Garner is a word associated with bread. Interpretation and examples of use

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Garner is a word associated with bread. Interpretation and examples of use
Garner is a word associated with bread. Interpretation and examples of use

Bread has long been considered sacred. He was highly regarded and treated with the utmost respect. For example, it could not be thrown away. Instead, crumbs and crumbs were fed to poultry or livestock. Since ancient times, dear guests were greeted with bread and s alt. The loaf was baked for the wedding. Without him, the celebration was considered incomplete. In this article we will talk about the word "granary". This term is directly related to bread. We will indicate its lexical meaning, give examples of sentences.

sliced ​​bread

Ozhegov's explanatory dictionary states that the noun "granary" is a linguistic unit with two lexical meanings.

Grain storage room

It is a barn that stores grain stocks. After the bread is ripe, the harvest must be harvested. But it is also important to store it properly so that the grain does not become moldy and absorb moisture.

Special premises were built for this. Most often they were windowless to prevent direct sunlight.Also, the barn had to be reliably protected from moisture, otherwise the harvest would simply have deteriorated.

small granary

The building could have been two stories high. It was built from various materials: clay, stone, wood, etc. The grain itself was stored in wooden vats or boxes. The oldest granary is an ordinary earthen pit, in which grain was placed in a special way.

Now the word is practically not used in this meaning, it is considered obsolete. Such premises are called granaries. The word "barn" is sometimes used, although this term has a broader meaning. The barn can store not only grain, but also other crops, agricultural tools.

Grain-bearing region rich in crops

Not all regions can boast of high grain yields. Due to climate and soil conditions, grain crops are bountiful in some areas, while wheat and other crops grow less readily in other areas.

An area that gives a rich harvest is commonly called a granary. For example, the Kuban is considered the breadbasket of Russia, because in this region there is always a plentiful harvest of grain crops.

Sample sentences

Let's make some sentences with the word "granary". This will help to understand all the nuances.

  • Our region is not for nothing called the main granary of the country, we always have the highest yields.
  • Breadbasket with stone trim
  • While the workers were arguing about how to build the granary, it began to rain. The work had to be temporarystop.
  • For our region to become a breadbasket, we need to improve the condition of the soil, apply fertilizer and sow only high-quality grain.

Now you know the meaning of the word "granary" and know how to use this noun in sentences.

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