The procedure for conducting the exam. Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated December 26, 2013 N 1400 (as amended on January 9, 2017)

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The procedure for conducting the exam. Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated December 26, 2013 N 1400 (as amended on January 9, 2017)
The procedure for conducting the exam. Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated December 26, 2013 N 1400 (as amended on January 9, 2017)

USE - an exam that is conducted using control and measuring materials (standardized tasks). Passing the exam is mandatory for graduates of 11 classes. Completion of tasks allows you to determine the level of development of the Federal State Educational Standards of the general education program. The rules and procedure for conducting the exam were approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1400 of December 26, 2013

exam procedure


The USE is taken at special PES points. As a rule, they are placed in educational institutions or in other organizations that meet the established requirements.

The organizational and territorial scheme of the exam in the region, the location, the number of PES, as well as the distribution of USE participants between them is carried out by the executive bodies of the subject. The time of delivery of graduates to the examination point should be no more than an hour.

In accordance with the procedure for conducting the exam, you must come to the PESwith a passport or other identity document. In addition, the graduate must have a pass for the exam. It is issued at the place of registration of the USE participant.

Nuances of organization

PES rooms not used for the exam must be sealed and locked. Posters and stands, other materials with reference information related to academic subjects are closed in the classrooms.

Each graduate is allocated a separate seat in the audience. If necessary, classrooms are equipped with computers.

The entrance to the PES is equipped with a portable or stationary metal detector, as well as video surveillance equipment. Exam records are kept until 01.03 of the year following the year of the USE. The procedure for using records is determined by Rosobrnadzor and the executive structures of regional authorities in compliance with the provisions of Order No. 1400.

Additional rooms

In the PES building before the entrance are equipped with:

  1. Storage areas for alumni, medical workers, organizers, assistants, technicians.
  2. Accompanying accommodation.
  3. Room for the head of the PES, equipped with telephone, printer, PC for automated distribution of exam participants to audiences (if such distribution is provided).

Additionally, premises may be allocated for media representatives, public observers and other persons en titled to be present at the PES.


In accordance with the procedure for conducting the exam, classrooms in which graduatesperform tasks, equipped with video surveillance equipment.

The absence of these funds or their faulty condition, as well as the absence of a video recording of the exam, is considered as a basis for suspending the exam in the entire PES or in certain classrooms. Graduates are allowed to retake the exam.

Persons present at PES

According to the Regulations on the procedure for conducting the exam, at the examination point there are:

  1. Head of PES.
  2. Organizers.
  3. SEC members (at least 1 person).
  4. Technician.
  5. The head of the institution in which the PES is organized, or a person authorized by him.
  6. Police or other law enforcement officers.
  7. He alth workers.
  8. Assistant graduates with disabilities.

Audience distribution

In accordance with changes in the procedure for conducting the Unified State Examination, the automated distribution of graduates and organizers by audience can be carried out by the RCOI (regional information processing center). In this case, the lists are transferred to the PES along with the exam materials.

Automated distribution of participants can also be carried out by the head of the PES.

The lists are handed over to the organizers and posted on a special stand at the entrance to the point, as well as on the door of each audience.


There must be at least 2 persons in each audience. During the examination, part of the organizers is distributed among the floors of the PES. These persons help graduates navigate the building of the point,control the movement of people not involved in the USE.


Before the start of the exam, graduates are read the rules of the exam. In particular, the observers explain the procedure for filling in the registration fields of the forms, filing an appeal, the time for publishing the results, and the duration of the exam. In addition, the consequences of violating the procedure for conducting the exam are voiced.

The exam is held in writing and in Russian (except for the exam in foreign languages).

After getting acquainted with the procedure for conducting the exam, graduates are given KIMs and forms. Before completing tasks, participants fill in the registration fields of the forms. After the completion of this procedure, the observer officially announces the start and end time of the USE. It is fixed on the board.

What can I take to the exam?

On the graduate's desktop are:

  1. Exam materials.
  2. Gel pen with black ink.
  3. Identification document.
  4. Special technical aids (for participants with disabilities).
  5. Drafts (except for the foreign language exam (section "Speaking")).

Depending on the subject, there may also be auxiliary measuring instruments on the table. On delivery:

  1. Math can have a ruler.
  2. Physics - ruler and calculator (non-programmable).
  3. Geography - non-programmable calculator, protractor, ruler.
  4. Chemistry - non-programmable calculator.

Also allowed if necessaryplacement of medicines and food.

The rest of the things graduates leave in a specially designated place at the entrance to the PES.

Important moment

During the exam, graduates are not allowed to communicate with each other, free movement around the audience. Exit from the premises and movement along the PES is carried out only when accompanied by the organizer. When leaving, the participant leaves drafts, examination materials, writing materials on the table.


From the moment you enter the PES until the end of the exam is prohibited:

  1. Graduates have electronic computers, communications, audio, video, photographic equipment, written notes, reference materials, other media.
  2. Assistants, organizers - to have means of communication.
  3. Observers, organizers and assistants - to assist graduates in writing answers to assignments, to provide them with equipment, computers, communications, reference materials, and other media related to the subject.

No one participating in the exam has the right to take examination materials and drafts on paper or digital media out of the audience, to photograph them.

violations of the order of the exam

In case of violation of the USE rules, the guilty person is removed from the exam. At the same time, the organizers, public observers or the head of the PES invite members of the examination committee to draw up an act.

End exam

The organizers announce the deadline for submissionUSE in 30 and 5 minutes. before the end of the exam. At the same time, graduates are recommended to quickly transfer answers from drafts to forms.

After the set time, the organizers announce the end of the exam, collect all materials.

If there are empty spaces in the forms for detailed answers and in additional forms, the organizers cancel them as follows: Z.

The collected materials are packed in bags. Each of them is marked with the name, number, address of the PES, audience number, name of the subject, number of materials in the package, full name of the organizers.

Graduates who completed the work ahead of schedule have the right to hand it over to the organizers and leave the PES without waiting for the end of the exam.

Possibility of retake if the result is unsatisfactory

If a graduate has not scored the required number of points in a compulsory subject (mathematics of the profile / basic level or Russian), he can retake the exam. Retake the exam is carried out on the reserve days allotted for this.

If an unsatisfactory result was obtained again during the retake, you can try again in the fall. However, in this case, it will not work to enter a university immediately after school, since the period for accepting documents will expire. However, upon receipt of a satisfactory number of points, a certificate will be issued.


There are several restrictions in the rules for retaking the exam. Specifically:

  1. Graduates who failed to score the minimum number of points in both Russian and Mathematics lose the right to retakecurrent year. They may try again in a year.
  2. People who graduated from school a year or more ago are not eligible to retake this year.

In addition, please note that:

  1. If a graduate has taken an exam in mathematics at the profile and basic levels and has overcome the minimum threshold for at least one of them, the exam will be considered passed.
  2. Mathematics retakes are allowed at any level of the graduate's choice.

If the minimum score was not scored in non-compulsory subjects, it will be possible to retake only next year.

regulation on the procedure for conducting the exam

Who else can retake the exam?

The right to retake the exam is given to graduates who have started work, but did not finish it for a good reason. This fact must be documented. As a rule, this situation is associated with the deterioration of the graduate's he alth during the exam.

In addition, anyone who has encountered organizational and technical problems in the PES can retake. For example, someone did not have enough additional forms, turned off the electricity, etc.

Re-passing the exam is also provided for in case the organizers of the exam commit violations of the rules for its conduct. In such situations, the results of all examiners will be canceled.

If the graduate himself violated the rules, for which he was removed from the exam, his results are also canceled. He will be able to retake the exam only next year.


Exam participant has the right to appeal about:

  • Violation of the order of the exam. In this case, objections are filed on the day of submission.
  • Disagreeing with the results. An appeal in this regard is submitted within 2 days (working days) after the official announcement and familiarization with the number of points scored.

Do not accept appeals on the content and structure of tasks, as well as in case of violation of the procedure for conducting an exam or the rules for filling out forms by the applicant himself.

Breach of order by the organizers

In such cases, the USE participant, without leaving the PES, receives a special form from the organizer in 2 copies. After filling out both forms are transferred to the representative of the examination committee. He certifies the forms with his signature. One copy is given to the exam participant, the other to the conflict committee.

The result of the appeal can be obtained from the educational institution or territorial authorities exercising powers in the field of education within 3 days from the date of filing.

If the application is satisfied, the result of the exam is subject to annulment. The participant, in turn, gets the opportunity to retake the exam on a reserve day.

Cancellation of the result is allowed if the fact of violation by the organizer of the rules of conduct in the PES is confirmed by the internal investigation of the examination committee.

exam start time

Disagree with results

When filing an appeal on this matter, the exam participant, within two days after reading the results, applies toconflict committee. The secretary gives him 2 forms of appeal. After filling out the forms, they are transferred to the secretary, who certifies them with a signature. As in the previous case, one form is given to the exam participant, the second remains in the commission.

The graduate is informed of the place and time of the appeal.

The USE participant is recommended to personally attend the meeting of the conflict commission. During it, a protocol is drawn up, which is signed by the graduate.

As a result of consideration, the appeal may be rejected or granted. In the first case, the number of points scored is saved, in the second case it changes.

Features of the exam for graduates with disabilities

Special conditions, taking into account the state of he alth and psychophysical he alth, are created for graduates:

  • disabled;
  • disabled children;
  • people educated at home, in sanatorium-resort institutions.

The material and technical equipment of the premises should ensure unhindered access of these persons to the audience, bathrooms, as well as stay in these premises.

Information on the number of graduates with disabilities is sent no later than 2 days before the date of the exam.

During the exam, assistants help these graduates:

  • take a seat;
  • read assignment;
  • move around the audience and PES.

For hearing impaired audiences are equipped with sound amplifiers for both collective and individual use. Can be brought in if neededsign language interpreter.

For blind graduates:

  1. Exam materials are in Braille or in the form of an electronic document that can be read using a PC.
  2. The required number of accessories is provided for braille responses.

For visually impaired graduates, materials are copied on an enlarged scale. Classrooms should have magnifiers and individual lighting. Copying of materials is carried out on the day of the exam in the presence of the head of the item and members of the examination committee.

For persons with musculoskeletal disorders, written work can be done on a PC with special software.

During the exam for graduates, breaks, meals and the implementation of the necessary medical and preventive procedures are organized.

For persons with indications for homeschooling, the USE can be organized at home.

Transferring USE scores to a 100-point system

After checking the answer forms, the primary score is determined. There are special tables for transferring USE scores to a 100-point system. When entering a university, test (final) results are taken into account. They are different for each item. In the photo below you can see the correspondence table of the test score in mathematics of the basic level.

changes in the order of the exam

The red line indicates the minimum threshold for obtaining a certificate and admission to a university. Needless to say, higher education institutionstake into account the results of the exam in mathematics at the profile level. Correspondence of the primary score to the test is shown below.

what can i take for the exam

There are 2 thresholds for the Russian language - obtaining a certificate (green line in the photo) and admission to a university (red line).

exam rules and procedure

In addition, there is an approximate correspondence between the test score and the school grade (according to a five-point system). For example, the grade "5" corresponds to the following USE results:

Russian language.

from 72


from 65

Social Studies

from 67


from 68


from 68


from 72

Foreign language

from 84


from 73


from 67


from 67


from 73

Of course, every year the minimum scores for admission to universities change upwards. USE results are valid for 4 years.

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