School essays on the topic "Happiness for me is"

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School essays on the topic "Happiness for me is"
School essays on the topic "Happiness for me is"

Happiness is a very subjective concept. However, it is given special attention in the field of education. This is important so that children can determine for themselves what makes them happy and learn to strive for it.

This article will present short essays on the topic “Happiness for me is…”. From them it will be possible to understand how schoolchildren talk about such an important concept.

what does happiness mean to me

Composition No. 1 “What happiness means to me”

It's important to be happy, but it's not always easy to achieve. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what can make a person happy. One day, a feeling of happiness may come from the fact that a good deed was done, and the next day, from the fact that you managed to buy a thing that you have long dreamed of. In fact, these things are not comparable, because in the first case, the benefit will be greater for the world around, and in the second case, you will be able to please only yourself.

For me, happiness is when a person is able to make another person happy. After all, this is much more important, because at such moments it isgreat feeling multiplies.

happiness for me is

Composition No. 2 "What does the word "happiness" mean to me"

See the sunrise, see the smiles on people's faces, do good deeds and watch the world get better. All these are examples of when a person can feel happy. Happy moments are varied, like all people in the world.

It is impossible to give a general definition of such a concept, because everyone has their own idea of ​​it. But how do I answer the question of what happiness means to me. The answer is simple - you can start a diary of joyful moments and write down everything that helped you achieve this feeling.

Often, people who decide to take notes in a special diary notice that they are dedicated or connected to the family. It is the people who bring true happiness. The world seems much more beautiful next to them.

happiness for me is

Composition No. 3 "What is happiness?"

"What does happiness mean to me?" - This is a question that people have been looking for an answer to since time immemorial. It is, to some extent, philosophical.

It's hard to talk about happiness. For everyone, it has its own value and is most often associated with lifestyle.

Happiness is a feeling of lightness within oneself, joy, peace? Is it measured by achievements? It is difficult to answer such questions for all the people on the planet, but everyone can determine this for themselves, and, in fact, this is the only general recipe for how to be happy.

Sometimes it seems that happiness is whatwhat is missing in life. Then the person tries to find him and fulfill his dream. At such moments, this is real happiness for him, which consists not only in achieving the goal, but in enjoying the search.

From the earliest days of Western thought, philosophers have been interested in the nature of happiness. One of the first who asked the question: "What is happiness" was Aristotle. He, in typical philosophical fashion, insisted on making a distinction between two different questions before answering.

The first was about what is meant by the word "happiness", and the second - where to find it, that is, what makes a person truly happy. The ancient Greek philosopher believed that it was useless to try to answer the second question without thinking about the first one.

The pleasures of eating, drinking and other worldly pleasures Aristotle considered too gross to be suitable for true human happiness. He argued that they should also be combined with aesthetic and moral inspirations that would help achieve the main goal - a happy life.

what does happiness mean to me

Composition No. 4 “Happiness is a simple word that has a deep meaning”

Finding true happiness is a worthy goal for everyone. The problem is that many people turn to material goods to achieve this goal.

Even if that new car, diamond ring, or cute outfit brings happiness, it won't last long. The new car smell is gone. Diamonds collect dust. Outfits are losing their beauty.

Butwhat is happiness for me? In my understanding, it comes from positive relationships, life experiences, and a sense of accomplishment. Positive communication with family and friends fills a person with a sense of satisfaction. These people can bring comfort, support and encouragement when needed. They are present in life when times are good and also when times are hard. That is why it can be argued that happiness for me is relatives and friends.

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