Quotes of Solomon in our time

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Quotes of Solomon in our time
Quotes of Solomon in our time

The Jewish king of the Israeli state Solomon became famous in his country and beyond its borders thanks to his wisdom and successful rule. The personality of this statesman and thinker has been overgrown with legends and fictions for more than thirty centuries. He is considered the wisest of the wisest, but it is no longer possible to verify the accuracy of the statements of the Jewish sage. However, Solomon's quotes are still relevant and in demand.

Biography of Solomon

The main source of information about the ruler of the Jewish kingdom is the Bible. To this day, disputes about the authenticity of this scripture do not subside. However, at the present time, we still officially accept the fact that such a person lived and ruled. The years of his reign date back to about the 10th century BC. e. Solomon was the third king of the Jewish state, before him his father David was in power.

When Solomon built the Jerusalem Temple, one of the main religious buildings of the entire Jewish people.

solomon quote everything will pass

During the 40 years of the reign of King Solomon, the state flourished and gained power. The wisdom of Solomon helped his country and people live in peace and prosperity.

The wisdom of the great king

As already mentioned, King Solomon admired his wisdom, and today everyone who is looking for an answer to seemingly difficult and insoluble questions can turn to Solomon's quotes. The wisdom and correctness of his statements have been tested over the centuries.

Wisdom is more useful than stupidity, as light is more useful than darkness. But the same fate will befall both the wise and the foolish.

The main thing is wisdom: get wisdom and with all your possessions get understanding.

The king also spoke about love:

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.

He respected and valued his family:

Together is better than one, because if they fall, they will lift each other, but woe if one falls, and there is no other to raise him, and even if two lie, they are warm, how to keep warm alone ?

A wise wife builds her house, but a foolish one destroys it with her own hands.

Solomon's quotes are known all over the world, they contain advice and the simple truth of life, and sometimes a complex philosophical meaning. You can agree with them, you can challenge them, but everyone can find something important for themselves. It will be a conversation about love, or about stupidity, about anger or hatred, about prosperity or the meaning of life.

wisdom of solomon quotes

Solomon not only talks about difficult situations in simple terms, but often gives advice. After many yearsthese wise thoughts from the past and today can help to avoid mistakes.

Do not eat the food of an envious person and do not be seduced by his delicious dishes.

Do not answer a fool for his foolishness, lest he become a wise man in his own eyes.

Listen to your father: he begat you; and do not neglect your mother when she is old.

Famous quotes

Quotes of Solomon have been wandering among people who care about life for hundreds of years. They are passed from mouth to mouth, discussed in schools and institutes, they are addressed in moments of doubt and sadness. Probably one of the most famous quotes:

Everything has its time, and a time for every work under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die… a time to destroy and a time to build… a time to scatter stones and a time to pile stones… a time to be silent and a time to speak.

This phrase can often be found in small printed collections of Jewish wisdom.

The sage often gave food for thought by speaking philosophically so that everyone could find their own meaning in the words.

What has been is what will be, and what has been is what is being done, and there is nothing new under the Sun.

Quotes of King Solomon today are not only distributed on Internet resources, but also forever left on your body in the form of tattoos.

Anger destroys even the intelligent.

He who gives to a beggar will not grow poor.

The soul of the lazy one desires, but in vain.

Fools only despise wisdom and instruction.

Fear is nothing but deprivation of help from reason.

From everyonelabor is profit, but idle talk is only damage.

King Solomon

As we can see, Solomon has a lot to say about human stupidity. It was laziness, unwillingness to study and work on his personality that caused him sincere indignation. Now this is more relevant than ever, because most modern people are "mired" in the Internet, computer games and the meaningless waste paper of tabloid novels. It's sad to see how society degrades.

The wise are silent, so the foolish can pass for the wise if they remain silent.

Do not answer a fool for his foolishness, lest you become like him.

Knowledge is better than choice gold; because wisdom is better than pearls, and nothing you desire can compare to it.

The main thing is wisdom: get wisdom and with all your possessions get understanding. Appreciate her and she will ex alt you.

And there are also such statements, the meaning of which was paraphrased in a modern manner. For example, quote:

Better to live in a corner on the roof than with a grumpy wife in a spacious house.

The vernacular expression "With a sweet paradise and in a hut" carries the same meaning.

Solomon did not bypass the topic of drunkenness, which at all times worried many.

Who has a howl? Who has a moan? Who has quarrels? Who is in grief? who has wounds for no reason? Who has purple eyes? Those who sit for a long time over wine … And you will say: They beat me, it didn’t hurt me; pushed me, I did not feel. When I wake up, I will look for the same thing again.

The story behind the famous quote

In addition to numerous quotes and wise sayings, many parables are associated with the name of Solomon. One of them is known from Solomon's quote "Everything will pass." This popular parable is about Solomon's famous ring.

Somehow a Jewish ruler turned to a sage to give him advice on how to cope with difficult life situations. To which the sage gave Solomon a ring, where an engraving was made with the words: "Everything will pass." The elder explained that when faced with an ambiguous emotional situation, whether it is joy or anger, you need to remove the ring from your finger and look at the inscription.

In one such situation, where anger took control of emotions, Solomon took off the ring, and not having received comfort from the familiar inscription, we were surprised to find another engraving on the inside of the ring, which read: "And this too."

There is even a continuation of this story, when on his deathbed the king "found" another inscription that read: "Nothing passes".

Today, this is probably the most famous Solomon quotes that every person on Earth knows.

Our time

The sage has been addressed at all times, and the more time has passed since the day of his death, the more significant his saying was considered. Indeed, over the years, the meaning of life for a person has not changed. Passions are still raging, there are discords in families, fools are trying to seem smart, and the wise are looking for the meaning of life and keep their souls.

Like hundreds of years ago, we worry about the same problems, but everyone dies, as it weresad as it sounded.

Our life will pass like the trail of a cloud, and dissipate like fog, and there is no return from death: for a seal has been placed, and no one returns.

Solomon made sure that his life experience went to the next generation. Could he think then that his wisdom would survive to this day? But it is to her that we turn in moments of despair, remembering the great and simple words that everything passes.

King Solomon

Solomon worked hard during his lifetime, leaving his work to people, regardless of whether they are smart or stupid, it is important that these people will own his work, and everyone will decide what to do with it.

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