Graduates of the 9th grade after colleges in Vologda become specialists

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Graduates of the 9th grade after colleges in Vologda become specialists
Graduates of the 9th grade after colleges in Vologda become specialists

Vologda is a regional center with more than a hundred schools. Of course, the question arises of where to acquire professions for their graduates. Today we will consider the colleges of Vologda, after the 9th grade of the school picking up the baton of education of the still growing generation.

The youngest professional staff

The number of colleges in the city, as well as technical schools equivalent to them, provides a wide choice of speci alties with a large number of budget places. Most of them, after the 9th grade, accept students for the same speci alties as after the 11th grade, only they teach for a year and a half longer, giving them time to learn school subjects in full. These educational institutions cover a wide range of speci alties. We present in the table below the addresses of colleges in Vologda, after the 9th grade of the school, they are ready to accept children for education.




Governor's College of Crafts

St. Kozlenskaya, 117

Artists of folk crafts and painting on fabric, designer, lacemaker, seamstress

College of Service

St. Chernyshevsky, 53

Sales and catering managers, chefs and confectioners, catering technologists

Agro-Economic College

St. Gorky, 140

Accountant, tax and insurance specialist, veterinary assistant

College of Technology and Design

St. Herzen, 53

Designer, Sewing & Textile, Documentation, Social Work, Hospitality

Regional College of the Arts

St. Gorky, 105

Actor, entertainer, choir conductor, vocalist

Construction College

Embankment of the 6th Army, 199

Bricklayer, plasterer, carpenter, plumber, ventilation systems, welder, land surveyor

Cooperative College

St. Gorky, 93

Working with documents, accountant, tax administrator

Pedagogical College

St. Batyushkova, 2

Educator of preschool children, organizer of children's leisure, primary school teacher

Cooperative College

St. Gorky, 93

Social worker, pastry technologist, merchandiser, catering technologist, accountant, PC user and network administrator, hospitality, pastry chef

College of Communications and Information Technology

St. May Day, 42

Archivist, fire safety electrician, information security technician, database administrator

Technical school of railway transport

Tekhnikumovsky Lane, 4

Electrician, computer operator, railway technician, driver assistant, rolling stock repairman

Industrial and Transport College

St. Pugacheva, 40A

Locomotive driver, conductor

Interesting college events

college vologda after grade 9 addresses

Knowledge taught monotonously, not interrupted by rest, is acquired poorly. Therefore, teaching former students after grade 9, Vologda colleges offer age-appropriate entertainment:

  • contest of landscapes "Seasons" (teachers);
  • design competitions (communicators);
  • lessons of kindness (all colleges).

Technical base

Enough for today

Everyone speaks of the teaching staff with praise. And what about the financial support of colleges in Vologda? After 9 classesschooling needs to interest the audience. Restaurant managers claim that:

  • the offices have modern digital equipment;
  • laboratories available;
  • workshops are equipped with the latest technology;
  • libraries have all the necessary materials;
  • Gyms and fitness equipment available;
  • dormitories built.


In Vologda, the leadership tried to provide an opportunity for further education of children after grade 9 with a speci alty. Adults are ready to help the younger generation decide how to go through life.

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