Information support of ideas and systems

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Information support of ideas and systems
Information support of ideas and systems

An idea, a new information system, a project, an event or another result of applying knowledge and skills is relevant and interesting to the authors. Information support allows you to transfer interest from the authors to the social environment, determine the social significance and formulate development paths.

Description of the idea

The result of intellectual activity is usually focused on a specific area of ​​application in order to make a profit, solve a social problem, restore the ecological balance of the territory, change the qualitative or quantitative indicators of objects of public importance. Lots of options for ideas. The most interesting and dynamic are informational.

Information: ideas and results

The author's proposal is not always noticeable to his social environment. The result of the author's work always has a unique information content, which indicates relevance, novelty and usefulness indicators.

Description of the realized idea can be presented in such a way thatprovide information support - promotion of the idea in the public mind. Technologies for entering the market and working on it for consumer goods have been developed and tested in practice. Maintaining information systems is a challenge.

A lot has been done in the computer world, but each information product from the moment it is used provides new grounds for further development of the original idea. In addition, operating experience appears, data on defects are accumulated, and consumer opinion is formed.

As a result, the original description of the idea is updated, which initiates the processes of product modernization, and its information support becomes relevant again.

Easy task: parsing

With the development of the Internet, data on quantities ceased to be relevant, but a noticeable interest was formed in qualitative indicators. Searching for information is a classic task that has to be solved every day. A person is constantly collecting, analyzing and making a decision.

Formulation of an idea and search for a solution

In a practical sense, when it is necessary to make a decision on a specific production or household problem, a person turns to search engines for help: Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc.

Web resources provide the required service. Having many years of experience, a developed software and hardware base, these services do not need information support, they confidently occupy their niches in the market and in the public mind. But the leaders of search results should not be mistaken. Their position is not perfect.Information support for them is still relevant.

A well-formulated query is more likely to get a credible answer, but credibility is not the goal of modern search engines. A vivid confirmation of this is the numerous parsing of web resources in order to find the necessary and reliable information.

Parsing HTML code is very easy. Hypertext is an extremely formalized text. The problem is that the recognized content of the web resource correctly fits the search query and is guaranteed to provide the necessary information.

But! HTML parsing is a problematic temporary result: the resource owner can change the HTML page and the parsing has to be rewritten.

Hard task: smart parsing

There is nothing "easier" than writing self-developing web scraping. An algorithm that will adapt during the search process is not such a difficult task. The only question is how exactly to apply recursion, and within what limits to process the HTML page code. The search algorithm will evolve and adapt to all pages viewed as they change.

Smart Parsing: Input Dynamics

Information support for the task of "smart parsing" probably will not become a serious problem, even in the absence of the possibility of financing an advertising company. It is enough to provide a smart algorithm with a set of knowledge from classical sources (textbooks, books, articles, research reports).

Schoolchildren, students and researchers - a very large market for search tasksreliable information. The leaders of the search results do not satisfy here according to the criteria of objectivity and reliability. For them, the main thing is the volume, not the quality of the result. The banal question “Why did the Internet fall as soon as Proxmox VE became on Debian” will not have a reliable answer either in Google or Yandex.

Search query example

Obviously, the original search didn't say anything about how to install the product, where to find what, and what it is.

Thus, the information support of the "smart parsing" project will not be easy. The thing is that the terms “lay down” and “became” are classic slang, and the problem with installing Proxmox VE has nothing to do with the Internet outside of this virtual machine system. Neither Google nor Yandex will be able to "guess". The user will have to break the request into components and solve the problem on their own.

For an acceptable and successful promotion of the "smart parsing" project, it will be necessary to build its information support in such a way that the potential consumer understands that "smart parsing" is really able to "understand" the original request and break it into the necessary components.

The result of the idea

The result of any informational idea automatically accumulates "accompanying" information. You can take advantage of this. Information support for the implementation of the "smart parsing" project can be planned as part of the project. If we are talking about a self-learning algorithm (an algorithm that remembers the search query and search results for subsequent generalization), then who, if notto a person, "teach the algorithm" the correct behavior?

The given example is indicative in the context of the "eternal" task of information search. If we take another information system as the subject of analysis, then information support will have to be organized differently.

Smart parsing: knowledge and skills

In all practical cases, when it comes to bringing an information product to the market, one should focus on analogues and classic events - conferences, presentations, promotions. The essential circumstance and core of any accompaniment and subsequent promotion program will be an accurate and credible declaration of functionality and purpose that is clearly relevant to social use.

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