Synonym for "kind", the meaning of the word and sentences with it

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Synonym for "kind", the meaning of the word and sentences with it
Synonym for "kind", the meaning of the word and sentences with it

"Good" has many synonyms, because the adjective means very different things. But we will not get lost in this forest of meanings and guide the reader through it. Substitutions are important, but they need to be matched to something. Therefore, we will highlight the meaning of the adjective and select the appropriate sentences for it, which will help to understand the meaning of all the meanings of the multifaceted word.


Because the word has such a wide range of uses, it doesn't need to be presented separately. Therefore, let's go straight to the meaning of the word "kind":

  1. One who does good to others, is sympathetic, and also one who expresses these qualities.
  2. The one who brings good, prosperity and kindness.
  3. Good, moral, ethical.
  4. Friendly, intimate or cute.
  5. Good, fine, quality.
  6. Honest, spotless and flawless.
  7. Really so big, no smaller than what the noun or numeral indicates (colloquial).

Using the adjective "kind" (aboutsynonyms for it, the same can be said) is extremely broad. Although the moral reading of the word prevails. That is, kindness is primarily a human quality, which is absolutely correct.


Spain captain Sergio Ramos

It should be said that the reader, looking for suitable replacements for the object of study, can already choose something from the list above, and we will make suggestions for now. They will serve as illustrations and positions of the list given above:

  • I had a good friend who always helped me out in difficult times and never reminded me about it.
  • Russia beat Spain - that was good news, although I didn't see the match, unfortunately.
  • Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi have many good deeds behind them.
  • My good friend, what a pity that you are not with me now, you see the triumph of our team at the stadium, and I work here.
  • Our cat was always in a good mood because we fed her on time.
  • Our father always had a good name as an honest cloth merchant, so when we replaced him, it was much easier for us: his customers recommended us to their children.
  • I walked a good 10 kilometers and now I could eat a good half a cow.

After all, finding a synonym for the word "kind" is not difficult. Let's say right away that we will try not to repeat ourselves. That is, those adjectives that are already in the section with the meaning of the word will not fall into the next subparagraph.


affectionate dog

We have said enough about the meaning and how the adjective fits into the context of everyday speech. The time has come to collect the crumbs of those replacements that the explanatory dictionary has not yet managed to cover:

  • standing;
  • he althy;
  • affectionate;
  • nice;
  • soulful;
  • friendly;
  • wonderful.

The reader can make the synonymic series infinite in perspective if he reveals independently each of the positions of the list. Of course, given the ambiguity of the word, we do not take the liberty of saying that we have provided all the synonyms, but there are enough of them for almost any language task.

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