The irony of fate is The concept and use of the expression in everyday life

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The irony of fate is The concept and use of the expression in everyday life
The irony of fate is The concept and use of the expression in everyday life

Desires come true, but not always in the right way, and the expression "irony of fate" fits such circumstances as well as possible. It contains the very feeling of disappointment and, perhaps, resentment that is inherent in all people on the planet. And the "irony of fate" is an attempt to escape from reality.

General concepts

In order to penetrate into the deep meaning of an expression, it is advisable to first divide it into words and designate their meaning for yourself. It is best to start with "fate". She is such a villain, she always destroys all plans. Is that true?

All plans are built purely on the miscalculation of possible actions and situations. However, there are those people who have a list of tasks, and they do not think about how they will carry them out. But, perhaps, there is no way to ensure one hundred percent execution of all plans. The element of surprise interferes. The world does not adapt to the aspirations of its inhabitants, and not only him. And the "irony of fate" is just far-fetched, non-existent events.

ironic expression

Meaning according to words

If we take as a basis the distantthe past of mankind, then there fate is a kind of the same list of cases and events, but everyone has their own. Any attempt to deviate from a clearly laid path is punishable by a “kick” in the place that the person thought. Now there are very few people left who believe that everything in this world is predetermined. More often you can meet those who believe that any situation can be changed. In this case, fate appears in the guise of a higher mind that controls events, but not a person and his actions. Thanks to these properties, she gains the ability to mock, ironize or spite.

The Irony of Fate

Now that the ephemeral concept has been translated into the status of a conditionally living and thinking being, we can move on. There is "irony" in the expression. Many people confuse it with sarcasm. They are somewhat similar, but still different. Irony means pretense, opposition to reality, it is designed to create a slight touch of feeling that the subject under discussion is not what it really looks like. In other words, it turns everything upside down. In this scenario, it is easy to assume that the "irony of fate" is just a mockery, a skillfully carried out change of meaning in what seemed to be such a simple plan or desire.


It is believed that irony came from Ancient Greece. It has been used by philosophers for the most primitive purposes. For example, when participating in a debate, opponents should draw attention to themselves. But how to do it and not be disgraced? It was in such cases that irony was used, it could be noticeable or hidden. But she always helped.For example, you can mock a colleague so that he does not understand that he was laughed at, or make fun of yourself, showing what you really are through a joke. This technique was used not only by speakers, but later writers became addicted to it, expressing their dissatisfaction with the authorities, jesters who simply laughed at the owners who did not understand jokes.

But the “irony of fate” is a very old and, one might say, age-old expression. Everyone used it: from peasants to royal people. And it is still used by everyone who is dissatisfied with the current situation, miscalculations or the result of the fulfillment of desires.

Wearing an ironic mask


The very meaning of "irony of fate" as an expression is simple and logical. This is a hidden meaning in any event, the search for an allegedly “real” deep motive in each incident. The most interesting thing is that people often complain about the fate of the villain, supposedly she decided to play and fulfill some desires so that a person would no longer be happy. But it will be funny when, after some time, it turns out that all these troubles were only for the better.

No need to be afraid of problems and complain about an ephemeral fate. There is an expression: "Everything that is done is for the better." This is what he should follow. No matter how winding life, in the end it will become clear why all this was. And if you really want to find the culprit, then in most cases he will be found in the mirror.

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