Puzzle English program: reviews, description, program and results

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Puzzle English program: reviews, description, program and results
Puzzle English program: reviews, description, program and results

Online English language courses appear almost daily. Many promise to teach speaking in the shortest possible time. Some of the material is presented incomprehensibly and therefore boring. In a separate row from such resources, it is worth putting "Puzzle English", learning English with it is interesting and therefore effective. Well, how quickly you learn a language is up to you!

puzzle english reviews

What is "Puzzle Inlish"?

In order for the user to make friends with English from the first clicks of the mouse, "Puzzle English", reviews of the services of which can be found in the descriptions of the site, offers tasks for every taste and age.

  • TV series. Fans of watching the next episode of their favorite soap opera will definitely not pass by this opportunity. Why? Because you can watch a series with English sub titles, translate unknown words into your personal dictionary, watch a video explanation and take a test.

  • Games. This method is suitable for those who want to test their knowledge for general development ("Duel of the Minds"), want to train the perception of words by ear ("Luggage of words") orlearn how to build phrases ("Phrase Master"). You can also play the role of a translator in "Translator of the Day" or "Danetka", where you need to choose between "yes" and "no" in the translation of the word.

  • Video Dictionary will help to replenish the dictionary with the help of cartoons and films and repeat them periodically. Well, before that, it's a good idea to check your vocabulary, which is available without registration and for free on "Puzzle English". Reviews show that the test gives the most complete description of the vocabulary.

  • Virtual Teacher is ideal for those who are stuck at the school level but want to move on. There are 5 levels from basic to advanced. The site provides a description of each level, making it easy to choose the right one.

  • Assignments are divided into video puzzles, audio puzzles and grammar.

Puzzle English reviews show that it is one of the friendliest sites for learning a foreign language due to its wide range of features.

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How to practice "Puzzle English"?

The resource has not only a web interface, but also a number of mobile applications under the brand name "Puzzle English". Reviews from Play Market and App Store call them one of the best programs for learning English.

Puzzle English will improve your listening skills with video puzzles, personal vocabulary and word practice.

Duelhelps to increase vocabulary and fight in an intellectual battle with real scholars.

Series - in the program, as well as in the web version, there are double sub titles, an explanation of complex phrases. And regular replenishment of the resource base with serials and new series makes viewing not only exciting, but also useful.

The teacher is suitable for beginners (basic and elementary levels) and those who want to systematize knowledge (intermediate level). It is planned to create a program for Windows OS. A useful feature in the program is forward caching, thanks to which you can study without the Internet, and the material passed and the results are later synchronized with your account when the connection is restored.

puzzle english reviews

Who is Harry Teacher?

Harry Teacher is the main character in the program "Teacher Puzzle English". Reviews say that it is he who makes the program fun thanks to his foreign accent and an interesting role as a guide in the "Teacher Puzzle English" application. The resource itself called the teaching method the Ticher method, which is a direct sequence of lessons from simple to complex.

Each lesson is a clear explanation of grammar, backed up by lots of practice. At the end of the lesson, the user takes a test, and every 10-15 lessons - an exam. Only upon successful completion can you move on to the next level. At the moment, 3 levels are available, but the creators plan to create another 1 level - "Advanced". What will the user learn at the available levels?

Basic is the alphabet,pronunciation and some basic words.

Initial is family, hobbies, personal and business correspondence.

Medium is about reviewing grammar and learning difficult topics such as "Career and education", "Job change".

English Puzzle reviews detail the benefits of the app for English learners, among which efficiency ranks high.

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Can children play Puzzle English?

For children 6-8 years old, there is a children's course "Puzzle English" on the resource. Reviews about him are the most encouraging. Why?

He will perfectly prepare the child for the school English course.

88 lessons with colorful tasks will make the learning process interesting, and the exam after each topic will not leave gaps in knowledge.

With daily classes with the condition of studying one lesson a day, you can complete the course in less than 3-4 months.

What does the child learn during this time? The alphabet, the names of the objects around it, will learn to talk about itself and ask questions, will be able to use elementary grammar in speech.

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What is the difference between free and paid versions?

Resource shareware. This means that the site provides:

  • free content - series, 25 phrases and 30 words in the dictionary;

  • paid content does not limit the user in anything and offers to use the resource in full, pricequestion - 1190 rubles for 1 year.

Is it worth paying for "Academy" and programs "Puzzle English"? Reviews on the site indicate that this is the best price, as it is less than 1 private lesson with a tutor. But access can be purchased cheaper, and in some cases completely free: the resource has a "Drum of Fortune" promotion, according to which you can send a course to a friend, and some sites for advertising purposes offer to receive a course by leaving your email address in the top ten.

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Who created "Puzzle English"?

Alexander Antonov - creator of the "Puzzle English" resource. He is the author of many successful Internet projects, and he was prompted to create this not only by the relevance of the English language, but also by the difficulties that he experienced while studying. He notes that he deliberately refused to create a multilingual resource, since people who speak different languages ​​have different problems when learning. The project was launched in 2014. The staff initially consisted of 5 people, but was later increased. The development and launch of the project were carried out at the own expense of A. Antonov, but later investors became interested in the project. Today it exists thanks to Genezis Technology Capital and SOLventures funds.

About 300,000 people visit the site every month, of which about 20,000 return and become regular users. To increase the efficiency of the resource, the staff is working on creating a line of programs. Onefrom projects - an application for integrating a resource with digital television Smart TV.

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