Ranking of Universities of the World and Russia

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Ranking of Universities of the World and Russia
Ranking of Universities of the World and Russia

The ranking of world universities among the best educational institutions includes universities from different countries of the world. They have proven themselves in the best way and are always on the first lines in the evaluation of any specialized publishing house. For those wishing to study abroad, this information may come in handy. The article also contains information about the leading educational institutions in Russia.

American leader

In the ranking of world universities, the oldest university in the United States of America always occupies the first position. We are talking about Harvard University, which is famous for its prestigious education in all countries of the world. It was here that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Theodore Roosevelt and other famous personalities were educated. The teachers of the educational institution gave knowledge to forty Nobel laureates, who contributed to the development of various areas. Among other features of the university, it is worth noting a huge donation fund and a large number of scholarships for students. This place has the largest library among all universities in the world.

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On the leading positions in the ranking of universities in the world is also another institution in the United States. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (abbreviation in English MIT) has earned its reputation for the quality of education. The mere fact that eighty Nobel Prize winners studied here speaks volumes. The educational institution was founded in 1861, and in 1916 it was moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since then, the university has specialized in research in the fields of exact sciences and engineering. Even the first president and founder of MIT, William Rogers, set a similar direction, and now the university is considered an advanced research center. Within the walls of this university, a wide variety of well-known organizations have appeared that specialize in the field of information technology. Scientific researchers from the institute are involved in government programs, for example, in the processes of space exploration or the conservation of natural atmospheric resources.

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The spirit of science through the centuries

In the ranking of world universities every year there are also several universities from the UK. One of them is known for the fact that training took place there as early as 1096 and since then it has earned the reputation of one of the most prestigious institutions. Its name is Oxford University, known to students all over the world. A quarter of the students within the walls of its ancient buildings are foreigners.

Among the teachers and graduates of the university in the history there were forty Nobel laureates. It was within its walls that twenty-fiveBritish prime ministers, six kings and two dozen managing directors of the world's leading companies. Such facts only complement the overall picture, because every year Oxford University is in the top five universities for its quality of education. Millions of tourists come to see the May holiday, which is held within the walls of the main building. It was here that Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland and the Harry Potter films were filmed.

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Second British Representative

The ranking of the best universities in the world also includes the second UK university by the date of foundation. The main rival of the educational institution in Oxford appeared in 1209 in Cambridge. Today, this university includes thirty-one colleges, and the oldest building called the School of Pythagoras was built back in 1200. In this place, ancient traditions are honored and followed, which is required of every student. Upon admission to the University of Cambridge, a person becomes part of its large and eventful history. The first-year students take the oath in Latin, which is heard by all the chancellors of the university. This ritual is called matriculation. Graduates also go through a special process of changing their old robes for new clothes that showcase their degree. Traditions are so deeply rooted here that in some colleges it is impossible even to enter the dining room without formal attire. Such conservatism is also manifested in education, but this does not prevent the University of Cambridge from being one of the leading universities.peace.

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Maximum learning

In the ranking of universities, according to leading analysts, the third representative from the United States is in the first place. Stanford University has a rich history and is currently located in the center of Silicon Valley, California. Its history began with the fact that the Stanford family in 1885 decides to give away their we alth for the benefit of other children and found a university. This decision was made because of Leland's son, who could not survive typhoid fever at the age of fifteen. Since then, the university has been a practical institution that provides only the best education. Students can apply all knowledge in practice, because there is a huge research center at the university. Here it is customary to look for solutions to local and global problems on the planet, and students are taught to be leaders and leaders in all areas of life.

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Russian leaders

The ranking of Russian universities also has its own leaders in terms of the quality of education. They do not reach the level of the first positions in the world, but they are able to provide students with a quality education. In the first place is the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Every year, more than thirty thousand people study in eighty areas. Second place goes to St. Petersburg State University. Ten thousand fewer students receive education here, but the quality of education is highlevel. Both universities were founded in the 18th century. The third place in the ranking of state universities is occupied by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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