Whim - what is it? Meaning, synonyms, example

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Whim - what is it? Meaning, synonyms, example
Whim - what is it? Meaning, synonyms, example

When we talk about something excessive, from our point of view, we use the word "whim". It's so obvious that it doesn't even need an explanation. Today we will reveal its dictionary meaning, select synonyms and give an example.


It is clear that many are able to isolate the meaning of the word contextually, but this is not our method, in any case, certainty is good. Therefore, as always, we will use the services of an explanatory dictionary. So whim is “capricious desire, whim.”

whim it is

A simple definition everyone can understand. Naturally, in terms of whims, women and children are especially different, and it is they who come to mind first of all, but let's not, firstly, be banal, and secondly, unfair. If you pay attention to the whims of the stars, and not only women, but also men, it will immediately become clear: the craving for shocking does not depend on gender in any way, it is rather dictated by the size of income. Garages of luxury cars, spending money at casinos, vices or expensive habits are all whims. True, if we imagine the same people, but in different social conditions, much of what can be observed simply would not exist, because there would be no reason for this. No wonder philosophersall ages condemned excess. For them, there was no essence in this formation, nothing stands behind it. In excess find their expression whims, it is obvious.


However, while the reader is not bored, we must move on in our research. We turn to those words that can replace the noun "whim". The list of synonyms looks like this:

  • desire;
  • tricks;
  • whim;
  • nonsense;
  • quirk;
  • wish.

Synonyms are few, but they all carry some shade of condemnation. In addition to the noun “desire”, but desire is a more general concept that can be used in different contexts and meanings. For example, eating and drinking is a desire, but the need for luxury, when a person can eat only from silver plates, is also a desire.

Is it possible to do without whims?

the meaning of the word whim

The narrative sets the mood that a whim is something almost shameful. But it is not always the case. In America, there are certain ideas that must be met in a particular environment. If a psychotherapist charges $500 an hour, he cannot afford to look worse than his job requires: nice suit, nice car, expensive furniture in the office. For business in itself it is unimportant, but the position obliges. Otherwise, his clients may not understand where all the money and status indicators are.

It's the same story in Hollywood's stellar environment. And a person entering this sparkling world simply cannot, reachinga certain level, do not care about the foundations of the environment. Perhaps even the bad habits of this society are only embracing more and more new generations of stars because it is “so accepted.”

In other words, sometimes a whim is, unfortunately, a necessary evil. We hope this is clear. The meaning of the word "whim" bears, of course, the stamp of moral condemnation. But sometimes you can’t do without quirks, without them a certain society will not accept a person.

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