The main determinants of human he alth

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The main determinants of human he alth
The main determinants of human he alth

Everyone wants good he alth, because it ensures the harmonious development of the individual, determines the ability to work and is the main human need.

And, unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the factors that determine he alth. People often shift responsibility to others without taking care of themselves. Leading a bad lifestyle, by the age of thirty they bring the body into a terrible state and only then think about medicine.

factors that determine he alth

But doctors are not omnipotent. We create our own destiny, and everything is in our hands. This is what we will cover in this article, consider the main factors that determine the he alth of the population.

Indicators of human he alth

First, let's talk about the components. Distinguish:

  • Somatic. Good he alth and vitality of the body.
  • Physical. Proper development and fitness of the body.
  • Psychic. He althy spirit and sober mind.
  • Sexy. The level and culture of sexuality and childbearingactivities.
  • Moral. Compliance with morality, rules, norms and foundations in society.

Apparently, the term "he alth" is cumulative. Each individual must have an idea about the human body, the work of organs and systems. Know the features of your psychological state, be able to adjust your physical and mental abilities.

Now let's talk about the criteria that match each component:

  • normal physical and genetic development;
  • no flaws, diseases or any abnormalities;
  • he althy mental and mental state;
  • possibility of he althy reproduction and normal sexual development;
  • correct behavior in society, observance of norms and principles, understanding oneself as a person and an individual.

We examined the components and criteria, and now let's talk about human he alth as a value, the factors that determine it.

factors determining human he alth

Activity is encouraged from an early age.


  1. Physical he alth.
  2. Mental.
  3. Moral.

A physically and spiritually he althy person lives in perfect harmony. He is happy, gets moral satisfaction from work, improves himself, and as a reward he gets longevity and youth.

Factors that determine human he alth

To be he althy and happy, you need to lead a he althy lifestyle. You need to desire this and strive for the task.

Whatways to achieve this goal:

  1. Maintain a certain level of physical activity.
  2. Be emotionally and psychologically resilient.
  3. Temper.
  4. Eat right.
  5. Follow the daily routine (work, rest).
  6. Forget about bad habits (alcohol, smoking, drugs).
  7. Observe moral standards in society.

It is very important to lay the foundation for a he althy lifestyle for a child from early childhood, so that later, in the process of building their future, the "walls" are strong and durable.

he alth as a value and factors determining it

Man is influenced by many things. Consider the main determinants of he alth:

  1. Heredity.
  2. A person's attitude to their own he alth and their lifestyle.
  3. Environmental conditions.
  4. Level of care.

These were key moments.

Let's talk more about each

Heredity plays a huge role. If relatives are he althy and strong, long-lived, the same fate is prepared for you. The main thing is to maintain your own he alth.

Lifestyle is what you are. That's right, because proper nutrition, jogging, exercising, cold showers, hardening - this is your he alth. You need to be able to deny yourself for good. Let's say friends invite you to a nightclub, and tomorrow you have a hard day at work, of course, it's better to stay at home, get enough sleep, than with a sore head, inhaling nicotine, plunge into work. It concernssmoking, alcohol and drug use. Must have head on shoulders.

There are factors that determine human he alth that do not depend on us. This is the environment. Gas emissions from transport, the use of goods and food from unscrupulous manufacturers, mutating old viruses (flu) and the emergence of new ones - all this negatively affects our he alth.

We also depend on the he althcare system that exists in the region in which we live. Medicine in many cases is paid, and not many have the means to get the help of a good, highly qualified specialist.

Thus, we have defined he alth as a value and considered the factors that determine it.

He alth is a diamond to be cut. Consider two basic rules for building a he althy lifestyle:

  • phasing;
  • regularity.

It is very important in any training process, whether it is the development of muscles, hardening, correcting posture, learning material or mastering a speci alty, do everything gradually.

And, of course, do not forget about the systematic, so as not to lose the result, experience and skills.

So, we have considered the main factors that determine he alth, and now let's talk about the processes that negatively affect a person's lifestyle.

he alth risk factors

What worsens he alth

Consider risk factors:

  • Bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs, substance abuse).
  • Bad food(imbalanced eating, overeating).
  • Depressive and stressful condition.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Sexual behavior that leads to STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

These are he alth risk factors. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Let's define the term

Risk factors are confirmed or approximately possible conditions of the internal and external environment of the human body, conducive to any disease. May not be the cause of the disease, but contribute to a greater likelihood of its occurrence, progression and adverse outcome.

What other risk factors are there

Here are some examples:

  • Biological. Bad heredity, birth defects.
  • Socio-economic.
  • Environmental phenomena (poor ecology, peculiarities of climatic and geographical conditions).
  • Violation of hygiene standards, their ignorance.
  • Non-observance of regimes (sleep, nutrition, work and rest, educational process).
  • Unfavorable climate in the family and in the team.
  • Poor physical activity and many others.

After examining examples of risk, it remains for a person to purposefully, persistently, conscientiously work to reduce them and strengthen he alth protection factors.

Let's take a closer look at physical he alth. Not only the ability to work, but also life in general depends on it.

Physical he alth. Factors that determine the physicalhe alth

This is a state of the human body, the characteristic features of which help to adapt to any circumstances, when all organs and systems function normally.

human he alth as a value factors determining it

It should be noted that maintaining a he althy lifestyle is not just about sports, adherence to regimens and proper nutrition. This is a certain attitude that a person adheres to. He is engaged in self-improvement, spiritual development, raises the cultural level. All together makes his life better.

Lifestyle is the first major factor. Prudent behavior of a person aimed at maintaining their he alth should include:

  • observance of the optimal mode of work, sleep and rest;
  • mandatory presence of daily physical activity, but within the normal range, no less, no more;
  • total rejection of bad habits;
  • only proper and balanced nutrition;
  • learning positive thinking.

It is necessary to understand that it is the factor of a he althy lifestyle that makes it possible to function normally, perform all social tasks, as well as labor, in the family and household sphere. It directly affects how long an individual will live.

50% of a person's physical he alth depends on his lifestyle, according to scientists. Let's start discussing the next question.


What factors determine human he alth in terms of the environment? ATdepending on its impact, there are three groups:

  1. Physical. These are air humidity, pressure, solar radiation, etc.
  2. Biological. They can be helpful and harmful. This includes viruses, fungi, plants and even pets, bacteria.
  3. Chemical. Any chemical elements and compounds that are found everywhere: in the soil, in the walls of buildings, in food, in clothing. As well as electronics that surround a person.

In total, all these factors account for about 20%, a rather big figure. Only 10% of the he alth status of the population is determined by the level of medical care, 20% by hereditary factors, and 50% is given to lifestyle.

main determinants of he alth

As you can see, there are a great many factors that determine the state of human he alth. Therefore, it is extremely important not only to eliminate the emerging symptoms of diseases and fight infections. All determinants of he alth need to be addressed.

It is extremely difficult for one person to change environmental conditions, but everyone can improve the microclimate of their homes, carefully choose food, use clean water, use less substances that negatively affect the environment.

And finally, let's talk about the factors that determine the level of he alth of the population.

Circumstances that shape the way people live

Let's consider the most important indicators that affect the level of he alth:

  1. Housing conditions.
  2. Habits that harm the body.
  3. Relationships between family members, microclimate, as well as the loss of family values, divorces, abortions.
  4. Committed crimes, robberies, murders and suicides.
  5. Change in lifestyle, say, moving from a village to a city.
  6. Clashes that occur due to belonging to different religions and traditions.

And now consider the impact on the he alth of the population of other phenomena.

physical he alth factors determining physical he alth

Negative impact of technogenic factors

These include:

  1. Decrease in working capacity of conditionally he althy people, as well as social activity.
  2. The occurrence of genetic disorders leading to the emergence of hereditary diseases that will fall on future generations.
  3. The increase in chronic and infectious diseases among the working population, due to which people do not go to work.
  4. Reducing the he alth of children living in contaminated areas.
  5. Weak immunity in most of the population.
  6. Growth in the number of cancer patients.
  7. Decrease in life expectancy for people living in areas with high levels of environmental pollution.

Thus, it is clear that there are many risk factors. This also includes industrial and transport emissions into the atmosphere, dirty runoff into groundwater, landfills, vapors and poisons of which then again enter the human environment with precipitation.

Negative he alth effects can be notedmedia population. News on television, periodicals, radio broadcasts, full of negative material, excite people. Thus, they cause depression and stress, break the conservative consciousness and are the most powerful factor that is harmful to he alth.

The quality of the water used is of paramount importance to mankind. It can serve as a source of the spread of terrible infectious diseases.

The soil also has a negative impact on people's he alth. Since it accumulates pollution from industrial enterprises coming from the atmosphere, a variety of pesticides, fertilizers. The causative agents of some helminthiases and numerous infectious diseases can also be preserved in it. This poses a great danger to people.

And even the biological components of the landscape are able to harm the population. These are poisonous plants and bites of poisonous animals. Carriers of infectious diseases (insects, animals) are also extremely dangerous.

One cannot fail to mention natural disasters that claim more than 50 thousand people annually. These are earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, avalanches, hurricanes.

And in conclusion of our article, we can conclude that many literate people do not adhere to the right lifestyle, relying on higher powers (maybe it will blow through).

Needs to rest. Sleep is very important, which protects our nervous system. A person who sleeps little gets up in the morning irritable, broken and angry, often with a headache. Each individual has their own standard.sleep, but on average it should last at least 8 hours.

Two hours before a night's rest, you should stop eating and mental activity. The room should be ventilated, you need to open the window at night. In no case should you sleep in outerwear. Do not hide with your head and bury your face in the pillow, this interferes with the respiratory process. Try to fall asleep at the same time, the body will get used to it and there will be no problems falling asleep.

But do not risk your he alth, life is one, and you need to live it qualitatively and happily so that your he althy descendants can enjoy this priceless gift.

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