What is a body part? Name of body parts. Body parts in English for children

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What is a body part? Name of body parts. Body parts in English for children
What is a body part? Name of body parts. Body parts in English for children

Quite difficult to explain to children in English lessons is the topic "Body Part". Often the teacher is forced to first define the concept, show clearly each part of the human body being studied, and only then help the child remember the English equivalent of the word.

part of the body

Before starting classes, the teacher is obliged to thoroughly study the structure of the human body, with special care to review information about possible diseases, which later also have to be explained to children, studying the topic "He alth".

Getting Started

To make it easier for a child to learn an unknown language, it is necessary to help him with motivation. Determine why this child wants to learn new things, to study what he has not yet used. For some children, the goal will be a possible future trip, for others, finding new friends in different countries with different cultural customs, habits and languages ​​will be a great motivation. The task of the teacher is to "pull" the appropriate "strings" in time,reminding the child of the prospects that await him.

But in any case, the teacher is simply obliged to tie the goal of all teaching to the study of a particular topic. So, for example, if a kid's dream is to travel, you can come up with a legend about increased injuries, proving to the student the need to know what body parts are called in English in order to easily communicate with doctors. Or simulate a situation where it will be necessary to find a lost companion with the help of a policeman, describing a friend using the words of this topic. In general, there are a lot of possible situations, and each of them can be played out in the lessons in the process of studying the topic.

body parts in english

Preparatory stage

It should be noted that when starting to study the topic "Part of the Body", students must be guided in the signs of English transcription. This will make it easier to read new words. If the children are still small, then the system of transcription signs can be facilitated for them by changing them to Russian letters. But the modern method of teaching foreign languages ​​insists on a clear knowledge of the notation of transcription.

Learn body parts in English with visual aids

Using visualization is the only correct way to study this topic. In this case, the teacher has the right to use its various options. A demonstration on one of the children, a variety of pictures with painted body parts, posters with a picture of a person and words suitable for each part being studied are suitable here. It is better if the selected pictures depict your favorite cartoon characters. Then the childreneasier to make contact, study the topic with great pleasure.

name of body parts

To explain the new material, the teacher, naming the words in English, raises the picture corresponding to the word, after which he asks the children to repeat after him in chorus. To consolidate the listening comprehension of the desired word, you can ask individual children from the group to personally pronounce it. Then the second word is entered in the same way. The only difference is that at the consolidation stage, it is necessary to remember and pronounce the previous term so that the children catch the difference in sound and pronunciation. At the same time, the picture shown by the teacher must necessarily correspond to the word that he pronounces. The third and all subsequent names are explained in the same way.

Game: body parts in English

It must be remembered that play activities remain a priority in teaching English to children. The more interesting, colorful, even funnier the lesson will be, the more intensive the memorization of the vocabulary of the lesson will be. It is for this reason that the game should be used to learn body parts. Pictures in this will be invaluable help.

  1. Using small pictures with the necessary images, the student can show vocabulary knowledge without words. This technique is suitable for checking the task in a group of children. The teacher calls the word in English, and the children raise the necessary picture.
  2. A poster with a picture of a person can also become necessary in a vocabulary learning game. So, children can name a part of the body, pointing toher. Or you can arrange the words written on separate pieces of paper on the poster (in the appropriate pockets) so that they fit the desired part of the body.
  3. body parts pictures
  4. "Color the toy." This is where the creativity of the child comes into play. Naming each part of the body in English, the child paints the whole drawing in turn.
  5. You can also use the simplest puzzle with the image of a living being. The kid can put the picture together, voicing which part of the puzzle he has in his hands.
  6. Favorite childhood game: Simon Says. This is a great option for a mobile game to explore the topic. Children begin the phrase with the words: Touch your … continuing it with the names of the necessary parts of the body.
  7. Card game "Find a Pair". It will not only help to master the vocabulary, but also increase the attention of the baby.

Video for learning English

To help teachers, there are a huge number of educational videos that will help teach children in a playful way. It is this video product that helps parents to teach their kids a foreign language on their own, thereby deepening their knowledge of the subject.

Features of studying the topic

The whole topic “Names of body parts” must be broken down into components. For example, separately study the head, body, arms, legs. In doing so, you need to focus on the details. For example:

hair - hair [hɛə]

  • black - black;
  • blonde - blonde;
  • blond - fair;
  • redheads - red;
  • dark – dark;
  • gray-haired, gray -grey.

How to make memorization easier

This issue must be approached in several stages. Initially, you need to find out what type of memory prevails in the child. If visual memory has become the main driving force, take care to have a lot of pictures with images of body parts. All sorts of audio materials will be useful for those who like to perceive information by ear. The instructional video easily puts together these kinds of effects on the baby's memory, which is the main reason for using it when learning English.

pictures of body parts for kids

It is best to approach the study in a complex manner. Starting early in the morning, do exercises with your child, accompanied by the words-names of body parts. During the day, play the game "Name the word" with him. In this case, the baby must name the part of the body that is shown (on a person, in a picture or video), or vice versa, show the necessary, named part.

Pictures "Parts of the body" for children can be purchased at any bookstore. At the same time, it is possible to select the desired image size for a more comfortable lesson. You need to make sure that the pictures are colorful and memorable, perhaps even funny.

Description of self

To improve the use of the passed vocabulary on the topic, you need to describe yourself. For very young children, the text will be quite primitive. With the development of vocabulary, both the volume and the semantic load of the description increase. It is better to start a story about your appearance from the face, it is recommended to finish the textpraise for your character. It will be very pleasant for the child to describe himself in a good way.

body parts for children

General recommendations

Turn your child's learning a foreign language into a real holiday. Use all possible situations to once again recall the vocabulary being studied. Always support and stir up interest in learning the language. At the same time, remember that the teacher alone will not be able to fully help the child. For full and easy learning, the process must be continuous. It is not so difficult to remember body parts in English if his parents and friends come to the rescue of the child.

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