Medical Odessa University: tuition fees, faculties, passing score and reviews

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Medical Odessa University: tuition fees, faculties, passing score and reviews
Medical Odessa University: tuition fees, faculties, passing score and reviews

One of the oldest medical universities in the south of Ukraine is Odessa Medical University. Opened in 1900 just as a faculty, today it has the most modern material and technical base for medical diagnostic, educational and scientific work. New achievements of medical science are constantly being introduced into the educational process and practice, including endoscopic, transplant, laparoscopic technologies and others.

History of the University

Odessa Medical University

Odessa Medical University traces its history back to the opening of the faculty of the same name on the basis of Novorossiysk University. One of the supporters of its founding was Nikolai Pirogov, a famous surgeon, scientist and naturalist. After the reorganization in 1920, the faculty grew into a medical academy, two years later renamedmedical institute. The university acquired the status of a university in 1994. It was then that he received the name Odessa State Medical University. The innovations did not end there.

The university has something to be proud of for its more than a hundred-year history of existence. International recognition, the presence of world-class specialists, participation in the most important state programs, prospects for further development - all this became the basis for the signing of the Decree of the President of Ukraine on awarding the educational institution the status of national in August 2010. The university was renamed the Odessa National Medical University.

Learning process

The educational process is adapted to the Bologna system and includes a two-phase education. It implies an independent system of expert assessment of students' knowledge and skills, testing, a credit-module system, distance learning and student mobility.

Odessa Medical University faculties

The material and technical base of the educational institution includes 6 faculties, 62 departments, 3 research institutes, 3 university clinics and 27 regional medical and diagnostic centers.

Training is carried out by 840 teachers. The basis of the scientific and teaching staff of the university are 2 academicians, 47 members of specialized scientific councils, 3 honored researchers, 4 corresponding members of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 21 honored workers of science and technology, 19 honored doctors of Ukraine, 7 laureates of prestigious state and international awards.

About 6000 students study at the faculties of the universitystudents, among them more than 1000 - from 57 foreign countries. Teaching is conducted in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. The administration of the university constantly invites leading experts of world medicine from foreign countries for educational work, holding open lectures. The university also offers postgraduate education.

Odesa Medical University is considered the leading educational medical institution in Ukraine, which constantly introduces the latest technologies in educational, scientific and medical business.

Head of the university since 1994 is the famous academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences Valery Zaporozhan, who has a number of other academic titles and degrees.

University departments

Odessa State Medical University

Training of specialists at the level of world standards, development of scientific research, improvement of the he alth care system of the region is carried out thanks to the excellent infrastructure and material and technical base that Odessa Medical University has. The faculties on the basis of the university train future medical workers at the stages of undergraduate and postgraduate education (in internship, master's). This is:

  • Medical faculties (General Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Pediatrics).
  • Dental.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • International.
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Education.
  • Medical College.

Scientific and pedagogical schools, which have gained worldwide fame, continue to operate successfully at the university. This isobstetric-gynecological, anesthesiology, neurological, pediatric, biochemical, ophthalmological, immunological, sanitary-hygienic, radiological, therapeutic, pharmacological, physiological, surgical scientific schools. At the origins of the creation of the latter were such luminaries of surgery of the 19th century as Pirogov M.I. and Sklifosovsky M.V.

Medical faculties

Initially, the medical faculty was divided into medical and pediatric. Now a number of broader areas are highlighted, which are offered by the Odessa National Medical University. Faculties of Medicine provide training in the following speci alties:

  • "Medicine",
  • "Medical and preventive work"
  • "Pediatrics".

These faculties provide full-time education, the term of which is 6 years. Students are admitted on a state (budgetary) and contract basis. After mastering the developed program, the graduate is awarded the qualification "doctor", his professional activity is a trainee doctor, intern doctor.

Dental Faculty

Odessa Medical University has created an excellent clinical base, including its own university dental clinics, equipped with modern equipment, to train general dentists.

In the theoretical and clinical departments during the І and ІІ courses, students receive basic knowledge. In the next three courses, they receive practical knowledge. Total DentalThe faculty has 8 departments, 6 of which are specialized. These are the departments of therapeutic dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, orthopedic dentistry.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Odessa Medical University Tuition fees

At this faculty, training is carried out both permanently and in absentia. Practical training is carried out in botanical gardens, a multidisciplinary university clinic, a training and production pharmacy, and at chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises in the Odessa region.

After the internship, graduates are offered positions such as the head of a pharmacy or its department; pharmacist, senior pharmacist; specialist in the production of cosmetics and medicines; pharmaceutical marketing manager.

International faculty

In the 60s, significant changes took place in the system of teaching foreign citizens developed at the university. A dean's office for work with students from foreign countries and a department of the Russian language were created. Since 1990, the international faculty has been training graduates from other countries in internship, master's, postgraduate studies, advanced training courses are open. Later, a preparatory department and language courses (Russian and Ukrainian) appeared, after the successful completion of which applicants receive a state certificate and are enrolled in the first year of any of the faculties offered by Odessa Medical University or another educational institution in the country.

Odessa National Medical University faculties

Since 1996, the disciplines have been taught in English and French.

Medical College

The college was created as a structural subdivision of the university. There is training at 2 departments - dental and nursing. The first trains junior specialists in the direction of "Orthopedic Dentistry". The 2-year full-time training program is designed for high school graduates.

Applicants with secondary specialized education are admitted to the nursing department. An evening form of study is offered for a period of 3 years. Graduates receive a bachelor's degree upon graduation.

In addition, the university has a faculty of postgraduate education.

Useful information

On the official website of the university you can always get all the relevant information about admission to the Odessa Medical University. You can find out the passing score by looking at the tables with the list of competitive subjects in the "Admission Rules" section. The site also contains all information about the deadlines for admission, faculties, speci alties.

Odessa Medical University reviews

For all levels of training, regardless of funding sources, a competitive basis for admission to Odessa Medical University has been established. The cost of training (one year) for each of the areas of training is usually indicated in the appendix to the admission rules. For the 2014-15 academic year, it is, depending on the speci alty, UAH 5,800-18,000 (approximately 16,120- 50,000 rubles) for citizens of Ukraine and 14,387 - 23,979 hryvnias (40,000 - 67,000 rubles) for foreign citizens. Advice on the payment procedure or other issues can be obtained by filling out an information request and sending it to the e-mail or postal address of the university, which are listed on its official website.


Medical Odessa University is famous for its unique developments. In recent years, research institutes of regenerative and reconstructive biomedicine, valeology, clinical biophysics and others have been created on its basis. Within the framework of the state project, the first multidisciplinary university clinic in Ukraine, a family medicine clinic, and a dental clinic were opened. Joint activities with local he alth authorities of medical and diagnostic centers for eye microsurgery, cardiorheumatology, pediatric cardiology, osteosynthesis, laser surgery, toxicology and others are successful.

Odessa University has its own publishing and printing complex, where scientific journals are published:

  • Odessa Medical Journal.
  • Integrative Anthropology.
  • “Achievements in Biology and Medicine.”
  • Regenerative and Reconstructive Biomedicine.
  • Medical Student Library Study Guides.

Scientific works of university scientists are published here in Ukrainian, English, Russian, French.

International cooperation

The main focus of the university's international cooperation is the establishment andfurther development of scientific and educational agreements with universities and organizations of other countries. Its main content is joint scientific seminars, conferences, research, international meetings, exhibitions, training of students according to jointly developed educational programs. Foreign professors are constantly invited to the university to give lectures.

Cooperation agreements signed with universities in Poland, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, USA, India, Iran, Vietnam.

Odessa National Medical University

The prestige of the university, special programs for foreign students, prestigious speci alties, practice in university medical and diagnostic centers - all this is included in the main number of criteria according to which Odessa Medical University is chosen. Reviews about the educational institution are mostly positive, but sometimes there are complaints about the "unbearable complexity of learning", difficulties in the distribution of time. An analysis of data from employers makes it possible to judge the high level of training of graduates, and words of gratitude to university clinics only help to increase the rating of the educational institution.

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