Dissolve hands, or the equation with one victim

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Dissolve hands, or the equation with one victim
Dissolve hands, or the equation with one victim

Spring buds bloom on the trees, girls stop wrapping themselves in warm scarves and, exposing their faces to the spring sun, let their hair down. But, unfortunately, you can dissolve not only hair, but also … hands. So, in the topic of today's publication, we will consider the expression "dissolve the hands", the meaning of which will be provided to your attention in this material.

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Meaning of phrase

"Dissolve hands" means the use of physical force. In other words, fight. But in this case, the word "fight" is more of a synonym, since the action itself is reciprocal. The phrase “dissolve hands” is understood as the physical reprisal of the stronger over the weaker, that is, over those who cannot fight back. Or the one who does this is the owner of a quarrelsome character.

Why exactly "dissolve"? The word is derived from "dissolute", that is, immoral, immoral. Its use indicates the negative effect of the semantic meaning of thisexpressions.

Note that this expression also has a second meaning. I sometimes allow myself to dissolve my hands in relation to women. No, they do not use physical violence, although there is violence here. After all, we are talking about the immoral behavior of people who have crossed the line of what is permitted. But it is worth noting that some girls, perhaps due to their own stupidity, encourage such actions.

The expression "dissolve hands" has such synonyms as "grab", "wave", "give free rein to fists", "grab".

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What needs to be done?

It is believed that the family is the union of two loving hearts. But there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes in families, husbands open their hands, and, as statistics show, they do it more often than you can imagine. What to do in this case? And why do many women prefer to remain silent about this? The answer is obvious, there can be many reasons for this. But it is worth protecting yourself from physical violence, acting wisely and prudently, breaking up with a fighter immediately, thereby stopping domestic violence.

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