A seamstress is a master of underwear

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A seamstress is a master of underwear
A seamstress is a master of underwear

Nowadays, lingerie stores are full of a wide variety of models. Flirty bras flaunt next to delicate and sexy panties. The production of underwear every year surprises the fair sex with new seductive styles.

19th century underwear

In the old days, underwear differed both in size and quality, and in its production. Instead of bras and thongs, ladies wore pantaloons, undershirts and corsets. In rare cases, they decorated their legs with flirty stockings.

Men's underwear was divided into underpants and undershirt.

Linen was not sold in shops or pavilions, but was made by hand. The poor people cooked underwear on their own from the available materials, and the rich strata of the population had a person for these purposes. It was a woman who made underwear, giving preference to the tastes and wishes of the owners. In case of damage to the fabric, she darned linen, decorated with lace and braid. This woman was a seamstress.

woman tailor

The work of seamstresses

Not every woman could be a seamstress. For this, such qualities as sharp eyesight, perseverance and golden hands were important. But such a craftswoman was highly valued. After all, a seamstress is not just a tailor. This is a sorceress capable of creating a unique masterpiece from a piece of fabric, golden threads and other accessories.

Seamstresses were not only sewing underwear. They made decorative, beautiful things for decoration and practical use in the life of masters. They cut out, sewed and embroidered patterns on curtains, curtains, made napkins and tablecloths. Wedding dresses were also ordered from seamstresses. Skilled craftswomen de alt only with thin and expensive fabrics and treated their work responsibly. Even in our time, it is difficult to find such amazing needlewomen as seamstresses were in the old days.

modern seamstress

Creator of beauty and tenderness

There are several meanings of "seamstress" that were adopted in the old days:

  • seamstress;
  • weaver;
  • modiste;
  • city dressmaker;
  • lace merchant;
  • sewing underwear.

Seamstresses were considered skilled craftswomen, they earned good money and had great respect even among the we althy class.

In modern days, needlework is relegated to the side. Girls and women do not sew, do not embroider, preferring to buy what they need in the store. But it would be great to create an amazingly beautiful thing for yourself, wouldn't it?

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