Murmuring - what is it? Word interpretation

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Murmuring - what is it? Word interpretation
Murmuring - what is it? Word interpretation

Have you ever heard the word "murmur"? Surely you occasionally come across it in written or oral speech. But do you know what the word "murmur" means? This is a verb that should be attributed to the imperfect form. In this article, we will reveal its true meaning and provide example sentences.

Dictionary meaning of the word

If you have questions about the interpretation of any speech unit, be sure to use the explanatory dictionary. It reliably indicates the meaning of a particular word. It is better to look in the dictionary once than to use the word incorrectly in speech later.

Let's turn to Ozhegov's dictionary. In it you will find the meaning of the word "murmur". This verb is endowed with the following interpretation:

  • show resentment or displeasure;
  • complain.
  • The girl expresses dissatisfaction

Also, the verb "murmur" has another interpretation: to make a dull noise, indistinct sounds.

That is, it indicates that a person is not too pleased with the surrounding reality. Something he doesn't like. Or characterizes deaf and indistinguishable sounds.

Please note that"murmur" is a verb that can be used with the preposition "on": grumble at fate, grumble at age.

Examples of application in sentences

This is the interpretation of the verb. Now let's start making proposals. They will allow you to assimilate the meaning of the word "murmur" as quickly as possible.

  • Although I sometimes complain about my fate, life is not so bad for me.
  • The old woman grumbled at her age, she could no longer move freely and went everywhere with a stick.
  • The old generation often grumbles at the youth for no reason.
  • Instead of murmuring and shedding tears, gather your strength and take action.
  • Waves murmured quietly, curly clouds floated across the sky.
  • Sea waves and birds
  • The old man began to grumble, they say, no one listens to him, does not respect him, although in fact he himself liked to prick with a sharp word.
  • Remember that murmuring is not a good habit.
  • The birch grove murmured almost soundlessly.

Now you know the meaning of the verb "murmur".

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