AIS: what is it and where is it used?

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AIS: what is it and where is it used?
AIS: what is it and where is it used?

Currently AIS is very popular. What it is and what is unique about it will be discussed in this article. It was created in the Republic of Bashkortostan to provide an integrated approach and automate numerous tasks.

Program functions

Many tasks will help to solve the AIS. What is it, what are its uses?

  • electronic grade keeping;
  • control and accounting of attendance;
  • providing automated food accounting;
  • calculation of parental payment;
  • electronic diary;
  • Introduction of a non-cash form of payment for meals.
ais what is

Really, AIS is multifunctional. What is meant by it and how it can help, education staff will be able to evaluate. The result of fruitful work on the project was the card product "Schoolchild's Card". It is an electronic identifier.

Program functionality:

  1. Preferential travel on public transport.
  2. Electronic pass to school.
  3. Pay for meals in the school cafeteria or canteen using an electronic wallet.

Not everyone knows what AIS "Education" is. The system is practical in thatit takes into account all the requirements for information security, which are defined by the Federal Law on Personal Data. It has been put into commercial operation since October of this year. At present, the program has not yet spread so much, and few people know what AIS "Education" is. Those who have connected to the product get the opportunity to receive advisory and methodological support and support.

Features of the "Electronic Journal"

Automated information system "Electronic Journal" is an absolutely free, practical and universal system. It is designed for keeping an electronic journal and diary.

ais education

The electronic magazine was created taking into account the state requirements of the education and development program to automate the school process. The product helps to form a common communication space where participants in educational activities receive information on issues of interest.

Benefits of "Electronic Diary"

What was the main thing in the development of the section of the AIS "Education" "Electronic diary"? Specialists adhered to the opportunity to work in close contact with direct customers. The advantage of the product is ease of use. It has been recognized many times as a system that can be operated intuitively thanks to its simple interface. AIS "Electronic diary" can be mastered by a teacher of any age. It features high performance, affordable user support, and reliable performance.

ais education electronic diary

Free version

A huge number of functions are offered here.

  1. You can keep an electronic journal for complex educational complexes.
  2. Provision is made for the work of preschool units.
  3. Educational institutions can completely switch to electronic performance records and forever forget about keeping a paper journal.
  4. The program provides the function of generating a printed version of the standard journal at the end of the school year.
  5. In the program, you can fill in data on additional education, extended day groups, home and family education.
  6. Thanks to a flexible system of parameter settings, you can keep an electronic journal, taking into account the many features of the educational process carried out in educational institutions of various types.
  7. In the parameters you can set up any grading system, classification of work types, methods for calculating subtotals and evaluation rules.
what is ais

Users very quickly understand how to work with the program and what AIS is. The product offers a huge number of functions that automate routine operations.


The program meets modern standards. It involves integration taking into account the services of the city or a specific region, meets the recommendations for keeping progress logs in electronic form and the requirements for the security of storing and processing personal data.


Developers offer users a flexible choice of information system. It is able to ensure the full-fledged work of educational institutions and interaction with the parents of pupils.

ais electronic diary

Educational institutions can purchase an AIS product. What is and how to use the program on a free basis, you can find out after registration. It has all the necessary features for a full-fledged work in a secondary school.

For the work of the administration, the workstation "Head teacher" has been developed. It will help facilitate the work in terms of planning and monitoring learning activities. With its help, it will be easier to organize the certification process and solve other managerial tasks.

The module for preparing printed forms of certificates includes additional functions and services. They will help to more accurately solve specific problems in any educational institution.

AIS capabilities

To check an electronic or paper OSAGO policy, there is an AIS PCA database. It allows you to check the status of the form by its number. In addition, it is possible to determine the car insured on a specific form, its license plate, body number, VIN code, find out why the insurance is not valid.

Checking the driver's MSC based on the AIS RSA database is popular. Using the bonus-malus coefficient, it is possible to determine the cost of an OSAGO policy. In 2013, it became impossible to enter a policy without requesting this coefficient on the basis of the automated system of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers.

Multifunctionality"Electronic diary"

A free electronic diary has been developed for parents of students. Thanks to the parental control system, it is possible to get acquainted with all the data on academic performance. Information can be presented in the form of an SMS message, an e-mail report about comments and new marks, school news, performance monitoring and statistical analysis of tests.

base ais rsa

School electronic journal is a modern step in the field of information technology. Its main advantage is ease of use, indispensable assistance in automating the educational process. The product is free to use. Before you start using the program, it is useful to learn the features about the system, products, study the sections about the school, for parents, partners.

Product benefits

Depending on the composition of the package, you can connect the school to a specific modification of the program. AIS "Education" "Electronic diary" is a free electronic journal, which has everything you need to work. Modules are enabled after registration in the system.

Workstation "Head teacher" is a unique system for solving problems. With its help, you can manage and monitor the educational process. It is intended for the administration of the educational institution. An additional function was created for the needs of a specific educational institution.

what is ais ais

E-journal/diary functions

That's justthe main ones:

  1. Rating.
  2. Adjust various grading systems.
  3. Customize optional symbols and marks for grading, double marks.
  4. Maintain job types and a set of types.
  5. Fix methodical associations.
  6. Limit the journal editing date.
  7. Manually adjust the editing ability.
  8. Comment on work and grades.
  9. Leave comments and remarks to students.
  10. Display the average score and category of students.
  11. Record homework, lesson topics, attach files.
  12. Keep a calendar-thematic plan.
  13. Maintain textbook references.
  14. Create a homework journal.
  15. Record individual homework assignments.
  16. The teacher indicates the time for homework.
  17. Notify about the schedule and change of lessons.
  18. Maintain a two-week schedule.
  19. Design integrated and combined lessons.
  20. Support the lecture-seminar system, groups, streams, group associations.
  21. Keep a book of substitutions, make entries in it, form a time sheet.
  22. Analyze student movement.


This is not all the functions that are in the program. The benefits of using AIS to optimize performance are obvious. The product is practical in that it allows all participants to keep abreast of school affairs. The developers took care to simplify the work of all participants in the educational process.

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