Schools for autistics in Moscow: reviews

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Schools for autistics in Moscow: reviews
Schools for autistics in Moscow: reviews

Everyone who has come across people with autism knows that no two patients are the same. Absolutely every child or adult with this type of disorder is unique, and the symptoms of the disease may vary. Many people suffering from such an ailment can be socialized, which is why schools for autists are being created in Moscow and throughout the country.

Causes of this spectrum disorder

Activities for an autistic child

Since the beginning of the study of this problem, there have been different theories regarding its causes. One of the most scandalous was the theory according to which the rubella vaccine, which is given to children in infancy, becomes a factor provoking the onset of the disease.

This theory was vigorously discussed in the scientific community, misled many people, but was refuted.

Since autism manifests itself more in the spectrum of social relations, the emergence of a theory concerning this point was natural. According to one version, violations in the development of the child occur due to too detached, unemotional attitude of the parents. However, this option wasrefuted.

Modern researchers are inclined to versions according to which deviations occur in cases where a similar diagnosis was previously made in someone in the family, mother's illness during pregnancy, age of parents, and so on.

Signs of autism, and what to do if they appear

Support for sick children

Usually this disease is diagnosed at the age of about 3 years. It is during this period that the child's social ties increase, due to the expanding environment. As a rule, children of three years old begin to go to kindergartens that develop groups, and it is at these moments that one can consider his behavior against the background of peers.

Increased irritability or, on the contrary, lack of reaction to external factors, lack of visual contact, namely eye-to-eye look, a sharp change in mood, fixation on one action or object - all this can serve as the first alarming bells.

If specialists, based on research and testing, have diagnosed an autism spectrum disorder, you should not panic. It is important to remember that now the socialization of the child is an important task that requires work with specialists. It is for this work that schools for autistic children are being created in Moscow.

What are the characteristics of autistic schools?

Activities with special children

Such institutions are complexly organized institutions that combine medicine and education. The staff of schools for autism in Moscow are teachers,psychologists and psychiatrists with special experience and qualifications, able to provide the child with everything necessary for adaptation in society.

The first thing they do in such institutions is to determine the degree and nature of the disorder. All children with this problem behave differently and the task of specialists is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the child.

Work in schools for autistic people in Moscow is carried out according to different methods, using different approaches. This diversity allows parents of a child with autism to choose the most convenient and optimal option.

The main task of such establishments is to make the world around for the baby not so frightening and more understandable. In the course of work, for each little patient, his own program is selected, based on his individual characteristics. There are times when children begin not only to better navigate social interactions, but also to speak and even acquire knowledge systematically and without any problems.

Such results speak for themselves. It is for them that it is worth contacting family schools for autistic people in Moscow, where help and support is provided not only to children, but also to their parents.

Remedial schools

Group lessons

One of the types of institutions where you can apply with a child with autism is correctional schools for autists in Moscow.

Such an institution, for example, is school No. 530, which provides assistance and educational activities, including for autistic children.

This institution children shouldAttend like a regular school - 5 days a week. Classes run from morning to evening. During the day, psychologists, defectologists, and experienced teachers work with children. The school has been operating since the middle of the last century and has its own developments in the education of autistic children. The activity of the school is carried out under the control of the Ministry of Education of Moscow.

Address of the school for autistics in Moscow: st. Kozhukhovskaya 5th, 15.

Another school of this type is located on the street. Pyatnitskaya, 43. Correctional school No. 532 is an institution with a special approach to unusual children. Pupils in this school are divided into classes depending on the features of development. Classes are conducted by highly qualified specialists in the field of speech therapy, psychiatry, teachers and defectologists. The school is a public budget educational institution.

Another school worth paying attention to is No. 1465. Here, qualified assistance is provided to children with various types of disabilities. On the basis of the school, many projects have been created for teachers, parents and children who are faced with the problem of autism. The idea of ​​the school is to give children the opportunity to fully live in society. Many positive results and grateful students of this school make it one of the best in Moscow.

Private schools for autistic people in Moscow

The process of classes

In addition to public educational institutions, private schools can also operate. Such institutions independently choose methods and approaches to teaching children.

The advantage of such schools for autistics in Moscow is that their financial opportunities may be higher than those of state institutions. Therefore, the school can purchase play, teaching and other materials at its own discretion. But in most cases, the prices for education in such schools are very high.

But there are also non-profit organizations.

One of the non-state institutions is St. George's School in Moscow. Here they are of the opinion that children with autism should communicate and interact in order to more easily learn the features of social behavior, learn to read the emotions and behavior of other children. This school is a non-profit organization and lives on donations from caring people. The methods used here are recognized abroad and are highly valued in Russia.

Special classes in mainstream schools

An interesting experience is the introduction of children suffering from various deviations in schools with ordinary children. It is assumed that in this way they will quickly adapt and begin a full life. Of course, there are restrictions, and children with serious disabilities cannot get into such a school. However, if we are talking about small defects, then it is worth considering this option.

One of these schools with an experimental class was Moscow School No. 198.

Of course, classes with students are not conducted by ordinary teachers, but this does not prevent children from interacting with their peers at breaks and school events. This approach often results in positive changes and behavioral

Boarding schools: pros and cons

Problems in raising a child

Another option for raising children with this type of disorder is to be placed in an autistic boarding school in Moscow. However, there are some reservations in this case.

The advantage of such training is round-the-clock qualified assistance and supervision of specialists. The disadvantages include the closed circle of children's communication. There is a possibility that the development of the child in such conditions will be slower.

In 2014, a similar boarding school was opened in the Moscow region. Unique methods of education and training, medical equipment and experienced staff - all this is designed to ensure the recovery of special children. The school meets all Russian and international standards.

Most often, children with severe forms of autism end up in such institutions, who cannot speak at all, suffer from tantrums, cannot navigate and recognize people. Parents of these babies find it especially difficult to cope on their own and are forced to seek help.

Rehabilitation facilities and support centers

autistic child play

In Moscow, there are many different centers and classes created to support families with autistic children. In such centers, you can take a course of psychological assistance, attend individual classes with a child, get the necessary consultations, medical assistance.

Just like schools, these institutions can be either private orgovernment.

One of these institutions is a rehabilitation center on Polyany Street in Butovo. This is a new center equipped with all the necessary equipment and accepting within its walls children with various developmental, speech, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Another of the centers operates on the basis of the Moscow Psychological and Pedagogical University. Here you can also get qualified help from specialists of various profiles.

The most important thing that such centers provide, in addition to medical care, is parental coordination, advice on caring for and communicating with the child, and recommendations for further education.


Children with autism go through a difficult path throughout their lives, and their parents go through an even more difficult path with them. Their socialization, adaptation to the environment is a very complex and time-consuming process. That is why there are many institutions of various types designed to help such families. Specialists from various fields are ready to help and support their wards around the clock, and every small result is a huge victory and the merit of a large number of people. Feedback from parents whose children attend specialized schools suggests that the help of specialists significantly helps their special kids. Children become calmer, learn to communicate with family members and the outside world.

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