Astafiev Pedagogical University: description, faculties

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Astafiev Pedagogical University: description, faculties
Astafiev Pedagogical University: description, faculties

V. P. Astafiev Pedagogical University can be attributed to one of the very first higher educational institutions founded in the city of Krasnoyarsk. And due to its specificity, it was not included in the Siberian Federal University. It is considered the largest and most significant institution of higher education in Siberia and the Russian Far East.

Main building


Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University was founded in 1932. In 2014, its name was changed in connection with the assignment of the name of Viktor Petrovich Astafyev to it. This famous Russian writer was a university professor and patron.

A distinctive feature of Astafyev University is its diverse and progressive methods in training specialists. The educational programs of the university are aimed not only at an in-depth study of the specialization chosen by the student, but also at expanding their horizons. The task of the university is to train competent and comprehensively developed teachers,employees of kindergartens and development centers, philologists and speech pathologists.

Also, the research base is actively developing at the university. In total, there are about 12 research teams and several mobile groups, which include both students and professors. The Pedagogical University takes an active part in various research conferences both in its city and far beyond its borders.

V.P. Astafiev

A feature of the Pedagogical University is the active work of the volunteer movement, formed by the university. After all, the profession of a teacher in one way or another implies the presence of such important qualities as responsiveness, indifference.

But the main task of this university is to train specialists with a creative and progressive approach to work, a desire to constantly improve in their chosen profession and related areas. It is precisely such personnel that the modern educational system and society as a whole lack.

Faculties of Astafiev Pedagogical University

The institution of higher education carries out educational activities, and is also actively engaged in retraining and advanced training of specialists.

History department

V.P. Astafiev Pedagogical University has five faculties:

  • Stories.
  • Biology, chemistry and geography.
  • Foreign languages.
  • Philology.
  • Primary grades.

Also, the university includes fiveinstitutes and 51 departments.

The university program is aimed at expanding the range of educational services provided and their quality. That is why it remains the leading pedagogical institution of higher education in Siberia and is a worthy competitor to other universities in the country.


Astafiev Pedagogical University in Krasnoyarsk has five buildings, four of which are located in the city center, within walking distance from public transport stops. Many of these buildings are a kind of historical heritage of Krasnoyarsk, built back in the pre-war period.

The main building of the KSPU named after. V.P. Astafieva is located on Ada Lebedeva Street. Inside this building are two museums, a botanical garden, a large library, various research centers and laboratories. And also it is the main building that is the place of concentration of creative teams of students.


In 2015, the Astafyev Pedagogical University was included in the list of the most popular universities in the country, ranking 42 out of 72. And it also ranks eleventh in terms of the average score of first-year students in the Unified State Examination among universities of this direction.

Olympiad at the university

This is a pretty good rating, given the fact that currently graduates are reluctant to choose the opportunity to get higher education as a teacher or defectologist.

Currently, the priority task of Astafiev Krasnoyarsk University is to attract the attention of graduatesschools to such, undoubtedly, important speci alties as a teacher and educator, a defectologist, a specialist in working with children with various physical and psychological disabilities.

As you know, in our country there is an acute shortage of competent and competent teachers, and the level of Russian education in the future depends on attracting schoolchildren and graduates to this difficult profession.

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