What is useful to read during the New Year holidays?

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What is useful to read during the New Year holidays?
What is useful to read during the New Year holidays?

In order not to be bored during the long New Year holidays, you can read a couple of interesting and useful books. We have selected several options for excellent books for every taste, both new products and time-tested publications.



The next book by the famous writer JK Rowling "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is expected to become a bestseller. In the US, people literally lined up in order to have time to buy a valuable copy. Is this book interesting and breathtaking enough to get in line for it? Luckily, you don't have to, as the book is already available in all stores in both paper and digital formats.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child became one of the most popular titles in the US last year, setting a record for pre-orders a month before release,” an Amazon executive said of the book.

If you love fantasy, you should definitely include this book in your reading plan for the long January break.

Life of interesting people

Introducing the autobiography of a famous neurosurgeonPaul Kalanithi with the philosophical title "When breath dissolves into air." This book is about the difficult fate of a neurosurgeon who saved the lives of other people for a significant part of his life. And suddenly, Paul himself doctors find a serious illness - lung cancer. The doctor himself ends up in the clinic, in the same one in which he worked as a doctor most of his life.

Perfectly aware of the severity of his illness, Paul, like many patients with serious illnesses, begins to think about the meaning of life and the inevitability of death. Reading a book is sometimes difficult, but very informative, and the book certainly makes you think about the most important things.

History books


We would like to offer two historical, but completely different books to the discerning reader.

The first was written by American journalist Bill O'Reilly in collaboration with another connoisseur of history named Martin Daggard. The book is called Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan. Those who speak English will especially enjoy reading this deep and interesting work in the original language.

The second, on the contrary, is for fans of the history of the Russian state. Writer Tim Skorenko wrote a very unusual work: “Invented in Russia. The history of Russian inventive thought from Peter the Great to Nicholas II. The author decided to eliminate the injustice associated with Russian inventors. It is believed that a huge number of wonderful Russian inventions are gathering dust in the archives.

Tim's book tries to spell outthe whole truth about the inventions that were made by inventors living in Russia at different times, as objectively as possible. The author also seeks to refute various myths associated with the Russian history of invention.


In 2017, among the novelties presented in the field of self-development, we have selected for you an excellent book that motivates you to spend the New Year holidays with benefit. Alexander Smirnov, the author of the novelty "Practical time management for top managers", will make you take a fresh look at your efficiency in managing your time.

Ignore the words "for top managers" in the title of the book. In fact, the self-development tips in the book are suitable for any reader. Ways to increase personal productivity and efficiency will suit absolutely everyone, because the book is written in a simple and lively language, replete with examples and cases from life and is read literally in one breath.

The author does not try to give a voluminous theoretical material, but, on the contrary, recommends that you immediately begin to practice. Therefore, the book is a set of steps, by doing which, in order, you will increase your level of efficiency, deal with your life goals and priorities.


As an exciting detective story, the next work "Snitch" by a wonderful American author, master of this genre, Josh Grisham, is perfect. The book tells the story of an investigator who is engaged in the fight against corruption in the judiciary. According to the plot of the book, he tries to conveyinformation about the judge himself, who was involved in corruption, and the criminal group regularly transferred "dirty" money to him.

The story is exciting, but we will not tell all the vicissitudes of the novel, so that it would be more interesting to read this fascinating novel after the New Year's feasts.



Have you read Asimov yet? Is it possible? One of the best science fiction writers of the millennium left behind an incredible number of amazing novels and stories. You can pick up any book by Isaac Asimov and you're guaranteed an incredible experience.

The pearl of the collection of an American author of Russian origin is a multi-volume work under the general title "Foundation". Incredibly twisted plot will give odds to any detective. Millions of light-years rush through the course of the novel like miles of flat highway. The action of the novel spans entire centuries and millennia, and after the next volume of "The Foundation" you will be tormented by only one question - what will happen to the heroes of the novel in the next volume?

On the contrary, Viktor Pelevin's books are not for everyone. And usually Pelevin writes about the present or the past, but his next work tells about the near future. In Pelevin's next book "iPhuck 10" the main character is Porfiry Petrovich. This is not a man, but a new invention of the era - a police-literary robot. He, like an ordinary investigator, interrogates witnesses, conducts investigations and solves murders, but instead of the usual reports, he writes literary novels, which are then published for a wide range of readers.

Robot's books become bestsellers, which, of course, pleases the police leadership. In the future, oddly enough, the Police Department operates on the principle of self-sufficiency. Of course, Porfiry Petrovich has many talents. As a police officer, he has the ability to infiltrate various technological devices, such as a navigator, a webcam, or, for example, an amazing invention of the future - the iPhuck 10 love accessory.

In the new novel by Viktor Pelevin, who has been recognized more than once as one of the best writers not only in Russia, but also in the world, you will find an incredible mixture of technology, philosophy and irony.


For those who have decided to take up psychology during the holidays - a wonderful publication by Michael Gazzaniga with the cryptic title "Who's in charge?". Can willpower control the mind and body? Or is it quite the opposite? Maybe willpower does not exist, and animal instincts control us?

Interested? Confused? Perhaps this is what the author wanted. However, he promises to answer all the burning questions of the brain by the end of the book.



For those who are interested in such a difficult science as astrophysics, Sergey Popov's amazing work “The Universe. A short guide to space and time. From the solar system to the most distant galaxies and from the Big Bang to the future of the universe.”

Don't be afraid of the tricky and long name. After all, astrophysics has long been of interest not only to real astrophysicists and scientists. Each of usever wondered how the Universe we live in, planets and stars works.

This book will tell the reader in simple terms about the various features of the universe, with all its mysterious secrets. Dark energy, gravitational waves, radiation and much more. But even the author admits that there are still many mysteries in this area.

Another scientific work, already of a biological orientation - “The Retrieving Link. Book one. Monkeys and all-all-all. Its author is Stanislav Dobryshevsky, candidate of biological sciences.

A biologist in a popular form tells the story of the development of mankind. Before you is an incredibly curious book about those creatures that once made a huge contribution to the development of the human species, long before we acquired legs and even a brain.

A boring reading after saying goodbye to Santa Claus is guaranteed.

So, a great selection for you, guaranteeing the most interesting and useful New Year holidays!

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