient type of engraving with a long history. Boards were used as a material for creating prints, and the image was often transferred not only to paper, but also to stone.

Seriography is a technology with which you can get several identical prints that are in no way inferior to each other in quality. For this, a material such as silk is used.

There are also options for engravings using metal, including copper plates. Another equally popular way of obtaining prints of images is engraving on cardboard. However, the world of art is much wider than it might seem at first glance, and you can study it endlessly! You have already learned the meaning of the word "engraving", now you can move on to other equally interesting concepts.

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