St. Petersburg State Budgetary Professional Educational Institution "Garden and Architectural College"

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St. Petersburg State Budgetary Professional Educational Institution "Garden and Architectural College"
St. Petersburg State Budgetary Professional Educational Institution "Garden and Architectural College"

The College of Gardens and Architecture in the northern capital of Russia annually opens its doors to ninth grade graduates. In this educational institution, you can get the profession of a gardener, florist, learn landscape design or get a construction speci alty.

Passage of theoretical classes

College Overview

Student benefits

The main advantage of studying is the opportunity to get a job after graduation. Many graduates were able to find a job in their speci alty immediately after receiving a diploma of secondary vocational education.

College of Garden Architecture can become the basis for the subsequent higher educationeducation - on the basis of a college, a student can enter a university under a simplified program. This will allow him to complete his university degree in just three and a half years.

A shortened program has many advantages - many subjects from the curriculum are counted automatically. In some cases, a student is given a “good” mark on the basis that the subject has already been passed at the College of Gardening and Architecture. If he intends to get an “excellent” mark in this subject, then he will have to go to the exam. Of course, most students are content with the "B" and pay more attention to new subjects.

florist training


The Garden and Architectural College in St. Petersburg from the second year of study provides all students with internships in various companies. The direction to practice depends on the specialization - most students attend practical classes in construction companies and shops selling flower bouquets.

Many students choose a more comfortable internship option for themselves - this can be done in the library, collecting documents for the archive. You can learn carpentry, work as a stone carver or learn how to lay ceramic tiles. The choice is great, the main thing is the desire of the student to master a new business for himself.

According to the feedback of former college students, many found a job already during practical training. In this case, the same rules apply as in ordinary life - if the specialist knows his business, then the employer willinterested in him.

Among girls every year, the profession of a florist is gaining more and more popularity, training is provided by qualified teachers, students are given versatile knowledge. The demand for this profession is due to the growing number of salons selling flowers and making bouquets in St. Petersburg. Not only the ability to handle plants is appreciated, but also the ability to skillfully compose unusual and beautiful bouquets of various flowers.

Former college students agree that it was the teachers of the Garden and Architecture College who taught them how to combine colors correctly and make unusual compositions. Unlike many floristry training firms that offer a short course (one or two weeks), it will cost no less than 20,000 rubles, the college has been training qualified specialists for over forty years.

Training can be completed on a budgetary basis, on the basis of 11 classes of secondary school, you can complete the entire course in two academic years.

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Student reviews

In addition to the variety of speci alties and professional skills of teachers, many students note the college's emphasis on physical education and community service. Students are often invited to take part in subbotniks when it is necessary to clean up the territory of the educational institution.

An important plus is that students do not pay for meals in the college cafeteria. Students who complete the semester with good grades may be eligible for scholarships.Participation in exhibitions, sports and performances increases the chances of receiving an increase in scholarships.

Most reviews of the college are positive. The educational institution has been operating since 1974 and during this time has produced many qualified specialists.

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