Helpful help is when you can help others without harming yourself

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Helpful help is when you can help others without harming yourself
Helpful help is when you can help others without harming yourself

All human life is filled with moments of interaction with their own kind. This is how it was originally arranged, and it simply cannot be otherwise. This interaction can be both positive and negative. Most people are still able to do good to others and even have a need to do so.

Help others

help is this

Sooner or later you have to do something for others, whether you want to or just because you have to. Often there are requests to provide all possible assistance in some matter, what does this mean? There is a category of people who are accustomed to the fact that everything is done for them, and when this does not happen, they shamelessly ask to be done or given this or that. If this does not happen, then they obsessively ask and remind of themselves. And a person does this only to be left alone. But there is the concept of feasible help - this is when a person fulfills a request or does it at will, without coercion and without harm to himself.

Everyone can, not everyone wants

Deciphering the meaning lies in the word itself. feasiblehelp is help within the power. What a person can do without compromising their finances and he alth. Without prejudice to family, work or other affairs. All possible help is what a particular person can do, because everyone has their own capabilities. And what is not difficult for one, may be doable for the second, but with difficulties and problems.

Such rendering is painful for a person, due to the circumstances that he cannot refuse for some reason. But, even if a person can do something for another and it costs him nothing, he does not have to do it, he may simply not want to help. No matter how it looks from the outside, but the one to whom they turned for help has the right to refuse, and often it happens.

How it manifests itself in life

help what does that mean

Everyone sees help in their own way. It just goes to show that everyone is different. Someone says that this is financial assistance equal to the price of a bar of chocolate, it does not hit the pocket, but if a person has all the money at the moment and he needs it, for example, for travel, then it will be detrimental to him if he gives this amount.

For another, it’s not a problem to set aside a couple of hours of time a week to help someone, and the other does not even have this time, because after work he cooks dinner for the family, and if he spends this time on something else, there will be damage in family. After all, there is no one to fill it, and another person will not come to cook food. Because all these things are very individual.

Everything is not one size fits all

Often, on this basis, resentment can arise, because the asker sometimes simply cannot understand how they cannot help him in such a small amount, and does not take into account the real circumstances of the person he is addressing, believing that he is asking for all possible help. Synonyms for the word "feasible" are "commensurate with the capabilities" of a particular person, "not heavy" and "elementary".

When a person does something that is not difficult for him, it does not require him to give his last money or do something for others, but he did not manage to do his own. This applies not only to material issues, but also to the time spent, money and effort. If he alth suffers, then this is unbearable help. When asked to bear the weight of someone who suffers from back pain, then he should not be helped just because it is ugly to refuse. Instead, they can find someone stronger. And if the problem with the back worsens, then the one who asks will not treat him and will not take responsibility for this. And he will simply wave it off and say that it was necessary not to help, since there is a he alth problem.

help is this

The conclusion here is this: only the one who helps knows the current state of affairs and his capabilities, and therefore he himself must assess how realistic it is to provide assistance without harming himself.

It is not uncommon for people to do something for others at a loss of their own accord. This is more true of relatives, often parents in relation to children. When they postpone their important affairs in order to help the children in some way, or, being sick and tired,do the work for them because they love and pity them.

But if it's not difficult to help, then why not do it? The world would be a better place if everyone did this.

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