"Netology": student feedback

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"Netology": student feedback
"Netology": student feedback

Gradually more and more people are leaving the office to free-swim into the realm of online work. This leads to the emergence of Internet professions that also need to be trained. If earlier on the Internet professionals learned everything by trial and error, today it can be done in online universities, and in the end you can get a state-recognized certificate. One of them is “Netology-Group”, reviews of which say that online learning is an effective tool that allows you to improve your skills or get a new profession.

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Online learning - what is it?

Today, online learning is a worthy competitor to traditional university education, as it is designed to solve the problems that the classroom process cannot cope with due to the rapid development of technology. Here are the challenges online universities are solving:

  • outdated methods of working with information;
  • lack of competent teachers;
  • irrelevant material.

Online platforms have a low threshold for entering the learning process, which allows you to quickly retrain from one profession to another and get fairly relevant knowledge and skills. Flexibility, individualization of the learning process allow online universities to become worthya competitor to the classical education system.

In the future, this gives graduates with the highest scores the opportunity to get a job in large companies. Consequently, external motivation in the form of factors such as the army, the desire to get a diploma just because everyone gets it, or to find a well-paid job in the future thanks to the “crust”, is replaced by internal motivation, when a person himself wants to study, because he sees real prospects.

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The benefits of online learning

Learning online has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • accessible to anyone, regardless of he alth status or age;
  • possibility to record a lesson on your phone, tablet or computer in case of missing;
  • save time, finances and the ability to coordinate with daily activities;
  • individualization of the educational process, allowing you to learn in accordance with your level of knowledge and the pace of information perception;
  • the ability to choose the knowledge you need;
  • free access to a range of information sources.
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Disadvantages of the distance learning process

Despite the obvious advantages, online learning also has some disadvantages:

  • Lack of direct contact with the teacher and other students makes some students feel lonely and leads to low motivation, as there is no one to compare their achievements with.
  • Development and implementation of online coursesis more expensive than the traditional method. This is due to the need for additions to the theoretical material in the form of graphs and videos.
  • The need for a strong will for self-discipline in preparation for classes.
  • No internet or connection too slow.
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The need for specialists in online professions leads to the emergence of online universities, one of which is the Netology Group. The project offers training based on video courses and intensives that help you immediately start working on your own project, as graduates have enough knowledge to develop and make a profit.

Many courses are related to marketing and promotion on the Internet. Graduates of the "Netology-Group", whose reviews can be found both on the website and in the public domain, note the reasonable price of the subscription and courses and their high information content.

Learning process

What is the difference between the educational process in offline universities and the process on the "Netology" resource? Education is completely built on Internet access, so the main tool here is not only pens and notebooks, but also a device with access to the World Wide Web. The educational process has 3 forms:

  • interactive courses;
  • intensive;
  • open lesson.

Interactive courses - 5-20 minute video lessons that include theory and practice. This form helps to better assimilate the material and consolidate it.

Intensive - 60-120 minute webinar. The advantage of this form is that you can communicate with the teacher and ask questions.

Open lessons allow you to get the opinion of professionals in a variety of areas and help you choose the course of interest.

What else can be said about the forms of the educational process of the "Netology" resource? Reviews about training here indicate that they are more interesting and effective than the usual classroom form. This is due to the fact that the materials are interestingly composed, and you can watch them at any time from your usual browser, then take the test, and only after watching all the video lessons of the course pass the final exam. It depends on its results whether you receive a certificate or not.

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Overview of "Netology" courses

Currently, "Netology", the educational course of which is aimed at the field of management, project management, design and programming, has training in more than 120 programs.

Internet management courses are aimed at introducing traditional marketing and promotion in the digital environment, which allows you to build a business marketing strategy using modern tools and platforms.

Project management courses provide knowledge in the field of promoting projects on the Internet, developing and managing them.

Design courses are aimed at developing skills in working with tools for developing a UX strategy to promote a project.

Programming courses teach professionalcreating web pages, their structure and layouts, as well as their coding using popular programming languages.

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The benefits of learning on the online resource "Netology"

Compared to other resources and information products, the Netology website (courses), reviews of which are mostly positive, has a number of advantages:

  • Education is conducted on the basis of a state license, and as a result of successful testing, graduates are issued a certificate of advanced training of the state standard.
  • Good course structure, broken down into chunks ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, allowing you to watch them anywhere at your leisure.
  • High quality courses without "fluff", unlike other information products, as they are compiled by professionals.
  • Each course is an independent educational unit, after which an in-depth version of it is not required for an additional fee.

On the website of the Netology platform, student reviews also speak of the following benefits:

  • intuitive interface makes it easy and comfortable to get acquainted with the course, take notes and take tests;
  • a friendly resource thanks to a staff of teachers and technical support.

Tuition fees

For interactive courses, the project uses a subscription system for a month, 3 months and a year, after payment of which the user gets access to any training program on the resource. Subscription does not apply to intensives - each has its own price,which depends on him. As for open lessons, they are free. Graduates of the Netology University, whose reviews express gratitude for the training, are advised to purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to fully evaluate the resource.

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Course reviews

A wide range of courses makes Netology Online University one of the most popular learning platforms. But does it make sense to give money for education here? It is worth reading the opinions of Netology University graduates. Reviews courses of this service receive, again, excellent.

Despite the fact that the resource positions the availability of programs from basic to advanced, there are very few video courses for the latter: 6 for advanced, and 32 for intermediate levels (at the time of writing), which is extremely small compared to courses for the base level. This fact makes the platform useful for those who are taking their first steps in online professions. It is useful that each course has a number of positive or negative reviews that tell you whether it is worth buying or not.

Users believe that it is better to subscribe for a month, which will allow you to immediately go to training and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the resource, based on their preferences.

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