The safecracker - who is this?

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The safecracker - who is this?
The safecracker - who is this?

The bugbear is a lock-picker. He can do this both legally and for the purpose of profit, that is, robbing apartments. Another such word in Russia was called a bear hunter, as well as a wandering jester with a tame animal. Consider all the meanings of the word "bear cub" in more detail.


A safecracker is a person who can open the lock of any door or safe with the help of master keys. Interestingly, a set of them can be hidden in the most ordinary-looking object, such as the body of a pen. In the criminal world, bear cubs are a special caste. But do not think that such a skill can only be obtained in prison. There are even so-called schools that train these "specialists" illegally. Often they are located in residential areas under the guise of ordinary kiosks with a sign "Emergency opening locks." In the advertisement about the courses, they officially promise to give a new profession in 2 weeks - to teach how to open different types of locks. In fact, they are taught to pick up master keys.

Opening the lock with master keys

Concierges at the entrances are not for burglarsan obstacle. They can get into the house under the guise of a doctor who came on call, a plumber, a gasman, an installer who insulates the facade, or even a priest. The complexity of the lock only affects the time it takes to break it, that is, any door can be opened by a bugbear. Therefore, it is best to protect yourself by installing an alarm. There are bugbears who don't commit crimes. They help people open slammed front doors or safes that they can't remember the code for.


Traditional Russian bear hunts were carried out by bear-hunters armed with spears. What does the word "horn" mean? It looks like a spear, but with a wide and flat tip. This weapon had a limiter, it was needed so as not to pierce the bear too deeply and not be at too short a distance. The handle of the spear was as long as a man.

bear hunting

The bear was driven by a pack of hunting dogs, for example, huskies. They kept the clubfoot at a distance from the hunter so that he could hit the beast. The blow was delivered from two or three steps. Russian tsars, for example, Alexander II, had fun with such hunting.

Even bear cubs used special loops - snares. A heavy log was attached to the end, which prevented the beast from twisting and escaping. This method of trapping continued until the 1970s. XX century, because the forest protection was small, and the places were too remote. In areas without forests, bear cubs even used helicopters, however, the bear very soon remembered that the sound of the engine indicates danger, and beganhiding.

Buffoon with a tame beast

In ancient Russia, people were entertained by the folk circus - bear fun (fun). Bear cubs are leaders who led a tame animal through the towns, villages, and estates of the rich. The buffoons were Volga peasants, gypsies and Tatars. As a rule, bear cubs worked together: one played the role of a goat, the other played a musical instrument (violin, drum).

bear fun

In the dull and sleepy Russian outback, the arrival of jesters was perceived as great fun or out of the ordinary event, such as a fire. The whole population gathered for the buffoon performance with the beast. Thanks to such popularity, the artists had a good income. The performance consisted of two parts: first, the bear danced with the goat, and then he himself did various funny things at the command of the leader. Most often, he imitated human habits.

Based on this context, a bugbear is a person who was revered. It was considered prestigious to put a buffoon with an animal to spend the night in his hut, so the peasants vied with each other inviting them to stay for a rest. Already at the end of the 13th century, this fun began to be suppressed and condemned by the church. Fun for some time remained the entertainment of the kings. However, bear hunters continued to hunt illegally until the 70s. XIX century.

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