Masonic conspiracy: history, features

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Masonic conspiracy: history, features
Masonic conspiracy: history, features

The Masonic conspiracy is the most widespread conspiracy theory in the world. Hundreds of books and articles are written on this topic every year. There are regular heated discussions in the media about the existence of secret societies that rule the world. Supporters of the theory believe that the Masonic trace stretches from the Middle Ages and leaves an imprint on all events in world history.

Origin of Freemasons

In Western countries, the word mason is translated as "mason". Masonic conspiracy originates in medieval building artels. During the dawn of Gothic architecture, massive churches and temples were erected all over Europe. Their size and features of exterior decoration required many decades of work. History knows cases when one church could be built for more than a hundred years. Therefore, masons (the common name for architects, engineers and other participants in the construction process) settled directly near the construction site and could spend more than half of their lives there. Residencein such conditions prompted them to create various brotherhoods and organizations. The first Freemasons were simple masons who established the order of behavior in their settlements, the hierarchy and so on, thus acquiring the appearance of a community.

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Influential people joining

Several centuries passed, and people who had nothing to do with the construction began to join the Masonic lodges. A lodge is an association of people on a territorial basis. All of them are subordinate to the Grand Lodge, which determines the supremacy in the local. We althy people of the Renaissance quickly realized that they could use inconspicuous associations of stonemasons to expand their own influence. Thus, the Masonic conspiracy really existed in France and a number of other Western states.

Gradually accepting new members, among whom were even members of the royal families, the Masons were increasingly moving away from the masons. They began to call themselves "architects of life". Only symbols remained from the founders - a compass and a square. Also, the image of an eye in a pyramid is often mentioned as an emblem. In general, the Masonic conspiracy involves the use of a variety of occult symbols by secret societies.

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Theory Spread

Masonic conspiracy is a theory according to which secret societies take in prominent public figures, politicians, the rich and other "elites" to influence the world system. The ultimate goal of the Masons iscomplete unification of the world and the creation of a new order, where lodges will play a decisive role. The popularity of such a theory reached its peak in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although even in the days of Elizabethan Russia, the first accusations of a conspiracy against the Russian people appeared. The empress accused the boyars and some members of the intelligentsia of belonging to Masonic lodges and embezzling the treasury.

Masonic conspiracy in Russia

From the beginning of the 20th century, similar theories were spread in France, America, Russia, Germany. In the United States, there was an opinion among the people that the "Founding Fathers" (Lincoln and others) were members of the Masonic lodge. This fact is confirmed by real historical sources. On a number of administrative buildings in the United States, there are various symbols that are identified as Masonic. For example, on the Capitol building, the White House, at the Dallas airport.

Masonic conspiracy theory: sacrament of Zionism

Most conspiracy theorists link the Masonic conspiracy to Zionism. This concept gained popularity among the general public in the first half of the 20th century. At this time, the first large corporations appeared, which had a significant impact on the politics of their countries. Among the richest people in the world there was a very high percentage of Jews (for example, the Rothschilds). They organized entire societies within their families. Such dynastic organizations drew a storm of criticism from right-wing conservatives. A huge resonance was caused by the assassination of John F. Kennedy, who allegedly spoke out about his intentions to endwith "supranational structures".

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The overthrow of regimes

Various conspiracy theorists also see a Masonic trace in the revolutions of the 19th century, which overthrew regimes in European countries, using the material support of Jewish capital. The Masonic conspiracy in Russia gained notoriety after the 1905 uprising. Radical nationalists, better known as the "Black Hundreds", accused Masonic lodges and Zionist sect leaders of organizing the revolution. Since then, conspiracy theories have sparked a wave of discussion in Russian society from time to time. Almost all public figures of Jewish origin were accused of belonging to the lodge.

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Who confesses

Most often, far-right nationalists and radical conservatives who are in opposition to the authorities in their country talk about a Masonic conspiracy. What it is - no one can say specifically. For such people, the very belonging to a lodge is a priori something reprehensible. The conspiracy theory is used for the purpose of political struggle. Symbolism and numerology are cited as evidence. For example, they are looking for a hidden meaning in the dates of significant events in world history. Such statements are often criticized by philosophers and scientists. At the moment, the existence of Masonic lodges is a well-known and undisguised fact.

Masonic conspiracy is

Disputes are only around the degree of their influence on society. Its useful to note,that so far no substantial facts or documentary evidence of the Masonic conspiracy has been cited. Nevertheless, this theme is often used by famous writers. For example, Dan Brown wrote a whole series of books that mentioned the secret societies of Freemasons and the Illuminati.

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