Pool - what is it?

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Pool - what is it?
Pool - what is it?

There are many dangerous places in nature. Volcanoes erupt daily, avalanches come down and landslides occur in the mountains. As for water bodies, there are also many dangers. For example, a whirlpool. This is a dangerous place for humans to stay away from.

Lexical meaning of the word and etymology

By origin, the noun "whirlpool" is not considered native Russian. It migrated from the Polish language.

In the explanatory dictionary you can find what the word "whirlpool" means. This language unit is endowed with the following meanings (this is according to the Efremova dictionary).

A deep depression at the bottom of a body of water, such as a lake or river

Pool in the river
  • A whirlpool that washes a hole at the bottom of a reservoir.
  • A setting that makes a person indecisive or indifferent. This is a figurative meaning.

When is the pool?

Most often, a whirlpool occurs when a current (for example, a river) encounters an obstacle: a bank protrusion, a dam support, etc. As a result, the current turns back, a funnel is formed that rushes to the bottom of the reservoir andforms a hole.

Another way to form a pool: there is already a deep hole at the bottom of the reservoir, which causes turbulence and a funnel is formed. This can happen, for example, if a projectile hit a pond and formed a funnel at the bottom.

Whirlpools are dangerous for humans. If you inadvertently fall into a large whirlpool, the consequences can be fatal. Such dangerous areas should be avoided and the bathing area should be surveyed in advance.

Examples of usage

The noun "whirlpool" is a word that is used in various contexts. Here are some example sentences.

  • Fortunately, the bather managed to get out of the pool.
  • We are in the midst of the most disgusting events.
  • Today in the lesson we learned that a pool is the same as a whirlpool.
  • The pool is dangerous, so don't swim near it.
  • The faster the current, the more dangerous the pool.
small whirlpool

Phraseologisms with the noun "whirlpool"

Now you know the meaning of the word "whirlpool". As part of some phraseological units, you can find this speech unit.

There are devils in still waters. This proverb can be interpreted as follows: one who appears to be quiet and humble is not really one

It is rightly said that there are devils in still waters: this pious-looking woman stole my wallet.

Throw yourself into the pool with your head. The interpretation is as follows: recklessly venture into some risky act

Katya decided to throw herself into the poolwith a head: I bought a ticket and went to an unfamiliar city.

Now you know what the noun "whirlpool" means and how to use it in sentences.

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