Balanda is a prison stew and Mordovian spring soup. Variants of the use of the word "balanda"

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Balanda is a prison stew and Mordovian spring soup. Variants of the use of the word "balanda"
Balanda is a prison stew and Mordovian spring soup. Variants of the use of the word "balanda"

Jargon is full of various concepts. People who do not rotate in a certain environment cannot always understand what words such as, for example, "nix", "fraer", "mokruha" mean. Special dictionaries and materials on the Internet help you navigate the meanings of jargon. There may be several of them in individual words. Polysemantic jargon includes, for example, the word "balanda".

Criminal and military semantics

Soldier's and prison gruel is a tasteless, poor quality food, usually a thin soup. This concept appeared not so long ago - during the First World War. Then, due to the lack of the necessary products, the soldiers had to be fed with stew, which consisted of almost nothing but water. Some vegetables or cereals could be added there. Most often, the main ingredient was raw potatoes, which were cut or grated into soup without peeling. Still in the gruel couldadd carrots, sprouted wheat, dill, onions, nettles. Before boiling, the ingredients were not subjected to any heat treatment, they were already cooked in a saucepan with water (and sometimes remained half-baked).

Balanda with onions

Later, from the army lexicon, this word turned into a prison one. Such an expression is now used not only in places of detention, but sometimes in everyday life in order to describe food of inadequate quality


Balanda is also meaningless chatter that does not carry informative value. In this sense, this word is used, for example, by the writer Vasily Grossman in the novel "Life and Fate": in the description of Tungusov's actions it is said that he "wove gruel". This meaning arose, apparently, from an associative series: a person’s speech can be as empty as army military stew.

Dialect meaning

The people of Mordovia also use the word, meaning that balanda is one of the national soups. Prepare it in the spring. Main ingredients: finely chopped thistle and quinoa leaves. They, together with carrots, are first boiled in boiling water, then onions, dill, milk are added and left on low heat. When the gruel begins to boil, semolina is sifted into it and left to cook until mashed. After removing from heat, grated boiled yolks are added to the soup.

Sometimes quinoa grass is called gruel.

quinoa plant

In Ukraine, this word means a potato dish. It is first boiled, thenknead and season with kvass or brine.

Also, balanda is some kind of dish cooked quickly, in haste.

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