What are phenomena? The most beautiful and terrible natural phenomena

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What are phenomena? The most beautiful and terrible natural phenomena
What are phenomena? The most beautiful and terrible natural phenomena

The surrounding world is interesting not only for its beauty, but also for its dynamism. The change of seasons, the change of weather or the flight of a sparrow, the change of color in a hare, rust and the formation of s alt are all phenomena. This is a huge group of processes occurring in nature. They are different - dangerous and beautiful, rare and daily, there are a lot of them.

Main Groups

What are the phenomena, how they affect human life - all these questions are key in understanding nature. And research is indispensable. It is one thing when scientists investigate such a phenomenon as rain, and another when it comes to tornadoes or sandstorms. There is a recognized classification of natural phenomena:

  • Chemical processes, they are also natural. We meet them every day in the form of sour milk or the formation of rust on metal.
  • Biological are those that happen to wildlife. These include falling leaves or the flight of a butterfly. This is what phenomena are in biology.
  • Physical - transforming water into ice or justchange in the state of aggregation of matter.

People observe all this every day, they are even used to something. Sometimes there is something surprising that makes you break your head or dig into the research. Scientists have already found explanations for many things, but mysteries remain. A puzzle for all mankind - that's what natural phenomena are.

Those that bring death

The most dangerous and unpredictable are:

  • Ball lightning is a purely electrical phenomenon of spherical shape, which has truly fantastic capabilities. Despite the fact that it looks beautiful, it can kill a person if it explodes nearby. In addition, ball lightning can appear in the most unexpected places and just as suddenly disappear.
  • Tsunami is, in fact, only a tidal wave, but it can reach very large sizes, up to hundreds of kilometers in length, and several tens of meters in height. This is a very terrible phenomenon, it comes suddenly and ends just as quickly, leaving behind devastation and the dead on the shore.
  • Volcanic eruptions - few things can compete with him in terms of danger. With this phenomenon, not only flows of hot liquid stone - magma splash out, but also explosions occur, very large and thick clouds of ash appear. The most dangerous moments near an active volcano are the beginning of the process. After a few hours, the lava will flow measuredly and calmly, continuing to destroy everything in its path, but not so intensively.
  • An avalanche and landslides are a bit similar. The essence is the same - there is a movement of loose masses,who are unable to stay in their original place and are too heavy. Only a landslide is characterized by soil, and an avalanche is characterized by snow.

We can safely say that there are a lot of them. What are such phenomena? Danger and fear. But there are also harmless ones, which are only a beautiful sight.

Tornado over the steppe

Those that break the mindset

Nature is fascinating, there are often such phenomena for which there are explanations, but this does not stop them from being beautiful and attracting the attention of mankind. The most famous are:

  • Polar lights, it is easier for someone to call it northern. It looks like multi-colored streaks of aurora that move and can occupy the entire visible space of the sky.
  • Migration of monarch butterflies. This is something bewitching and inexplicable for a simple man in the street. Every year, monarch butterflies travel huge distances, even one creature of this species is beautiful, but if there are hundreds of them?
  • St. Elmo's Fire - that's what an unusual and a little frightening phenomenon is. In the Middle Ages, it was it that foreshadowed the death of ships. In fact, these lights are not dangerous, they appear before a strong thunderstorm, this means a global storm at sea, there is no need to be afraid of them.

There are a lot of beautiful and interesting things around, very rarely people can see all the phenomena at once. There are those that are tied to the season or month, sunrise or sunset, but there are those that happen once every hundred years, it is very difficult to wait for them.

entrance to hell

The scariest

Nature is notneglected the creation of frightening natural phenomena.

Not only horror films can make a person afraid. There are some rather creepy phenomena that at first frightened people. But after a detailed study, it turned out that these are just non-standard, but natural processes familiar to people. Here they are:

  • Blood rain. From the sky in the state of Kerala in India, blood was shed for a month. The inhabitants were so frightened that there was a general panic. And the thing is that the tornado, which did not pass so far, pulled in the spores of red algae, which made the water turn bloody. Tornadoes often absorb something unusual, stories are known of cases when toads or birds flew from the sky.
  • Black fog is not only creepy, but also a very rare occurrence. It happens only in one city in the world - London. This happened only a few times during the entire existence of the city, only three cases were recorded in the last two centuries: 1873, 1880 and 1952. The black fog is very thick, while it lies over the city, people have to move by touch. In addition, during the last "attack" of the fog, mortality increased very much, and it's not at all about poor visibility. The air was so thick that it was very difficult for them to breathe, mostly those who had respiratory problems died.
  • Another terrible phenomenon was registered in 1938 in Yamal, they called it a "rainy day". The thing is that so thick clouds hung over the earth that it was not just dark, no light penetrated at all. When the geologistsworking on the site, decided to launch rockets, they saw only the surface of thick fog.
scary clouds

The world is multifaceted, beautiful and unusual. Often, nature throws riddles at us, which are then solved by entire generations. You need to carefully look around so as not to miss the phenomenon of the next "miracle".

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