Women in the Great Patriotic War: influence and role, interesting facts

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Women in the Great Patriotic War: influence and role, interesting facts
Women in the Great Patriotic War: influence and role, interesting facts

In June 1941, without warning of the war, fascist troops entered the territory of our Motherland. The bloody war claimed millions of lives. Countless orphans, destitute people. Death and destruction are everywhere. On May 9, 1945, we won. The war was won at the cost of the lives of great men. Women and men fought side by side, without thinking about their true destiny. The goal was the same for all - victory at any cost. Do not allow the enemy to enslave the country, the Motherland. This is a great victory.

Women at the front

According to official statistics, about 490,000 women were drafted into the war. They fought on a par with men, received honorary awards, died for their homeland, and persecuted the Nazis to their last breath. Who are these great women? Mothers, wives, thanks to whom we now live under a peaceful sky, breathe free air. In total, 3 air regiments were formed - 46, 125, 586. Women pilots of the Great Patriotic War instilled fear in the hearts of the Germans. Women's Company of Sailors, Volunteer Rifle Brigade, Women Snipers, Women's Rifle Regiment. It's justofficial data, and how many women were in the rear in the Great Patriotic War. Underground fighters, at the cost of their lives, forged victory behind enemy lines. Women scouts, partisans, nurses. We will talk about the great heroes of the Patriotic War - women who made an unbearable contribution to the victory over fascism.

"Night witches" awarded and terrifying German occupiers: Litvyak, Raskova, Budanova

Pilots received the most awards during the war. Fearless fragile girls went to ram, fought in the air, participated in night bombardments. For their courage, they received the nickname "night witches". Experienced German aces were afraid of a witch raid. On U-2 plywood biplanes, they raided German squadrons. Seven out of a little over thirty female pilots were awarded the Order of the Commander of the highest rank posthumously.

The most famous "witches" who made more than one sortie, on whose account more than a dozen downed fascist aircraft:

Budanova Ekaterina. By the rank of Guards senior lieutenant, she was a commander, served in the fighter regiments. On account of the fragile girl 266 sorties. Budanova personally shot down about 6 fascist planes and 5 more with her comrades. Katya did not sleep or eat, the plane went on combat missions around the clock. Budanova avenged the death of her family. Experienced aces were amazed at the courage, endurance and self-control of a fragile girl who looked like a guy. In the biography of the great pilot there are such feats - one against 12 enemy aircraft. And this is not the last feat of a woman during the Great Patriotic War.Once, returning from a combat mission, Budanova saw a trio of Me-109s. There was no way to warn her squadron, the girl entered into an unequal battle, despite the fact that there was no longer any fuel in the tanks, the ammunition ran out. Having shot the last cartridges, Budanova starved out the Nazis. Their nerves simply could not stand it, they believed that the girl was attacking them. Budanova bluffed at her own risk, the ammunition ran out. The nerves of the enemy passed, the bombs were dropped without reaching a specific target. In 1943 Budanova made her last flight. In an unequal battle, she was injured, but managed to land the plane on her territory. The landing gear touched the ground, Katya breathed her last. It was her 11th victory, the girl was only 26 years old. The title of Hero of the Russian Federation was awarded only in 1993

women heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Lydia Litvyak is a pilot of a fighter regiment, on whose account there is more than one German soul. Litvyak made more than 150 sorties, she accounted for 6 enemy aircraft. In one of the planes was a colonel of an elite squadron. The German ace did not believe that he was hit by a young girl. The most fierce battles on account of Litvyak - near Stalingrad. 89 sorties and 7 downed aircraft. There were always wild flowers in the Litvyak's cockpit, and the plane has a picture of a white lily. For this, she received the nickname "White Lily of Stalingrad". Litvyak died near Donbass. Having made three sorties, she never returned from the last one. The remains were discovered in 1969 and reburied in a mass grave. prettyThe girl was only 21 years old. In 1990 she received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union

women snipers of the Great Patriotic War
  • Evgenia Rudneva. On account of her 645 night sorties. Destroyed railway crossings, enemy equipment, manpower. In 1944, she did not return from a combat mission.
  • Marina Raskova - famous pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, founder and commander of the women's aviation regiment. Died in a plane crash.
  • Ekaterina Zelenko is the first and only woman to carry out an aerial ramming. During reconnaissance sorties, Soviet aircraft were attacked by Me-109s. Zelenko shot down one plane, and on the second she went to ram. A small planet in the solar system was named after this girl.

Female pilots were the wings of victory. They carried her on their fragile shoulders. Fighting bravely under the skies, sometimes sacrificing their own lives.

The "silent war" of strong women

Women underground, partisans, scouts waged their quiet war. They made their way into the camp of the enemy, staged sabotage. Many were awarded the Order of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Almost all are posthumous. Great feats were accomplished by such girls as Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Zina Portnova, Lyubov Shevtsova, Ulyana Gromova, Matryona Volskaya, Vera Voloshina. At the cost of their own lives, not surrendering under torture, they forged victory, committed sabotage.

Matryona Volskaya, on the orders of the commander of the partisan movement, led 3,000 children across the front line. Hungry, exhausted, but alive thanks to the teacher MatryonaVolskoy.

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya - the very first woman Hero of the Great Patriotic War. The girl was a saboteur, an underground partisan. They caught her on a combat mission, a sabotage was being prepared. The girl was tortured for a long time, trying to find out any information. But she steadfastly endured all the torment. The scout was hanged in front of the locals. Zoya's last words were addressed to the people: "Fight, don't be afraid, beat the damned fascists, for the Motherland, for life, for children."

the first woman hero of the Great Patriotic War

Voloshina Vera served in the same reconnaissance unit with Kosmodemyanskaya. On one of the tasks, Vera's detachment came under fire, and the wounded girl was taken prisoner. She was tortured all night, but Voloshina was silent, in the morning she was hanged. She was only 22 years old, she dreamed of a wedding and children, but she never had a chance to wear a white dress.

Zina Portnova - the youngest underground worker during the war years. From the age of 15, the girl joined the ranks of the partisan movement. On the territory occupied by the Germans in Vitebsk, the underground organized sabotage against the Nazis. Set fire to flax, destruction of ammunition. Young Portnova killed 100 Germans by poisoning them in the canteen. The girl managed to divert suspicion from herself by tasting the poisoned food. The grandmother managed to pump out the brave granddaughter. Soon she leaves for a partisan detachment and from there begins to conduct her underground sabotage activities. But there is a traitor in the ranks of the partisans, and the girl, like other members of the underground movement, is arrested. After prolonged and painful torture, Zina Portnova was shot. girlwas 17 years old, she was led to the execution blind and completely gray-haired.

The quiet war of strong women during the Great Patriotic War almost always ended in one outcome - death. Until their last breath, they fought the enemy, destroying it slowly, actively operating underground.

Faithful companions on the battlefield - nurses

Medicine women have always been at the forefront. They carried out the wounded under shelling and bombing. Many received the title of Heroes of the Soviet Union posthumously.

For example, medical instructor of the 355th battalion, sailor Maria Tsukanova. A female volunteer saved the lives of 52 sailors. Tsukanova died in 1945.

Another heroine of the Patriotic War - Zinaida Shipanova. Having forged documents and secretly fled to the front, she saved the lives of more than one hundred wounded. She pulled the soldiers out from under the fire, bandaged the wounds. It calmed the downhearted warriors psychologically. The main feat of a woman in the Great Patriotic War took place in 1944 in Romania. In the early morning, she was the first to notice the Nazis creeping up through the cornfield. Zina informed the commander. The battalion commander ordered the fighters to go into battle, but the tired soldiers were confused and were in no hurry to join the fight. Then the young girl rushed to the aid of her commander, not understanding the road, she rushed to the attack. All life flashed before my eyes, and then, inspired by her courage, the fighters rushed to the Nazis. The nurse Shipanova more than once inspired and gathered the soldiers. She didn’t make it to Berlin, she ended up in the hospital with a shrapnel wound and concussion.

Women doctors, like guardian angels, protected, treated,cheered, as if covering the fighters with their wings of mercy.

Female infantrymen are the workhorses of war

Footmen have always been considered the workhorses of war. It is they who begin and end each battle, carry all its hardships on their shoulders. Women were here too. They walked side by side with men, mastering hand weapons. The courage of such infantrymen can be envied. Among the women of the infantry there are 6 Heroes of the Soviet Union, five received the title posthumously.

Machine gunner Manshuk Mametova became the main character. Freeing Nevel, she single-handedly defended the height with one machine gun against a company of German soldiers, having shot everyone, she died from her wounds, but did not let the Germans through.

great patriotic war feats of women

Lady death. Great snipers of the Patriotic War

Snipers made a significant contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany. Women during the Great Patriotic War steadfastly endured all the hardships. Being in shelter for days, they tracked down the enemy. Without water, food, in the heat and cold. Many were awarded significant awards, but not all during their lifetime.

Lyubov Makarova, after graduating from a sniper school in 1943, ends up on the Kalinin Front. There are 84 fascists on the account of the green girl. She was awarded the medal "For Military Merit", the "Order of Glory".

Tatyana Baramzina destroyed 36 fascists. Before the war she worked in a kindergarten. During World War II, as part of intelligence, it was abandoned behind enemy lines. Managed to destroy 36 soldiers, but was captured. Baramzina was cruelly mocked before her death, hertortured that afterward it was possible to identify her only by her uniform.

women during WWII

Anastasia Stepanova managed to eliminate 40 Nazis. Initially, she served as a nurse, but after graduating from the sniper school, she actively takes part in the battles near Leningrad. She was awarded the "For the Defense of Leningrad" award.

Elizaveta Mironova destroyed 100 Nazis. She served in the 255th Red Banner Brigade of Marines. She died in 1943. Liza destroyed many soldiers of the enemy army, steadfastly endured all the difficulties.

the role of women in the Great Patriotic War

Lady death, or the great Lyudmila Pavlichenko, destroyed 309 Nazis. This legendary Soviet woman in the Great Patriotic War terrified the German invaders. She went to the front as a volunteer. Having successfully completed the first combat mission, Pavlichenko falls into the 25th Infantry Division named after Chapaev. The Nazis were afraid of Pavlichenko like fire. The glory of the female sniper of the Great Patriotic War quickly spread in the circles of the enemy. There were bounties on her head. Despite the weather, hunger and thirst, "Lady Death" coolly waited for her victim. Participated in battles near Odessa and Moldova. She destroyed the Germans in groups, the command sent Lyudmila to the most dangerous missions. Pavlichenko was wounded four times. "Lady Death" was invited with a delegation to the United States. At the conference, she loudly declared to the journalists sitting in the hall: "I have 309 fascists on my account, how much more I will do your work.""Lady Death" went down in the history of Russia as the most productive sniper, who saved more than one hundred lives of Soviet soldiers with her well-aimed shots. An amazing female sniper of the Great Patriotic War was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

heroic deeds of women during the Great Patriotic War

A tank built with the money of the heroine's woman

Women flew, shot, fought on a par with men. Without hesitation, hundreds of thousands of women volunteered to take up arms. There were tankers among them. So, with the proceeds from Maria Oktyabrskaya, the tank "Fighting Girlfriend" was built. Maria was kept in the rear for a long time and was not allowed to go to the front. But she still managed to convince the command that she would be more useful on the battlefields. She proved. Oktyabrskaya was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. She died repairing her tank under shelling.

Signalers - "postal doves" of wartime

Assiduous, attentive, with good hearing. Girls were willingly taken to the front as signalmen, radio operators. They were taught in special schools. But even here there were Heroes of the Soviet Union. Both girls received the title posthumously. The feat of one of them makes one shudder. Elena Stempkovskaya, during the battle of her battalion, caused artillery fire on herself. The girl died, the victory was won at the cost of her life.

Signalers were wartime "carrier doves", they could find any person on request. And at the same time, they are brave heroes capable of deeds for the sake of a common victory.

The role of women in the GreatPatriotic War

A woman in wartime has become an integral figure in the economy. Almost 2/3 of workers, 3/4 of agricultural workers were women. From the first hours of the war until the last day, there was no longer a division into male and female professions. Selfless workers plowed the land, sowed bread, loaded bales, worked as welders and lumberjacks. Raise the industry. All forces were directed to fulfill orders for the front.

Hundreds of them came to the factories, working 16 hours at the machine, still managed to raise children. They sowed in the fields, grew bread to send to the front. Thanks to the work of these women, the army was provided with food, raw materials, parts for aircraft and tanks. The inflexible, steel heroines of the labor front are admirable. It is impossible to single out any one feat of a woman in the rear during the Great Patriotic War. This is a common merit to the Motherland, all women who are not afraid of hard work.

One cannot forget their feat before the Motherland

During the war years, it is impossible to count the number of feats by women. Each was ready to give her life for the Motherland, for the country in which she lives.

Vera Andrianova - scout-radio operator, was awarded the medal "For Courage" posthumously. A young girl participated in the liberation of Kaluga in 1941, after completing the courses of radio reconnaissance officers, she was sent to the front to throw behind enemy lines.

In one of the raids behind German troops, the U-2 pilot did not find a place to land, and this woman, a hero of the Great Patriotic War, made a jump without a parachute, jumping intosnow. Despite frostbite, she completed the task of the headquarters. Andrianova many more times made forays into the camp of enemy troops. Thanks to the penetration of the girl into the location of the Army Group "Center", it was possible to destroy the ammunition depot, to block the communication center of the Nazis. The trouble happened in the summer of 1942, Vera was arrested. During interrogations, they tried to lure her to the side of the enemy. Adrianov was not inclined, and during the execution she refused to turn her back on the enemy, calling them worthless cowards. The soldiers shot Vera, unloading their pistols right in her face.

Alexandra Rashchupkina - for the sake of serving in the army she pretended to be a man. Having once again been refused by the military registration and enlistment office, Rashchupkina changed her name and went to fight for the Motherland as a mechanic-driver of the T-34 tank under the name Alexander. Only after being wounded was her secret revealed.

Rimma Shershneva - served in the ranks of the partisans, actively participated in sabotage against the Nazis. She closed the embrasure of the enemy bunker with her body.

Low bow and eternal memory to the Great Heroes of the Patriotic War. We won't forget

How many of them were brave, selfless, covering themselves from bullets going to the embrasure - a great many. The warrior woman became the personification of the Motherland, the mother. They went through all the hardships of the war, bearing on their fragile shoulders grief from the loss of loved ones, hunger, deprivation, military service.

We must remember those who defended the Motherland from the fascist invaders, who gave their lives for the sake of victory, remember the exploits, women and men, children and the elderly. As long as we remember and pass on the memory of that war to ourchildren, they will live. These people gave us the world, we must keep the memory of them. And on May 9, stand on a par with the dead and go through the parade of eternal memory. A deep bow to you, veterans, thank you for the sky above your head, for the sun, for life in a world without war.

Women warriors are an example to follow, how to love your country, Motherland.

Thank you, your death is not in vain. We will remember your feat, you will live forever in our hearts!

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