AKB is Explanation of the abbreviation. Polysemantic terms

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AKB is Explanation of the abbreviation. Polysemantic terms
AKB is Explanation of the abbreviation. Polysemantic terms

As you know, there are many different abbreviations. Many of them are understandable at first glance, since they are deciphered only in a single version. However, there are also such abbreviations that are difficult to guess, especially if they mean several things at once. For example, the abbreviation AKB is a term that simultaneously refers to completely different areas and is also deciphered in different ways. It is worth considering in more detail in which areas this abbreviation is used and what it means.

How to decrypt battery

As mentioned above, there are several options for interpreting the abbreviation. This issue is really worth paying attention to, because, having met with such an abbreviation in life, it is better to understand exactly what it is all about. So, now you need to identify the main directions where such an abbreviation is used.

First of all, a battery is a rechargeable battery. In a narrower sense - a car battery, that is, a kind of electricbatteries that are used in road transport.

Secondly, AKB is a joint-stock commercial bank. Such a bank is a credit institution that carries out banking operations and serves a wide range of persons (both individuals and legal entities).

Thus, it becomes more clear in what areas this abbreviation can be considered.

AKB in the technical field

So, it is worth considering the term battery in more detail in the light of automotive topics. The automotive battery has become widespread with the development of the automotive industry. It is needed as an additional source of electricity when the engine is not running, as well as to start it.

akb is

Such a battery has its own characteristics, which are mainly determined by the voltage. There are several types of car battery:

6 Volt

Cars with such a battery were produced until the end of the 1940s. Now batteries with a voltage of 6 volts are used only on light motorcycles.

12 Volt

Currently, this battery is used in all cars, as well as trucks and buses with a gasoline engine. In addition, most motorcycles have 12 volt batteries.

24 Volt

24 Volt batteries are used in trolleybuses, trams, trucks with diesel engines and, most interestingly, in military vehicles withdiesel engines.

Battery capacity: a small overview

Of course, like any battery, a car battery has the concept of capacity. This is another important characteristic of the battery, which determines its main properties. Battery capacity is measured in units such as amp-hours.

battery terminals

The capacity value shown on the battery indicates how much current the battery will be uniformly discharged to the final voltage with a discharge cycle of 20 or 10 hours.

Another feature related to capacity is that the more the discharge currents increase, the faster the discharge time decreases.

Now it's worth considering how a suitable battery capacity is selected. It is selected taking into account several parameters:

  • engine size (the larger the volume, the more capacity required);
  • operating conditions (the colder the weather conditions in the region, the larger the capacity should be);
  • engine type (for a diesel engine, the battery capacity must be greater than for a gasoline engine with the same volume).

Types of car battery

A car battery has a lot of additional characteristics that significantly affect its type.

The first characteristic is the size of the battery. The history of the development of automotive technology has shown that in many cases, when developing a new model or even a brand of cars, it was often necessary to create a special new battery. In this regard, a whole set ofdocumentation. Currently, several types of batteries are produced, they differ markedly between Japanese and European manufacturers.

battery charging

The second characteristic is the diameter of the contact terminals. The size of the battery terminal varies in different batteries. There are 2 developed standards: Euro type - type 1 and Asia - type 3. In the first case, their dimensions are: 19.5 mm for the "plus" and 17.9 mm for the "minus". The dimensions of the battery terminal in the second type are 12.7 mm for the positive and 11.1 mm for the negative.

The third important parameter is the type of battery. Mostly lead acid is used.

Another characteristic worth talking about separately is the need for battery maintenance.

Battery maintenance - how often is it needed

Many people are concerned about battery maintenance. Which is not surprising, because the battery is a really complex system that sometimes requires special care.

Thus, we can distinguish 2 large groups of batteries:

  • served;
  • unattended.

Serviced batteries are simpler batteries that periodically need to monitor the state of the electrolyte. The battery also needs to be recharged from time to time. It is carried out according to a specially developed technology, through the use of a stationary charger. In large enterprises, such actions are carried out by trained workers. For these purposes, there are even entire charging stations. Thus, charging the batterynecessary process for its functioning.

akb bank

Now we should turn to the second group - maintenance-free batteries. Judging only by their name, you might think that such batteries do not need care at all. However, this is not entirely true, on batteries of this type it is also necessary to control such factors as the density of the electrolyte, the tightness of the battery case itself, and others.

So, the battery is a rather complex part that plays an important role in the functioning of vehicles.

AKB in the banking system

Now it's time to look at the acronym AKB from a different perspective. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, AKB is a bank (credit institution) that carries out various banking operations. Such institutions perform the following operations: payment, settlement, securities market and various intermediaries.

AKB get their profit as a result of the fact that interest rates on loans issued by them significantly exceed the rates on deposits. This profit is called margin.

battery capacity

The word "commercial", which is included in the abbreviation, means that the main goal of the AKB's activity is to make a profit.

However, there are banking organizations that specialize more in any particular service provided.

Joint stock commercial banks in Russia

There are really many such organizations in Russia. If we turn to history, then the first private joint stock bank in our country was the St. Petersburg Private Commercial Bank.Then this form of organization began to develop actively. However, the end of such a variety of banking organizations was put in 1917, when all banks were nationalized.

Now there are a lot of batteries in Russia. Among them you can hear very famous names, for example:

  • JSC Bank of Moscow.
  • Avangard Bank.
  • JSC "Absolut Bank".
  • JSC Svyaz-Bank.
  • Promsvyazbank and many others.
acb connection

Other meanings of the abbreviation AKB

In addition to the banking and technical fields already discussed, sometimes this abbreviation is also used in the field of sales. Here, AKB is an active customer base. In many organizations, a whole plan is drawn up for it, which covers the expansion of the base and further work with it. The purpose of such work is to increase the level of sales of a company.

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