Senior police lieutenant Petushkov Vasily Timofeevich: biography and feat

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Senior police lieutenant Petushkov Vasily Timofeevich: biography and feat
Senior police lieutenant Petushkov Vasily Timofeevich: biography and feat

City streets often bear the names of famous people throughout the country. But it also happens that they are not familiar to everyone, but only to local residents who honor the memory of their heroes. Senior police lieutenant Petushkov Vasily Timofeevich is one of those whose name is well known in Yuzhny Tushino (Moscow) thanks to old-timers and cadets of the police college, equal to the best in the profession.

Petushkov Vasily


The whole life of the hero is a biography of thousands of the same girls and boys born in the 20s, who grew up and experienced difficulties along with their country. Only he was a little more conscientious and honest than many. His homeland is the Kaluga region, a small village of Sergeevo. Born in 1925, he got used to work from childhood, helped his elders both in the field and on the farm. Having lost his parents early, he went to Leningrad to enter the FZU in order to learn to be a locksmith. Here he was caught by the war, and from the age of 16 the guy worked at the factory, participating in defensiveworks. For this, he will subsequently be awarded the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad."

In 1942 the school was evacuated to Yaroslavl. Vasily Petushkov, whose biography is described by N. Sizov in the book “Chevro Code”, will remember very well how, during the shelling on the railway, the masters covered their pupils with their bodies. And he will live, commensurating every step with the human feat of the older generation. After the war, the young man began his career at the Vympel plant in Moscow, became the leader of the Komsomol cell.

Petushkov Vasily Timofeevich

The way to the police

After working at the plant for 4 years, Petushkov Vasily married a girl named Lydia. He, as the secretary of the Komsomol committee, was offered to move from the hostel to his own apartment. But he gave it to those who languished in line for more than ten years. Perhaps it was this act that became decisive when the wife made the decision to leave for another. She wanted to live securely, and he wanted to live honestly. He learns about this step of his beloved woman in the army, where he will go according to the Komsomol recruitment to become a regular military man. While serving in Smolensk, he will receive the rank of captain, leading the Komsomol battalion, and then the regiment.

Returning to Tushino, which in those years was part of the Moscow region, Petushkov went to the city party committee. It was 1956. The secretary of the city party committee, Vasily Pushkarev, spoke about the dominance of hooliganism and the difficulties in working with young people, recommending that the former soldier go to work in the police. The district police service also helped to solve the housing issue, so Vasily Petushkov ended up in the 129thpolice station, becoming an inspector at one of the most difficult areas, which among themselves people often called the "zone".

Militia service

The dark-haired handsome man with a tanned face, on which attentive eyes stood out under a hat of thick eyebrows, was not alone for long. Soon he got married. The new wife, Lyubov Andreevna, gave birth to a son, Yuri, who was three years old on the eve of the tragic events. Petushkov Vasily plunges headlong into work. He likes clarity, laconicism, military discipline. Having thoroughly studied the special contingent in his area, he understands that it is impossible to cope with drunkards, brawlers and hooligans alone, therefore he relies on voluntary people's squads (DND) and public courts, to which working youth are attracted.

In a few years Petushkov Vasily turns into an outstanding operative. In hot pursuit, he manages to investigate the theft, drop the murder charges from one of his wards, and identify the robbers in a hosiery factory. His authority among the population becomes so significant that he does not dare to deceive people's expectations and change jobs. A lecture hall of legal knowledge begins to work on the territory, because the district police officer is convinced: the main thing is not to punish the criminal, but to prevent the offense.

senior lieutenant of militia Petushkov Vasily Timofeevich

Description of the feat

13.01.1962, on the eve of the holiday, which the country has traditionally celebrated for many years, Petushkov was urgently summoned to the hostel located on his site, where citizen G.the wife managed to escape, but the drunken husband had two children as hostages. Leaving home, Petushkov dialed the phone of Lyubov Andreevna to inform him that he was leaving a sleeping child at home in the hope of her soon returning from work. No one knew that this would be their last conversation.

Together with an operative and vigilantes, they arrived at the hostel, where the neighbors, in fear, told that the bully had a hunting double-barreled shotgun. The negotiations did not produce results. On the contrary, having heard about the arrival of the police, citizen G. began to threaten with reprisals against the children. Their cries were heard. Without a moment's hesitation, the senior lieutenant kicked the door open with an ax and burst into the room. He was mortally wounded by a point-blank shot, but the operatives managed to neutralize the villain.

petushkov vasily biography


Posthumously Petushkov Vasily Timofeevich will be awarded the Order of the Red Star, and Factory Street was renamed the street named after him. But more important than the awards is the human love that an ordinary district inspector earned from the residents of his microdistrict. Thousands of fellow citizens came to his funeral, who will later gather in the House of Culture, where the trial of citizen G. will take place in order to support the decision on an exceptional measure of punishment for the killer.

Surprisingly, a wife and son will follow in the footsteps of a person dear to them. Lyubov Andreevna will start working in the police and rise to the rank of colonel. Yuri, the father of three children, will graduate from the Higher Police School in Omsk, but will work as the director of an orphanage for a long time. The college is located in the area.police, where they honor the memory of all the heroes who sacrificed their lives in the performance of their professional duty and where there is a corner of their memory. And the site contains poems by an unknown author:

"It's not customary for us to pray for cops, They are sometimes not considered people.

But somewhere the finger pulls the trigger, And someone's bullet Oper takes…”

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