He althy lifestyle factors: concept, definition, preservation and strengthening of human he alth

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He althy lifestyle factors: concept, definition, preservation and strengthening of human he alth
He althy lifestyle factors: concept, definition, preservation and strengthening of human he alth

Let's consider the factors influencing a he althy lifestyle (he althy lifestyle). More and more modern man is moving away from the natural environment. Using the achievements of technology, physics, chemistry, people stop moving actively. Numerous diseases develop due to mental imbalance, manifestations of anger, envy, and aggression. The transition to synthetic food, the inhalation of polluted air, significant overload at work, the use of poor-quality water - all these are factors affecting a he althy lifestyle.

Official medicine offers many innovative methods and means of treating diseases. But quite often, getting rid of one ailment, a person gets several new ones at once, which are associated with side effects from exposure to synthetic drugs.

Often this leads to the need for surgery, but numerous complications can also appear during the rehabilitation process.

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Interest in alternative medicine

Recently, she has been treated more and more often, and some patients have recommendations related to the use of "grandmother'sprescriptions”, give certified doctors. There is a certain logic in this, especially if it involves the use of positive he althy lifestyle factors. The human body is designed for constant physical activity. With the help of physical exercises, you can remain alert, mobile, and efficient until old age, that is, prolong life.

It is during movement that blood circulation is activated, muscles become elastic, metabolic processes improve, the figure looks toned.

When analyzing the factors of a he althy lifestyle, physical activity cannot be ignored. They help to improve the mental state of a person, improve mood, reduce aggressiveness and nervousness.

Scientists have discovered substances - endorphins that regulate appetite. The more they are in the body, the less the feeling of hunger manifests itself, which protects us from overeating.

With active movement, the amount of endorphins increases significantly, so constant exercise helps maintain optimal weight.

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What is the essence of a he althy lifestyle

In order to highlight the factors of a he althy lifestyle, you first need to find out the definition of the term itself. A he althy lifestyle is considered to be behavior that is based on the principles of a moral lifestyle. It involves the rational organization of pastime, activity, hardening, labor activity, which allows a person to maintain mental, moral, physical he alth until old age.

World Organizationhe alth care treats he alth as a state of spiritual, physical, social well-being, and not as the absence of disease and injury.

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Types of he alth

How to interpret a he althy lifestyle? Factors affecting he alth are associated with its three types: the physical, moral, mental state of a person.

Physical he alth is the state of the body, which is due to the normal functioning of all its systems and organs. If they work without failure, the whole organism develops normally.

Mental he alth is associated with the state of the brain, characterized by the quality and level of thinking, the development of memory and attention, strong-willed qualities, emotional stability.

He althy lifestyle risk factors that negatively affect the moral state are associated with the characteristics of society. Such he alth is characterized by moral principles, which are the basis of human social life. Its distinguishing characteristics:

  • conscious attitude to one's professional duties;
  • not accepting habits and mores that are contrary to the normal way of life.

Mentally he althy people have many universal qualities that turn them into true citizens of their country.

He alth Components

The factors that make up a he althy lifestyle are well known to everyone. These include a rational option for rest and work, the elimination of bad habits, personal hygiene, a full-fledged motor regime, rational nutrition, hardening.

Basiche althy lifestyle factors are associated with fruitful work. Human he alth is influenced by social and biological factors.

How can a he althy lifestyle be characterized? He alth factors are inextricably linked with the development of an algorithm for the functioning of the body. This makes it possible to create optimal conditions for rest and work, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Rational nutrition

The factors of a he althy lifestyle include adherence to the basics of rational nutrition. There are two laws, in violation of which serious violations in the functioning of the body are possible.

The first assumes a balance between the consumed and received energy. In the case when much more energy is supplied than is consumed, a person receives more food than he needs for excellent he alth and development, excess weight gain occurs. Currently, more than a third of the entire population of our country suffers from overweight. The reason is overeating, which leads to coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, and many other ailments.

The second law assumes that the chemical composition of the nutritious diet corresponds to the physiological needs of the body in substances. Nutrition should be varied, contain fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, dietary fiber, and mineral compounds.

Many of these compounds are indispensable, since they are not formed in the body itself, but ingested with food. AtIn the absence of one of them, for example, vitamin C, serious diseases develop, and a fatal outcome is possible. B vitamins are obtained from wholemeal bread, while vitamin A is obtained from fish oil, liver, and dairy products.

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Eradication of bad habits

Factors of a he althy lifestyle (he althy lifestyle) are moderate nutrition, emotional well-being, he althy skills and habits, environmental conditions, hardening, hygiene, spiritual well-being.

Considering the main factors in the formation of a he althy lifestyle, we will pay attention to the elimination of bad habits: smoking, drugs, alcohol. It is they who cause many diseases, lead to a significant reduction in life expectancy, decrease in working capacity, and negatively affect the he alth of offspring.

Important information

The state of the body is negatively affected by the use of alcohol. At present, this bad habit has acquired the scale of a natural disaster. The whole society suffers from it, including the younger generation.

Alcohol negatively affects the developing children's body, leads to its slow destruction. As a result of the research, it was found that when it enters the body, alcohol is carried through the blood to the organs, resulting in their destruction and degradation. This results in serious damage to society. Poisoning and death are possible if substandard products are used.

Tobacco smoking

Tobacco smoke contains about 30poisonous chemical compounds, including hydrocyanic acid, nicotine, resinous substances, ammonia. The results of statistical studies indicate that people who suffer from this bad habit are much more likely to experience angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stomach ulcers.

Among lung cancer patients, the majority are heavy smokers. Nicotine is one of the strongest nerve poisons.

Experiments conducted on animals indicate that in small doses nicotine leads to excitation of nerve cells, increased heart rate and respiration, heart rhythm disturbances, vomiting, and nausea. At higher doses, it first causes inhibition, then paralyzes the work of the central nervous system, including the autonomic one. With a disorder of the nervous system, work capacity is significantly reduced, memory is weakened, hand trembling appears.

Nicotine acts on the endocrine glands, such as the adrenal glands, which release the hormone adrenaline into the blood. It leads to vasospasm, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate. It brings particular harm to the fragile circulatory and nervous systems of adolescents.


These include all chemical compounds that affect the functioning of a living organism. Drug addiction is a chronic disease that is associated with the abuse of psychotropic drugs (drugs or non-drugs). Nowadays, the number of children and adolescents who use drugs is growing all over the world. It's hard to get out of this addiction.since there is a “breakdown”, in which the patient feels physical suffering when refusing to use intoxicants. Drug abuse has existed since ancient times but has now become a real problem. Adolescents who fall under the influence of intoxicating substances irretrievably ruin their he alth and cease to be useful to society.


High doses can cause serious damage to organic tissues. Small concentrations of radiation lead to the appearance of cancerous tumors, the development of genetic defects that will be passed on to descendants. The maximum dose of radiation a person receives from natural sources of radiation. Nuclear energy is much less dangerous than x-rays in medicine. Natural radiation occurs during the operation of air transport, burning a large amount of fuel. That is why it is so important to use alternative energy sources to reduce the level of natural radiation.

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Physical Education

Anonymous sociological surveys conducted among the adult population of our country indicate that only 10-15 percent are systematically engaged in physical exercises. But it is constant physical activity that is an indispensable condition for a he althy lifestyle. Hippocrates said that walking, gymnastics, simple exercises should be an integral part of the everyday life of every person who dreams of a full life. Physical activity improves blood circulationthe work of internal organs is stimulated, mental activity is increased, metabolic processes are stimulated. Many diseases of our time are caused precisely by low physical activity (hypokinesia). There are many different recommendations and effective programs aimed at increasing physical activity, so everyone can make their choice, regardless of age and body weight.

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Recommendations for he althy lifestyle fans

Specialists offer some useful tips, following which will prolong youth and significantly improve your he alth:

  • motor activity should be included in all areas of your activity;
  • prevention of physical inactivity should be carried out throughout life;
  • it is necessary to gradually increase physical activity;
  • when performing physical exercises, it is desirable to use musical accompaniment, it is recommended to combine them with hardening.


It is an indispensable element of a he althy lifestyle, as well as an effective means of preventing colds. With its proper implementation, it is possible to achieve normalization of the activity of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, to stabilize the work of the central nervous system. Hardening is an effective way to combat the hypersensitivity of some people to climate and weather events.

Final information

A he althy lifestyle involves the implementation of a number of activities,aimed at achieving a person's optimal mental, physical, emotional state. Refusal of bad habits, proper nutrition, exercise, communication with nature are the main components of prolonging youth and activity for a modern person.

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