Happiness is The essence of happiness, definition

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Happiness is The essence of happiness, definition
Happiness is The essence of happiness, definition

One of the most famous happiness songs has the line "We wish you happiness". But what is happiness? A philosophical question to which each of us will give his own answer. Happiness is different. This question has been studied by philosophers, theologians, and psychologists for centuries. But they all agree that happiness is an internal state. Why can't so many people around find it inside?

Search for happiness

According to statistics, 99% of people on our planet are unhappy. But most of them do not demonstrate it in public. Only 1% of the world's population actually feels happy.

Happiness is closely related to the meaning of life. Humanity has been searching for the last one for centuries, but few succeed. But all we need is just to learn to look into the bowels of our own soul, which knows the answers to all our questions.

happiness in small things

What does medicine say?

As a result of research, scientists have found that happiness is not some kind of spiritual substance, but the result of the work of ourorganism. Hormones are responsible for both short-term pleasure and long-term satisfaction. Endorphins, which are produced by the pituitary gland, are responsible for the quickly passing state of euphoria. The brain neurotransmitter serotonin provokes a long-term feeling of joy and contentment with life. And dopamine gives a feeling of joy from a job well done. It can be a successful project, a delicious lunch or good sex.

Today, some doctors practice endorphin therapy. This is the treatment of physical illnesses with good emotions. This method is not yet widely used, but it is known that it allows you to achieve good results. In particular, the well-known doctor Viktor Tetyuk practices endorphin therapy. Thus, happiness and he alth are inseparable things.

Who is happier: stupid or smart?

stupid happiness

Clown and mime Vyacheslav Polunin, creator of the famous theater "Litsedei", in his interview claims that he was happy all his life. And the actors of his theater are also happy people. He shares a part of this joy with the audience. At the same time, Vyacheslav believes that only stupid people can be absolutely happy, because smart people always think a lot, looking for something to spoil their mood. If you put intelligence and stupidity on the scales, the clown claims, it turns out that stupidity is incredibly strong and beautiful.

Many believe that the less a person thinks about what is wrong in his life, the more he is satisfied with it. And this is happiness. However, scientists in their 2012 study reached different conclusions. They believe that only people witha high level of IQ (from 120%) are able to be happy. This is due to the fact that they feel we althy, financially secure, as they often have a good education and a well-paid job. Most often, such people have successful marriages. The main thing is that they should be able to appreciate what they have and not look for flaws in their own lives. If you have everything, but there is a similar "unhappy" state, its causes must be looked for inside. Or decide on drastic changes. But will they make you happy?

Happiness is not about money?

happiness and money

We hear this phrase all the time. Although those people who have a low income and literally "survive" in this life, may argue with this statement. However, this is true - money cannot provide a constant feeling of happiness. This is because material goods are the lowest level of happiness, which is to satisfy our ego. Today you bought a new washing machine - and you are incredibly happy with your purchase. But in a week the flower of happiness will fade, this machine will seem something ordinary to you.

In 2016, British scientists conducted a study, the results of which confirmed that a salary increase makes people happier only for a short period of time. But at the same time, a decrease in material prosperity provokes negative emotions in the majority.

However, happiness is not a momentary satisfaction of our needs and whims. Children know how to enjoy every pleasant little thing. But in time they grow, grow themneeds imposed by society and selfish aspirations. However, money is not always enough to meet these needs. Therefore, a trip for happiness, the final stop of which is enrichment, will not bring the desired result.

Happiness through the eyes of philosophers

happiness is

Philosophers have been trying for centuries to answer questions about the meaning of life and the joys of life. However, none of them came to a consensus. Many brilliant people give it different definitions. Perhaps true happiness is a combination of them?

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates believed that happiness is the highest good that everyone should strive for. However, neither beauty nor we alth can guarantee its presence. But happiness is inextricably linked with morality. And only a moral person can be happy.

Aristotle identifies happiness with morality and is sure that it can be achieved only through good deeds. The philosopher also writes about the five components of happiness - self-improvement, material we alth, he alth, friendship, active social position.

The teaching of the Cynics (philosophical schools of Socrates) says that the essence of happiness is the rejection of imaginary goods and complete spiritual freedom, an independent life with minimal needs.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that only the perfection of the body and soul, as well as harmony between them, helps to achieve happiness.

Happiness in terms of psychology

Psychologists say that happiness is a deep satisfaction with one's own life. This is a positive perception of yourself and the world around you. Our problem isthat we do not know how to appreciate what we have. Human nature is such that when we receive, we want more and more. On the one hand, ambition allows humanity to develop and move on. But in this pursuit, people cannot be happy, they simply do not notice the joy of moments.

Happiness is in the little things

Psychologists say: the human body is designed in such a way as to notice the danger in time. This reflex is necessary for a person to survive, but in everyday life it often interferes. After all, we begin to focus on the negative, ignoring the beauty that surrounds us.

We are not accustomed to paying attention to small joys - hot coffee, the morning sun, the smile of a loved one. In order to learn to enjoy these things, you need to rethink and realize a lot. When a person, exhausted and tired of his own negative thoughts, tries to look deeper into himself, he begins to understand things that were once inaccessible to him.

British scientists in their study found that only 25% of the subjects feel happy in the morning. But by lunchtime, everyone is noticeably cheered up. It was noticed that very small pleasant events contribute to a good mood - a car that gave way, a delicious lunch during a work break, spontaneous hugs with a random acquaintance, warm communication with colleagues.

To begin with, in order to become a happy person, start thanking the Universe every morning for awakening and sunshine. Notice the little delights that surround each of usevery day, and enjoy them like a child.

Lifelong research

happiness research

But the study, which was conducted by a group of American psychotherapists from Harvard, began more than 75 years ago. And it continues to this day. Scientists followed the lives of two groups - people from rich and poor families.

After 75 years, Robert Waldinger announced the results that were obtained - it turns out that sustainable satisfaction from life is provided to people only if there are quality relationships in their lives. It could be someone you love and trust. Stable relationships based on love and harmony contribute to the he alth of the nervous system. However, this does not mean that if such a person is not found, the lack of happiness is guaranteed. Relationships that make us happy can be loyal friends, relatives. The main thing is that these relationships should be really deep and frank, leaving a feeling of emotional satisfaction.

How to achieve female happiness?

happiness in relationships

How can a woman achieve that deep sense of satisfaction from life, which was written above? Consider several factors on which a woman's happiness is based.

"Peace, inner peace," said Master Shifu during meditation. It is inner peace that a woman needs so much. Having found him, she will allow herself to be a woman - tender, fragile, sweet, caring. And, most importantly, she needs to learn to love.

"No one loves me." Complaints of this nature are most common among women. They are unsuccessfully looking for the perfect man who would adore them and wear them in his arms. However, time passes, boyfriends replace each other. Where is the love, reciprocity, perfection?

Firstly, Abraham Maslow said that there are no perfect people. And getting rid of this illusion will save you from disappointment. Yes, there are no perfect ones, but there are favorite ones. And when a woman understands that she needs to look not for profit, but for love, she really soon finds it. After all, what we give is what we get.

For many women, the meaning of life is children. However, at the same time, the majority make a huge mistake - they consider them their property. If you learn to perceive your child as a native, but not obligated to you person, your horizons will expand significantly.

How to achieve inner harmony?

harmony inside

Harmony is what each of us is looking for, but does not always realize this. In fact, inner harmony is much more important than all the material goods that the world has to offer.

No man can achieve success and live his life happily as he wants, if he is not at odds with himself. What factors prevent you from finding common ground with your inner self?

First, you need to rethink your attitude to the world. Accept him the way he is. Don't judge others or yourself. Cleanse your mind and heart from the memory of past pain, from resentment and suffering. Listen to yourself.

Helpmeditation, breathing techniques, spiritual practices can achieve inner harmony. And, of course, a hobby that will bring you peace and tranquility.

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