As correct: birthday or birthday in Russian

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As correct: birthday or birthday in Russian
As correct: birthday or birthday in Russian

Sometimes a birthday is really a sad holiday. Especially if a person does not know how to write this phrase correctly. The mistake is made by those who do not know that the dependent word is placed in the genitive case. To find out how it is correct: birthday or birthday, you can refer to the spelling dictionary. If you remember a simple rule, spelling and pronunciation will be literate.

Noun spelling: agreement

how to spell birthday

Start with case agreement and the gender of the main noun. The day is mine, so the masculine gender is immediately noted. Never say "mine". The next question is "What?" The answer is the dependent word "birth". To understand how it is correct: birthday or birthday, the combination of two nouns can be declined. It looks like this:

  • Semyon celebrates his birthday.
  • How will weno birthday?
  • Priority to birthday.
  • I see you're celebrating your birthday?
  • Happy with my birthday.
  • Let's talk about a birthday.

As you can see from the presented list, the main word "day" is declined, and the word "birth" agreed with it remains unchanged. But it is always used in the genitive case.

The use of the phrase in oral and written speech

Case agreement of words

In colloquial speech, as well as in writing, it is important to know which is correct: birthday or birthday. When writing, the use of a capital letter is allowed. It acts as a stylistic highlight of a certain date. That is, the spelling of the words "Birthday" with a capital letter is considered the norm. It is important to evaluate value correctly.

  1. Mentioning someone's holiday in a sentence implies writing a small letter: "On Sunday we will go to Svetlana's friend's birthday."
  2. Congratulatory text is written with emphasis on the importance of the date, so the word "Day" is capitalized: "Happy birthday, dear friend!"

You should speak correctly about your own and someone else's birthday. It is unacceptable to use another case form, except for the genitive. Remember spelling rules. If difficulties arise, a spelling dictionary will come to the rescue.

Rules of the Russian language

A number of mistakes are made due to the fact that young people read little. There is a deformation of the elements of the language system. In modern Russian, they take into account howcorrect: birthday or birthday, the phrase is written with a capital or capital letter. Before writing, you should think about how to correctly format a sentence that uses words. They take into account what exactly they want to convey to the person they are addressing.

Everyone who wants to learn how to write "birthday" correctly needs to learn the norm and remember this phrase. Despite the fact that variations are allowed in verbal nouns, for example, in the word "jam, cooking", the spelling of the letter "and" in the word "birth" must be remembered.

The rules of the Russian language must be learned in order to correctly use stable phraseological units, coordinate parts of speech, and make sentences.

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