A crazy ruble is your chance

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A crazy ruble is your chance
A crazy ruble is your chance

Money is of great importance in a person's life. No matter what skeptics and folk sayings say that "money is evil", the soul becomes warmer, and the world - more comfortable and brighter, when cherished pieces of paper rustle in your pocket. Money gives access to the most desirable things: delicious food, beautiful clothes, entertainment events. They have only two drawbacks: they run out quickly and are hard to get.

Penny to penny

To earn money, a person needs to work hard and hard. Money, unfortunately, just does not get anyone. People spend most of their time at work, stay for overtime hours with one goal - to get rich. Every citizen has a dream, as a rule, to acquire their own comfortable housing, buy a car, and periodically go on trips. These desires can be fulfilled only with the help of valuable papers. Becoming rich is a cherished dream, but for some people, life sometimes presents a big surprise as easy money.

many rubles

What is "crazy"

Crazy is reckless, sudden, crazy. When the word "crazy" refers to a person, the image of a madman with a clouded mind looms.A spoiled person, not knowing the rules of decency, bordering on pampering - this is a "crazy" person. One way or another, he is capable of an unexpected trick.

Calling money crazy, it is worth remembering that the meaning of the word takes on a slightly different meaning. These are the material resources that came easily, without any effort. Winning the lottery, an inheritance from a rich uncle, a treasure found or a stolen amount - all this characterizes money as crazy.

Such funds are divided into several categories:

  • Found.
  • Gifted.
  • Unexpectedly earned.
  • Easy money won.

Here it is luck that turns to the lucky one, and this chance is worth appreciating.

big money

Keep and increase

Our ancestors treated easy money very carefully and observed a number of certain rules. This helped them not only to save new finances, but also to increase their capital. These are:

  1. Keep the amount in a separate place, better away from wages.
  2. Spend on a treasured item.
  3. Make a talisman out of one banknote that helps attract we alth.

Easy money is not only a pleasant surprise. They can harm their owner. Getting used to the gifts of fate, a person is looking for easy ways to get new financial resources. Thus, there is a reluctance to earn their own labor. A person, forgetting all caution and wisdom, takes a big risk in order to getanother gift of fate. Remember that luck is a fine line. It is changeable and impermanent. As they say, hope for good luck, but don't make a mistake yourself!

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