Model school "Dolce Vita": reviews, addresses, pros and cons

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Model school "Dolce Vita": reviews, addresses, pros and cons
Model school "Dolce Vita": reviews, addresses, pros and cons

As in any profession, in the modeling business it is extremely important to get a specialized education. To do this, most potential models are sent to courses or to a specialized educational institution. For example, the Dolce Vita model school is such an organization. We will consider reviews about this educational institution in this article.

Participation in castings

School summary

"Dolce Vita" is a whole network of professional educational institutions of acting and modeling orientation. The founder of the network of model schools is Laura Urusova. The first representative office of this organization, which is part of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was opened in St. Petersburg.

Photo of the founder of the school

In 2015, several modeling agencies opened in Novosibirsk, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod. And exactly one year later, another representative office of the organization was opened, called Dolce Vita Models.

What is the main direction of the network?

The Dolce Vita Modeling School in Moscow, as well as the company's representative offices in other cities, calls the disclosure of the inner beauty of its students the basis of its work.

Studying at the company's schools, students develop self-confidence, remove internal clamps and complexes, find the strength to express emotions with body plasticity and facial expressions.

In this modeling agency, they learn to express their own individuality. This is achieved through the professionalism and individual approach of teachers, as well as the organization of competitions, auditions, master classes.

fashion show for kids

What are the prospects for learning?

After graduating from the Dolce Vita modeling school in Moscow, graduates can work in this industry. For example, the network of companies actively cooperates with various designers, fashion houses, stylists and photographers, advertising agencies, journalists, TV stars, film studios.

According to many parents of graduates, after graduation from school, their children regularly participated in the filming of television commercials. They starred in music videos, TV series, feature films. They were invited for filming and photo shoots by fashion publications. Some received interesting offers from foreign designers and successfully went abroad.

In addition, graduates are issued certificates confirming the training completed at the school. And teachers continue to work with the brightest girls even after they graduate. They invite them to various auditions, arrangephoto sessions, master classes.


How long is the training?

If you pay attention to the numerous reviews about the Dolce Vita model school, you can get accurate information about the terms of training. The same information is available on the official website of the company. Thus, the duration of the basic course “Model. Fashion model" is six months and involves only one lesson per week. There is also an accelerated version of the three-month training. It involves two classes per week.

School students

How old do you have to be to study?

Training at the model school "Dolce Vita" are children from 4 years old. Adults can also come here. There are no age restrictions.

What are the disciplines in the curriculum?

According to many parents, the Dolce Vita Modeling School teaches acting, professional catwalk and photo posing, make-up and style skills. Lessons are held on choreography, food culture, psychology.

Acting master classes are held by honored and people's artists. For example, Andrey Lebedev, Sergey Belov and Sergey Selin.

Acting class

How can one become a school student?

According to some parents in their reviews of the Dolce Vita model school, students are enrolled after a successfully passed casting. To sign up for it, you must fill out a short form on the site.

Addresses of schools in Moscow andSt. Petersburg

The main office in Moscow is located on Ilyinka street, 4. The representative office is located in the Gostiny Dvor building, on the fourth floor. You can get to it if you get off at the station "Revolution Square". The Moscow school is located on Malaya Semonovskaya street, 30, building 8, 3rd floor.

The organization's central office in St. Petersburg is located on 2nd Sovetskaya Street, 12. The representative office is located near the Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station. The company's school is located at 17 Vladimirsky Prospekt, 1st-4th floor. To enter the building, you must pass under the arch. This representative office is located near the Dostoevskaya and Vladimirskaya metro stations.

Holding vibrant city events

Representatives of the school lead an active lifestyle. They regularly participate in various events, including urban and international ones. For example, every year the company holds a bright show. According to the stories of parents, this is a kind of children's fashion week. This event is called Bambino Fashion week.

During this fashion week, students of the school showcase outfits from famous designers. The show is attended by experts in the field of style, producers, promoters. The most talented kids during the show can impress the sponsors. As a result, there is a chance that they will be invited to a casting, filming a series or a movie, a music video. Some children participate in commercials after the show.

Shooting for a magazine

Can everyone go to school?

According to the representatives of the school themselves,Anyone can take the course. At the same time, their appearance does not affect success in training and further employment. At least that's what the employees of the Dolce Vita model school say. Reviews of many students do not agree with these promises at all. In their opinion, all this is a splurge and the traditional "money pumping".

How are students selected?

At the moment, there are a lot of reviews about the Dolce Vita model school in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. For example, residents of St. Petersburg tell how they got to this school.

Most often, acquaintance with an educational institution happens by chance. Children are allegedly noticed by the casting director of the company or invited by the representative of the school, who often finds himself in crowded places.

The child is interested. Parents too. At the second stage, they are invited to pass the casting. It is quite obvious that this is not difficult to do. Further, the representative of the school informs the happy parents that their children have passed the casting and have actually been enrolled as students.

Then he talks about the benefits of training in their organization, the prospects and the cost. The Dolce Vita Modeling School, according to a company representative, will be an excellent platform and a start in the development of a child's future career.

How often it happens, if parents have money, they melt away from the possible prospects of the child and happily sign an agreement on enrolling their child in the stream.

What do you think of the school?

Reviews are very different. For example, some parents angrily scoldrepresentatives of the organization. They tell how easy it is for a company representative to be credible.

He promises children auditions and a dizzying career. At the same time, the appearance of the child himself does not play a special role. According to company representatives, they can make a star out of anyone. More often than not, however, these promises turn out to be just words. Parents pay tuition, but their children are rarely invited to auditions. Moreover, some parents claim that most castings are paid.

Of course, there are also positive reviews from parents who are happy with everything. They talk about how children enjoy learning and how much they get from teachers. Many praise the school, telling how satisfied they are with the quality of the material taught and how happy they are with the number of successfully passed auditions, etc.

Dolce Vita Model School: pros and cons

If you analyze most of the reviews, you can identify the following advantages of the company:

  1. The organization has representative offices in almost all major cities of Russia.
  2. School branches are located within the traffic intersection. Getting to them is easy.
  3. At the end of training, a certificate and a gift photo poster are issued.
  4. Acting master classes are conducted by professional and distinguished actors.
  5. The list of subjects taught includes personality psychology, self-development.
  6. Good faculty.
  7. In the process of learning, children become more sociable, stop being shy, easily make new friends.
  8. Parents are allowed to attend their children's open lessons.
  9. Information about current castings is posted on the official website of the company.

Despite a number of advantages, this school also has certain disadvantages. For example, many parents are unhappy with the high cost of education. Others do not like the small number of hours in core disciplines. They propose to revise them and, if possible, increase them. Still others talk about the presence of paid castings. Fourth are dissatisfied with the small number of castings in which their child participates. They believe that there should be more of them for the development of the child's career.

In a word, the school is a very real organization. It has a good teaching staff. According to many parents, they approach learning very responsibly, give children real knowledge. Would you send your child here?

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