Sleek is the grade for the vulgar

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Sleek is the grade for the vulgar
Sleek is the grade for the vulgar

When a big company gathers, people get a chance not only to enjoy the conversation with old friends, but also to hear something new for themselves. And not always such conversations turn out to be decent. Any joke or even a song can be obscene. It's okay for adults to relax and not be shy, but how appropriate is the term itself? When and how did it appear in Russian? The answer must be sought in France.

Can morality itch?

Philologists call the Latin verb scabere the original, which is decomposed into three key meanings:

  • scratch;
  • scrape;
  • to scratch.

Imply something uneven, ambiguous. The next ancestor of the concept of "scabrous" is the adjective scabrosus:

  • grungy;
  • rough.

There is a convergence with the word "rough". From this follows the French definition of scabreux, which formed the basis of borrowing. Its literal translation will be:

  • dangerous, difficult;
  • obscene.

But this is when it comes to things whose mention in polite society representssome difficulties for the speaker. For example, on intimate topics.

smutty talk

What are adults talking about?

In the 21st century, the word "scabrous" has a completely unambiguous meaning and has a clear negative connotation. It serves as a marker that warns of the need to carefully consider the appropriateness of a statement or reference to a work of art, since the nearest interpretations are:

  • indecent;
  • obscene.

Specialists also call the words "free, vulgar, greasy" partial synonyms. They mean relaxed behavior, ignoring generally accepted norms of etiquette.

Usually a capacious epithet is awarded to a certain text. Whether it's an awkward joke in the presence of ladies, a strictly adjusted anecdote on a slippery topic, a humorous verse about sex life or an ordinary obscene song. Humor is optional, as dubious compliments, as well as erotic and pornographic novels, are smutty creations. In parallel, there is an outdated version when the definition was used in relation to a person who allowed himself fair liberties.

dirty jokes

What is considered decent today?

Very elegant, almost imperceptibly vulgarity has become the norm. If earlier some artists could joke “below the belt” at private performances and close friends in a narrow circle, now specific humor is available on TV and on the Internet. So, the blogger and stand-up comedian Cross is a scurrilous comedian, whose numbers to watch in the company of parents or conditionalgrandma will be ashamed.

Although the word is rarely used, it contains a rich set of meanings, which is why it remains in demand. When included in the lexicon, it will help to demonstrate the speaker's erudition, to evaluate any work in the most correct form.

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