The power of words. Quotes and sayings of great people

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The power of words. Quotes and sayings of great people
The power of words. Quotes and sayings of great people

If people agreed in advance on the meaning of words, there would be much less misunderstandings and quarrels in the world. But everyone looks at the world through the prism of their experience, and not always, explaining themselves with the same words, we can understand each other. Only quotes and statements of great people partially clarify the situation that has developed. It is not customary to attach these statements to criticism, and everyone understands them the same way.


Quotes and sayings of great people relate to various areas of human life. It is not surprising, because it is natural for a person to think about all sorts of things: from questions related to everyday life, to thoughts about the laws of the universe and the secrets of life. Most statements describe the feelings and behavior of a person as a natural basis for the existence of society.

quotes and sayings of great people

Only relying on their emotions, a person makes certain decisions, reaches heights or lowershands, confesses love or remains unhappy. Thomas Edison once very aptly observed: "People are left with nothing, because their opportunities are often dressed in overalls and resemble work." He was absolutely right. Nothing happens for nothing in the world, only hard work finds a worthy reward, because a miracle is another name for our efforts.

Love advice

For every situation in life, you can pick up quotes and sayings of great people. But society is more interested in love affairs, so these phrases have long been studied from all sides. Balzac said that love combines all the positive qualities of a person. Aristotle, in turn, insisted that a person loves only when he wishes another good, but not for himself, but for his own sake. Hundreds of years have passed, but no one dared to challenge these truths.

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In love there are not only joyful, but also sad moments. They suffer from them only because many do not know when love can still be reborn, and when it is better to say goodbye to it. Wise quotes and sayings of great people will help you understand this issue:

  • "Where there is love, there must be trust."
  • "Without constancy, there can be no love."
  • "In relationships, just like the seasons, the first colds are the most palpable."
  • "Jealousy is a disease of insignificant people, deprived of respect for themselves and others."
  • "Jealousy springs from ill will, not from love."


Quotes andThe sayings of great people do not end there. The most important quality of human life is the desire for anything. And every aspiration, as you know, comes from a dream of the impossible, and in order to achieve this, you need to have remarkable willpower and courage. Bruce Willis once said that there is no more fallen person than the one who never tried to fight for his ideals and dreams. Other aphorisms, quotes and sayings of great people only confirm his theory:

sayings about the language of great people quotes
  • "Defeat can make a man invincible."
  • "The strongest winner is the one who can surpass himself."
  • "The only victory you can be proud of is hard work."
  • "Success is measured not by the heights a person has reached, but by the obstacles he has overcome."
  • "Those who decide to act are lucky."
  • "Doubt is always fatal."

The statements of famous people will not leave anyone indifferent. The power of words is intangible. It is she who makes a person rise from his knees after another defeat, seek happiness and achieve success. Yes, these phrases sound beautiful, elegant and pretentious, but only they can cheer up, inspire hope and support. To dispel the twilight of misunderstanding, hopelessness and sorrow.

Words have power

The power of words… This is not just another beautiful turn, but a real axiom, which has been confirmed more than once by great people, since the time of Aristotle and Plato. Today these truths are not enoughare paying attention. Everyone knows a simple saying: "A word can kill." And only a few follow what they say. In quotes and statements about the language of great people, attention is often focused on the purity and power of the language:

wise quotes and sayings of great people
  • "Words have their own soul".
  • "Speech is a powerful tool, but it takes a lot of intelligence to use it."
  • "The word will respond to the word".
  • "Language is the centuries-old work of countless generations."
  • « Words are sparks and tongues are flint. In case of negligence, the fire cannot be avoided "".
  • "A strong word is not considered evidence."
  • "The word is the most dangerous and powerful weapon."

They say that if statements were not perceived by people, they would forever be forgotten. And the realization that many of them have already survived several generations allows us to conclude that the word is not an empty phrase. No matter what people said, if their words have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation, then there is a great power hidden in them that cannot be ignored.

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