Faculty of Journalism in Moscow: state universities and where to go

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Faculty of Journalism in Moscow: state universities and where to go
Faculty of Journalism in Moscow: state universities and where to go

There are many interesting professions in the world, and a journalist is no exception. This area attracts with excellent career prospects, the opportunity to travel the world and communicate with different people. The profession of a journalist is quite popular today, and many students graduating from school dream of linking their lives with this direction. The article will consider the best state universities in Moscow with the faculty of journalism, which future applicants should pay attention to.

The profession of a journalist is interesting and in demand

What is this profession?

A journalist is mainly engaged in collecting new, relevant information, its high-quality processing, and then submitting it in the form of printed material or a demonstration on television. A good professional should always be in the thick of things and be among the first to find out interesting news for the audience. Journalists can work:

  • TV correspondent;
  • editor in a magazine or newspaper;
  • browser;
  • radio host;
  • photojournalist;
  • corrector;
  • freelancer.
Reporter job

Required qualities and skills

Not everyone can become a famous journalist. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting profession, but it requires special knowledge and personal qualities from a person. Specialist must be:

  1. Sociable and charming. The profession of a journalist involves communication with different people. And not always pleasant. A person should feel confident and have an inner core.
  2. A journalist must be active and inquisitive in order to get new relevant information for viewers or readers.
  3. Competent and well-read, be able to clearly present their thoughts in writing.
  4. Be creative.
A journalist must be literate

In addition, a journalist must be emotionally stable and stress-resistant, have a good memory, be able to switch from one task to another, and be ready to work in emergency mode - this is not uncommon in this profession.

Work in gloss

Educational institutions and speci alties

In order to become a competent journalist, you need to get a higher education. A future applicant can choose one of the following speci alties:

  • journalism;
  • print business;
  • literary creativity;
  • publishing.

In MoscowThere are a lot of state universities with a faculty of journalism. To enter there, it is mandatory to pass three exams: Russian and foreign languages ​​and literature. In addition, most universities pass an entrance creative exam, which determines the level of preparation of a future student.

Faculty of Journalism (Journalism) in Moscow

At the end of the 11th grade, the applicant faces a huge choice. There are a considerable number of universities with a speci alty "Journalism" in Moscow. Where to apply and which higher educational institution to choose? Below is a list of the best and most demanded universities in the city with this direction:

  • MGU;
  • MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations);
  • RANEPA (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration);
  • RGGU (Russian State University for the Humanities);
  • RGSU (Russian State Social University);
  • MSU printing.

State universities in Moscow with a faculty of journalism: budget and fee base

MGU is the dream university of many graduates. This is the most famous university in the country, which trains real professionals. To enter the budget, the applicant will have to score at least 346 points in the exams for the exam and write a creative assignment. Education on a commercial basis will cost 325 thousand rubles a year.

The best university in Russia - Moscow State University

MGIMO is a strong university in terms of teaching and future prospects. Get into itquite difficult, since the number of points scored for exams must not be less than 403. There is a creative test. Studying on a paid basis is an impressive amount - 510 thousand rubles a year.

RANEPA is truly the leader of universities on a par with Moscow State University. This is evidenced by the level of teaching. To enter the Presidential Academy, you must get at least 275 points in the exams. Education on a paid basis will cost 280 thousand rubles.

RGGU is a wonderful university for those who want to become a journalist. The applicant is expected to pass mandatory exams, and the total number of points must be at least 349. Also, the graduate will need to pass a creative assignment. Paid education will cost 266 thousand rubles a year.

RSSU is a large state university with many faculties and directions. To enter the speci alty "Journalism", a future student needs to score 253 points in the Unified State Examination and write an essay as a creative test. Education on a commercial basis will cost 154 thousand rubles.

Fedorov Moscow State University of Printing is a higher educational institution that has been training specialists in the field of publishing and printing for a long time. To study on a budgetary basis, you will need to score 368 points in exams. Paid education will cost about 122 thousand rubles.

Reviews about universities

Moscow's higher education institutions are the most in demand and promising. For this reason, most graduates strive to enter the capital. The article reviewedpopular state universities in Moscow with a faculty of journalism. In general, they have positive feedback regarding the level of teaching, getting a good base and practice. The disadvantages include high workload and difficulties in admission. In order to get into a Moscow university with a degree in Journalism, you need to score a large number of points and write a creative assignment well. Those who dream of entering one of the listed educational institutions should work hard to achieve their goal.

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