A sailor is a servant of the sea

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A sailor is a servant of the sea
A sailor is a servant of the sea

Who is a sailor? A stately young man immediately appears, about whom one can safely say "an oblique sazhen in the shoulders." Everything is with him: height, beauty, a vest and a cap. But external beauty is not the main thing. More important is the essence.

Sailor: who is this? Just a handsome young man in a vest? Not at all. This word hides a separate world.

Just a sailor?

A sailor is not a simple service. Let's start with the meaning of this word. Sailors are those who serve in maritime transport. How many branches in the maritime business, so many servants of the sea. It will never be left without "subordinates". Despite the difficulties and highly specialized profile, young people continue to choose this profession.

Modern sea wolf

Sectors of the maritime service

The meaning of the word "sailor" we discussed above. Now let's look at the industries in which such a profession is in demand.

The fleet appears immediately. It is beautiful, prestigious and interesting. But the fleet is not the only place where a person who has chosen a "marine" profession can work. Sea vessels are now very common,engaged in one activity or another. For example, chemical cargoes are transported on chemical tankers, cars - on car carriers. There are fishing boats, animal carriers. There are combined cargoes, and hence the corresponding sea "machines" for their transportation.

And all this activity needs a crew of sailors.

sailor meaning

Types of maritime services

They can be divided into two categories. The first is the deck service, the second is the engine service.

The captain leads both of these teams. And then the separation begins. The deck service includes officers - assistants to the captain, enlisted personnel in the persons of the boatswain, sailors, cooks and waiters. The crew of a tourist ship can be about 1,500 people, for example.

What is the deck service responsible for? Of course, for the route of the vessel, for the operation of holds and deck mechanisms, for the quality work of the crew.

As we can see, a sailor is a common name for representatives of maritime services. The engine room consists of marine engineers, a chief mechanic, his assistants, an electrician, a refrigerator mechanic and ratings - cleaners, welders, turners, etc.

The task of the engine team is to ensure the smooth operation of the complex mechanisms of the engine room.

How to become a sailor?

Sailor: his meaning in the maritime service is different. But each of the above titles is special. Where are the future favorites of Poseidon taught?

For "rank and file" it is enough just to complete a one-year course in a nauticalschool. But upon completion of such training, one can only get a job on Russian ships.

Those young people who dream of a naval officer's position are studying at higher maritime educational institutions. Such graduates are able to get jobs on foreign ships.

Each member of a service must be fluent in English. Why? Because there are uniform requirements of the International Maritime Organization. And all ship owners are subject to these requirements.

In addition to the compulsory knowledge of English, sailors pass an annual commission on professional suitability. Upon admission to maritime universities, applicants will have to go through a medical commission and pass a psychological test. Where and why such difficulties? The fact is that the profession implies a high degree of responsibility. For example, a sick mechanic on duty can destroy not only himself, but the entire crew. No doctor would take on such a responsibility to release a sailor in poor he alth on a voyage.

One of the main tasks of a sailor is the ability to swim well. How good? So that, if necessary, save your life and tow another crew member who has lost consciousness. These skills and abilities are tested every five years.

What else can you say about learning? Its cost is quite high. This is explained both by the high level of knowledge gained and the opportunity to receive good money in the future.

Naval officers

Interesting facts

Let's look into the past and find out all the most interesting things that could be in lifethe first "sea wolves".

  1. The first sailors had no cards. The bird served as their guide. They released her and followed her. It was believed that the feathered always flies to land.

  2. Why were female figures installed on the bow of sailboats? Everything is very simple, but not very beautiful. Waste places were hidden under them.

  3. Sailors eat at tables covered with wet tablecloths. This is done so that the cymbals do not slide to the floor during the pitching.

  4. In the old days, the "sea wolves" knew how to tie 500 knots.

  5. An earring in the ear meant that the sailor was experienced in his craft. Special round and large earrings were worn only by those who passed Cape Horn.

  6. A woman on a ship is a misfortune. This is the sign of the sea.

sailor it

Speaking of women. The latter in our time is easier to get the profession of a naval officer, to become a captain. Than the same cleaner on the ship or a mechanic.


So now we know that a sailor is a common name for those who serve the sea. The sea is not a profession, it's a way of life. All her meaning and all her love.

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