Speak is an obsolete verb: interpretation and synonyms

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Speak is an obsolete verb: interpretation and synonyms
Speak is an obsolete verb: interpretation and synonyms

Some words in Russian have lost their relevance. They are rarely used in modern speech. They are found mainly in books, old documents, and are mentioned in films. This article will focus on the verb "say".

The lexical meaning of the word

Let's determine what interpretation the verb "to speak" is endowed with. This word can be found in Ozhegov's dictionary:

  • pronounce;
  • say.

That is, the emphasis is on the verbal form of information transfer. A person forms a thought, and then transmits it to interlocutors or listeners.

Let's make some phrases with the verb "to say": to say softly, to say a speech, to say timidly.

You must have heard the verb "to say" in the movie "Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession:" They did not order to execute, great sovereign, - they told the word to say."

Image"Ivan Vasilievich changes profession"

Examples of usage

Now you know the meaning of this speech unit. Also in the explanatory dictionary of Ozhegov it is indicated,that the verb "to speak" is a language unit that belongs to obsolete vocabulary. That is, it is considered archaism and you will not find it in modern speech.

But you still need to learn how to use the verb "say" in speech. You can meet it in books, historical documents. Or this word can be used to give the text a special stylistic color. Therefore, we will make some sentences as an example.

  • "My subjects, a traitor is hiding among you, I need to bring him to clean water."
  • "Speak a word in my defense, good people, don't let me perish."
  • "It's not too hard for you to say a kind word to cheer up a friend."
  • "I was just dumbfounded, I couldn't even say one word, I was so struck by the tragedy."
  • man in shock
  • "He spoke loudly, without hesitation, with such confidence in his eyes that no one dared to contradict."
  • "The funny thing is this: you say the right things, but you don't believe in them one bit."

Synonym selection

If the word "say" is mentioned several times in the text, you can replace it with a synonym. Here are some options.

  • Speak. "We said a speech to ourselves several times, so that at the most crucial moment we would not forget the words."
  • Speak out. "The prisoner could hardly speak, he was extremely exhausted."
  • Spill."No one said a word, there was a heavy silence in the room."
  • Speak up. "Say at least one word, do not be silent, cheer us up with a good parting word."
  • Speak. "The sage spoke such an interesting thought that I immediately wanted to write down so that I would not forget later."

For a variety of speech, be sure to use synonyms. Please note that they should not contradict the style of the statement.

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